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Aile (S01E02)


Devin's arrival at the table is enough for Hülya to see her as a threat. Hülya decides to apply the tactic she knows best: keeping her friends close and her enemies closer… As the first step, she invites Devin to an event of the association she founded. Aslan's focus is to get his family out of illegal business. One of the most important steps of this operation is to become a partner in the company of young businessperson Atilla Özyฤฑlmaz. A helping hand from Cihan reaches out to Aysel, who had an accident. Hülya, on the other hand, has to sit at the same table with Cihan in order to end Aslan and Devin's relationship at the beginning of the road. Devin makes a decision after what happened at the event he attended with Hülya. But on the first night, he spends with Aslan, he is confronted with the move that Aslan never expected, while succumbing to the attraction between them. Between the two, the ropes come to the breaking point. However, what happened at a surprise table where they came together pushes Devin to make a big decision about his life. This decision will be the most important breaking point in Aslan and Devin's journeys.