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Sadakatsiz: Season 1, Episode 5 Recap


Respect, love, falling in love, trust, and everything are dead.

From previous episode we learn that Mert likes Aysa - very much. Not only that, Mert tells Aysa that he's willing to help Aysa whenever she needs it and in this episode, Aysa takes that opportunity.

This is what you missed on episode 5 of Sadakatsiz. Warning: there are spoilers ahead.


Aysa, Volkan, and Ali have lunch together with Haluk Bey's family. In the middle of the lunch, Aysa asked Derin about his personal life. Instead of her, Gönül Hanım answered that Derin does not have a boyfriend but she is very friendly that is why she has a lot of friends. Ali wants to go home to do his homework, Aysa tells him to wait till desserts. But Volkan offers to take him home. Aysa and Ali agree.

Nil calls Aysa and tells her about what happened last night. Aysa tells her not to worry, she's more concerned about her condition. Nil tells Aysa that she's getting back together with Selçuk. Aysa says that she will make a big mistake.

Nil come visit Derin with bruises on her face. Nil tells it, was Selçuk that did it to her. She said they are not ready for a baby and tell her that she wants to get an abortion but Derin disagrees. Nil tells Derin that she's envious of her because she has a beautiful family and a boyfriend that ready to marry her anytime. But Derin shook her head, she says that it was all a lie. Derin admits that Volkan is married, but he is not happy with his marriage and he's married his wife because he feels sorry for her. While having this conversation Nil is actually calling Aysa. So she listens to everything Derin said.

Mert and Aysa met at a cafe. She asks him about Volkan's financial, but Mert doesn't want to talk about it because he's afraid if she learns the truth Aysa will fall apart. But instead, he tells her that he likes her for very such a long time and a girl like her does not deserve a man like Volkan. Mert then gives her a hotel key.

Aysa enters the room and Mert is there waiting for her.

At home, Volkan is playing games with Ali. Someone is knocking at the door, Volkan opens the door and turns out it was Derin! Panic, Volkan urges her to the garden. She asks him if he wants the baby or not and she wants to break up. Ali who was inside come outside and hear everything.

Aysa comes home at the dawn. Volkan who did not see her in the bed rush downstairs and see her sleeping on the sofa. Suspecting her he then check her's phone.

Bahar visits Volkan at his house. She tells him that Mert has cheated on her, but Volkan doesn't think so. Bahar tells him to be careful because one day Aysa also might cheated on him. Volkan calls Derya who is in the hospital, he asked if Aysa has been acting weird lately hearing this makes Derya laugh and asking what is going on, but Volkan not sure either. Instead, Derya tells him that she thought everything is fine because Volkan just sent her bouquet to her. Shock, Volkan says he never sent a bouquet to Aysa. Both of them then confused.

Aysa visits Mert at his office. Mert says Volkan's company is in bankruptcy. He's not able to pay the employee and rent. Aysa then asks more information about Volkan, but Mert says it is not easy - and free. Aysa doesn't care and insist him to give her as much information as needed. After she leaves, Bahar comes visits Mert. She tells him that she'll go to the hospital because she'll try to get pregnant. Mert does not like the idea. He says that he does not want to be a father. Ever.

The next day, Mert is waiting for Aysa at the same hotel room as before. After a long wait, Aysa did not come, so he finally went to her house. Mert knows Aysa is trying to get a divorce from Volkan and he starts to blackmail her. Volkan and Mert then went for a drink. Volkan says that Aysa has been acting weird and mention that someone sent her a bouquet. Before Mert responds, Volkan got a call from Ali asks him to come home and help him with his homework. While waiting for a taxi Volkan tells Mert how thankful and lucky he is to have a friend who is like Mert.

At the hospital, a new psychiatrist comes his name is Turgay Güngör (Kenan Ece). He wants to visits Aysa. Farouk Bey - Aysa's patient - comes to visit her. He asked if she has watched the video on the flash disc that he gave her. Which she answers yes. Farouk Bey considers Aysa as his guardian angle and he wants to help her as much as possible, but Aysa refuses. Not happy with the response, he grips her and she starts screaming. A nurse and Turgay comes to her office and helps her. Turgay asks her if is OK.

Aysa was about to leave hospital but Selçuk come visit her. He threatened to report Aysa to the police, hospital, and Ministry of Health because she gave Nil a sleeping pill while she's actually pregnant. In return, he wants Aysa to give him 500.000 lira.


In this episode we learn something very important:

1. Aysa's patient, Farouk Bey was the one that recorded Volkan and Derin kissed at Volkan's birthday party; and

2. When Aysa was a little she found out that father is cheating on her mother. She even saw him making out with other woman! This explain why she cares so much about Ali. Not only because he is her son, but she knows and understands how much pain he had to go through.

Volkan thinks that Aysa has cheated on him and I'm honestly enjoying it very much. But his behavior checking on her phone and calls Derya at the hospital to ask her about Aysa are disgusts me the most. He cheated on her, but she can't? What a logic.

Nevertheless, I don't like the idea of Aysa sleeping with Mert. She should know it better what he's capable of. As if she didn't have enough problems, then she slept with her husband's best friend. Does she not think it would make everything more difficult? She can lose custody of Ali and everything! Ah Aysa ah! 

Kenan Ece makes an appearance as Turgay Güngör a new psychiatrist at her hospital. I don't know if he gonna stay or just a guest appearance, but I hope he stays. I think he can be a good friend for Aysa. His first appearance did not disappoint me and I'm looking forward for his character.

Make sure not to miss the next episode of Sadakatsiz because if you do, you'll sure miss one hella episode.

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