Ada Masalı: Season 1, Episode 6

Episode 6 (S01E06) is the sixth episode of season one of "Ada Masalı." The episode aired on Star TV on Tuesday, July 27th, 2021 and it has been marked as seen by 2 users.


Aliye's awakening brings joy to all the people of the island. Haziran, who has never seen Haziran this happy before, is afraid that Aliye remembers what he told her while she was still in a coma.  Of course, there will be disruptions when the hotel welcomes its first customers. But a client comes in, harassing the entire team. Eventually, he gets displaced. The real problem starts after he leaves the hotel. Reservations are canceled. Agencies declare that they will not work with an establishment with such an attitude. Haziran and Poyraz have to find a way and get through this disaster. Meanwhile, Poyraz is determined to open up about his feelings to Haziran.




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