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Adım Farah

Adım Farah (S01E05)


With the donor's good news from Tahir, Farah gives up on being a witness for Mehmet. Mehmet has no intention of letting go of Farah. After the events, Aga and Tahir have a big showdown and an uncertain process begins for Tahir, where he must protect both Farah and himself. When he realized that he could not break Farah's stubbornness with beauty; Mehmet decides to play the game harder. His goal is to make Farah think she will be deported and force her to testify. When events unexpectedly spiral out of control, Farah's fear of deportation becomes reality. Tahir has to race against time to save Farah. Farah may be saved by Tahir's efforts, but this adventure has opened the door to a new problem that Tahir and Farah could not foresee.