Adını Sen Koy: Season 1, Episode 39

Episode 39 (S01E39) is the thirty-ninth episode of season one of "Adını Sen Koy." The episode aired on TV8 on Thursday, November 10th, 2016 and it has been marked as seen by 5 users.


The old lady tells Alev she remembers Zehra and that she had a friend and she says Zehra was adopted. Ömer realizes there is an incomplete file regarding a certain Zehra Kaya at the orphanage. He is relieved and leaves. Alev wants more info but the old lady smells money. Alev gives some money and says she is prepared to give more. She says she will have to search so Alev gives her her card to call her when she finds something. Salim tells Sevim that Zehra is their child. They have raised her and that is that and he wants to hear nothing else. Yasemin chats with Zehra but generally nags about her being away and their financial and house problems but nothing in particular. Zehra calms her.Ömer tells Demir that Alev is being a busybody and he must figure out a way to send Alev away. He says for now she has found another Zehra Kaya at the orphanage and is on her trail but she should be sent away so she does not learn otherwise. Demir is going to send her to Cyprus for business. Ömer then goes home to handle Alev and Zehra situation. He arrives but Zehra is not home. He is about to go to Mahaleh when Ayşe comes and tells him how happy she is for him and takes for a walk in the garden.Koray finally sees Yasemin coming home. He is talking with her when Sevim arrives. Sevim catches Koray calling him thief. Yasemin tells her that she is wrong, he is not a thief. She says he is Funda's friend. Yener also arrives and vouches for him. Sevim lets go. Koray drives away. Betton follows him and finds his address.Alev arrives home. Zehra is late. They go to dinner. Ömer tells them to eat and steps out. He sees Zehra hiding behind the bushes. He finds it comical but washes the smile of his face and acts angry because she is late. He tells her to tell them she was caught in traffic. They go in. Zehra and Ömer join the table and Zehra shakes off Alev's nosy questions. Ömer offers Zehra food.In the bedroom Ömer gets angry at her for being late. Zehra says I had to because… Ömer is angry and points his finger at her forcefully saying your only obligations is to do what's in the contract. Zehra is silent. Ömer feels he has lost control and gone too far. He calms down. He says more gently that Alev is being too inquisitive and she needs to be extra careful until he figures something out. Ömer is thoughtful.Sevim is worried about Yasemin and she does not eat much. Yasemin calls Koray. He is riding his bike and has an accident.Ömer talks with Demir and Zehra thinks they are going to Cyprus for a few days. Ömer says no Alev is going. At the table Alev is too happy. She says I will soon have a surprise for you. Ömer tells her Demir wants to talk to her apparently there is some problem with the Cyprus file. She goes. Ömer calls Demir to tell him to take her to the airport himself and make sure she gets on. Ayşe comes to Zehra to go down for coffee and tells her to bring her bag in case they go out. Ömer calls Demir. Demir says Alev got on the plane but then he sees her leave the airport and catch a taxi. Ömer looks at Zehra all concerned.


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