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Sadakatsiz: Season 1, Episode 4 Recap


"If this is what love means... I give up. Don't love me." - Sertab Erener, Rüya

In last week's episode, Aysa went to Saliha Anne and told her that Volkan has been cheating on her for two years, and now the girl is pregnant. Saliha Anne told Aysa to forgive Volkan and stay faithful to him for the sake of Ali. Will Aysa listen to her? This is what you missed on episode 4 of Sadakatsiz.

Warning, though: there are some spoilers ahead.


After Aysa visited Saliha Anne at the hospital, Aysa comes home and finds Ali watching their family video. He asked her if she's going to divorce Volkan and begs her not to do it for his sake. Mert visits Aysa at the hospital, she reads his medical check-up report. Before going home, Mert asks Aysa to have dinner with him sometime - just two of them.

Volkan has a meeting with Khalyuk Bey at his office, he gets a call saying that his mother has died. Shocked, Volkan ends his meeting with Khalyuk Bey and rushes to the hospital. Derin tries to call Volkan, but there's no response and just as she was about to get angry, Gönül tells her that Volkan's mother has died.

Mert, Bahar, Derya, Khalyuk Bey, and Gönül Hanım at Saliha Anne's funeral. They are all crying and saying how unfortunate it is to lose such a beautiful mother and aunt. Volkan is talking to Aysa in Saliha Anne's bedroom. He knows that her mother forbids her to tell him she is in the hospital, Ali comes in and they all hugging each other while staring at Saliha Anne's photo. The helper gives Aysa, Saliha Anne's ring. She said it is Saliha Anne's will that whatever happens, the ring was Aysa to have. The helper said for Saliha Anne, she is not only her daughter-in-law but also her daughter. Aysa put the ring and smile at it.

At night, Volkan got a call and he tells Aysa he needs to leave the house for a moment. Suspicious, Aysa follows him. While following, Aysa hears a song that played when Volkan proposed to her, turns out it was from Derin's car. There, in the car, she sees Derin kissing Volkan. Volkan, Aysa, and Ali got home. All of them go to their room except Aysa. Aysa takes all the family photos, tearing out Volkan from all the family photos and burned it with their wedding photo. 

Someone is ringing the bell of Derin's apartment. When she opens the door, it is Nil. She just moved in and want to say hi to the neighbors. Seeing Nil carrying a pregnancy book, Derin invites her in. At home, Volkan thank Aysa for being there for him and he sayx how much thankful he is to have her. Aysa looks disgusted but she keeps smiling, she remembers that what Fehmi Bey , her lawyer, told her: to act normal like husband and wife, because if not Volkan will suspicious and she will lose any evidence of Volkan's affair. Remembering this, she starts flirting with Volkan. At night, Aysa tries to find evidence of Volkan and Derin's affair. She remembers the secret phone that Volkan hides in his car. While she's trying to find it, she met Mert.

Aysa has lunch with Khalyuk Bey and she mentions Derin having a boyfriend. Khalyuk Bey looks dumbfounded. Khalyuk Bey gets angry and begins shouting at Derin, saying how ungrateful Derin to the family. Derin promised him that she will introduce her boyfriend to the family. Derin tells Volkan what happened and asks him to meet his family but he refuses and leaves her apartment. Nil who hears them fighting, rings her doorbell, asking what happened. Derin is crying and hugs her.

Derya tells Bahar that Aysa knows everything about Volkan and Derin's affair. Bahar tells Derya that they need to tell Volkan because he is their friend, not Aysa, and they must protect him, but Derya disagrees. Meanwhile, Volkan says to Aysa that there's some problem at this office he needs to check, when Volkan leaves, Aysa asks Nil to look in Derin's apartment. Nil agrees, she then went to Derin's apartment without noticing that she's actually being followed by Selçuk. Now, Selçuk knows Nil has a car and lives in a nice apartment, he thinks she lives with someone else. Not believing Nil, he tried to ask her neighbor. Then he rings Derin's apartment and Volkan opens the door. He invites them in, Derin tells Selçuk that Nil is her new neighbour but they get along together due to the fact that they both are pregnant. At home, Aysa keeps texting Nil but she didn't get any response. She then calls Volkan, asking if anything is good, and then she ended it with say "I love you." and he replies "I love you too." Derin who heard this got angry and slammed the door out of the room. Aysa heard it and smile.

Aysa went for a run where she met Mert. He tells her that he knows about what happened at Saliha Anne's funeral and Aysa as a beautiful woman does not deserve any of this. He offers her a ride home but she refuses. 

Selçuk visits Aysa at the hospital and he brings evidence of Volkan and Derin's affair who belongs to Nil. Aysa got angry and asks him what he wants and he said he wants 400.000 lira. Selçuk leaves and the nurse comes in and brings a bouquet for Aysa. She opens the note in the bouquet which reads: "For the most perfect woman, I've ever met. -Mert Gelik" Aysa got angry and calls Mert asking why he sent her a bouquet, which he replies that he wants her to consider him as a friend and if there's anything happened she can ask him for help. A new patient drops by Aysa's office and hands her a flash disc which he claims contains evidence of Volkan's affair.

Bahar and Derin go to the same yoga class. In the middle of the class, Derin runs to the toilet to vomit and Bahar follows her. She tells her that she knows everything and she won't stay silent. But Derin tells her she's not a saint either, and she knows everything and even went vacation with them. Bahar tells Derin that Aysa may not dumb and well aware of everything.

Aysa, Volkan, and Ali went to a restaurant for a lunch. There, they meet with Khalyuk Bey, Gönül Hanım, and Derin. Volkan was about to ask Aysa to leave when Asya instead invites Khalyuk Bey's family to have lunch together.


Mert definitely a character that we need to watch in the next episode. He likes Aysa and there's no doubt. He's not even ashamed to show his affection towards her. We will see what his plan is and I hope we didn't for too long.

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