Adım Farah

Adım Farah (S02E01)


Behnam has finally found Farah, who attempted to kill him. But what about Kerimşah? Is this little boy Farah dotes on her son? Behnam first wants to be sure. Of course, he will want to make Farah, who has left him and whom he later learns is married to another man, enjoy  experience the greatest pain of all. 

And when Tahir learns that his happy family dream has been shattered and that his wife Farah and Kerimşah are being held by Behnam, he will do everything in his power to save them. However, things will not go as he wants and he will be cornered by the trap set for him.  

When a year passes, Tahir, who has spent this time in prison, and Farah, Behnam's prisoner, will face each other in a courtroom this time because Farah wants to divorce Tahir. Tahir cannot make sense of this, and instead of divorce, he chooses to resist until the end, risking everything.

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