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Aldatmak (S01E33)


Oylum, who once again recognizes the family she has entered when Mualla shows her true face, is emboldened against her mother-in-law when this fight is interrupted by a surprise guest. While Behram's support calms Oylum, Mualla's dark side is about to put Güzide in a dead end.

Sezai's confession makes Güzide uneasy. Caught while messing with Oltan's computer, Zeliş manages to save the situation. However, she is unaware that the relief she is experiencing is temporary. Ozan has to take a big risk to save Zeliş.

As Tarık struggles to reunite with Güzide, he is shaken by blackmail from an anonymous phone call. While Tarık struggles to return to his family, Yeşim struggles to reunite with her daughter. They unite with Ilknur and set a trap for Tarik.