Aldatmak (S01E35)


While Yeşim's desperate moves increase the tension between her and Zeliş once again, it is not easy to predict the reaction of Güzide, who takes care of her son's well-being, to this union.

Tarık, whose name is known with scandals all over the country because of Yeşim, begins to attract the attention of his enemies, while the door of other mysteries about the past is opened. When Tarık comes face to face with an enemy he knows as a friend, he makes a sudden decision and makes an irreversible move. Tarık is unaware that this game he plays out of sight is being watched by his worst enemy.

A terrible traffic accident sets fire to the hearts of Güzide and her family. At a critical moment, a dilemma is entered. Güzide is about to make the most difficult decision of her life.

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