Ada Masalı: Season 1, Episode 17

Episode 17 (S01E17) is the seventeenth episode of season one of "Ada Masalı." The episode aired on Star TV on Tuesday, October 12th, 2021 and it has been marked as seen by 4 users.


When Poyraz suddenly disappears after a traffic accident, everyone on the Island is mobilized. Every nook and cranny of the Island will be searched to find the injured Poyraz.

Even though Haziran is very angry or hurt, she can't stand the idea of Poyraz hiding somewhere injured. She does her best to find him safe and sound.

Poyraz, on the other hand, wants to step back and think a little after what he has experienced in a row.  But life will not go as he planned. As always, Haziran will be able to heal Poyraz's wounds and brighten up his darkness.




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