Adını Sen Koy

Adını Sen Koy (S01E01)


Ömer a rich entrepreneur and Zehra an office assistant from a low-income family in Istanbul begin their day. Zehra's mother chastises her about her dad not making money and as Zehra is going out, she pulls out the last bills of money from her wallet so now Zehra has no money to get a cab to work. She is late, and her boss is miffed. Ömer's chauffeur drives him to work a fancy building belonging to his business Kervancioglu Holding. Yener arrives down the road with his sister Mehtap. He fancies Zehra and stops by the bus stop to give her a ride. Zehra does not like him and accepts reluctantly. Yener forces Mehtap to go to the back so Zehra would sit beside him. Mehtap is angry that Yener is not taking her first and gets off the car. He says he'll take a short cut for Zehra.Alev goes into Ömer's office and is upset that Ömer is not accompanying her on a business trip to Germany. Alev clearly likes Ömer. Ömer is cool. He says he has a meeting and leaves again back in the car with the chauffeur. Ömer's driver misses a stop sign and hits Yener's car on Zehra's side. Yener jumps out and keeps saying you almost killed my girlfriend. Ömer comes out looks at Zehra in the car in the distance and Yener. He takes out a bundle of cash from his wallet and gives to Yener and gets back in the car. At the meeting he fires his chauffeur.Yener's car won't go. Zehra gets out and despite Yener's bidding leaves on foot. She is fired and can't go in the office. Her friend Leyla consoles her at the door when a call comes from the hospital that his father had a workplace accident at a construction site and is being operated on. She runs to the hospital distraught. Ömer is talking with his sister Ayşe on the cell when Ayşe passes out. She is rushed to the hospital and Ömer goes there. Ömer and Zehra are in the same hospital. Ömer finds Ayşe who is there with their mother. He is concerned that her cancer might have returned. Zehra sees her father. He is recovering from the operation. She goes to register him. By the time she comes back her mother and sister have come and taken her father by force out of the hospital because her mother is scared that they won't have the money to pay. She is running looking for her father when she runs smack into Ömer's arms as his group is leaving the hospital. She just gets herself together and runs off looking for her dad. Next day Ömer takes Ayşe to hospital the doctor tells him the cancer is back and she only has six months to live. He does not tell Ayşe. Ayşe tells him that she wants him to find love and get married. The doctor has said that they must keep Ayşe happy and worry-free. Mehtap gets an interview for Zehra with Nihat Ayşe's husband who is the HR manager at Kervancioglu Holding. Nihat is a bit flirtatious and Mehtap thinks they have something going on. Ömer suspects Nihat is playing around. Nihat agrees to interview Zehra. Zehra's mother likes Yener and wants Zehra to marry him. Zehra goes to the interview. When she is leaving, her necklace falls off and Nihat and her go down at the same time to pick it up. At the same time Ömer and Ayşe arrive. Ömer walks in earlier and sees them in an odd position and thinks something's going on. He looks back and does not want Ayşe to think her husband is cheating on her. He goes in grabs the necklace and when Ayşe comes in, he clears the situation by saying he and Zehra are seeing each other.



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