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Sadakatsiz: Season 1, Episode 3 Recap


"You are not to blame for anything. If there's anyone who needs to cry, it's Volkan" - Aysa Arslan.


In last week's episode, we see that Aysa let Volkan chooses whether he wants to save his marriage by ending his relationship with Derin or stay with his beloved family. So what did he choose? This is what you missed on episode 3 of Sadakatsiz. Warning: there are spoilers ahead.


Volkan told Derin that he will never leave her alone and how much he loves her. Not believe it, she locked herself in the bedroom. Derya reminded Volkan that he has a wife and son to take care of and to stay faithful to them. She asked him to leave Derin, but he said he can't because he loves both of them equally and wants to live with double life for the rest of his life.

At the hospital, Volkan's mother, Salih Anne - mother in Turkish - is hospitalized. Aysa helps with taking care of her mother-in-law. She asked her not to tell Volkan she is in hospital. She knows there is a problem in their marriage and how she left the party early is due to this. Aysa told her it's just a migraine, but she said no, there is no such thing as a migraine in marriage. Salih Anne told her that women should always devote to her husband and children. She told her whatever happened in their marriage, they must stay together for the sake of Ali. Derin comes to the hospital to ask Derya for help and says she is the only one who can help her. Apparently, she asked her to help her with the abortion. Derya tells the news to Aysa, feels relieves that she thinks her husband chooses faithful to her, she comes home with a smile on her face.

At home, Bahar is waiting for Mert to celebrate their wedding anniversary. She cooked him dinner and even dress nicely. Someone is knocking on her door, but unfortunately, it's not Mert but Derya. Derya told Bahra that Derin is pregnant, she also told her that if there was no child - Ali - she would tell Aysa to get a divorce. She thinks that the only reason a wife can tolerate a cheating husband is their kids. Knowing that Bahar feels offended, she apologizes and tells her that Mert will never do such a thing to her.

Derin video calls Volkan in the middle of the night while everyone is asleep. Volkan didn't want Aysa to know, so he went to the garden and pick up the phone. They say how much they miss each other and wish they can be together. Volkan doesn't know that Aysa was awake and heard all of the conversation.

The next morning, Aysa visited a divorce lawyer. She asked things to do for filing a divorce. The lawyer said that if she's sure that Volkan is cheating on her, she needs proof, including but not limited to photos, videos, an audio recording, or even an eyewitness. The lawyer notes that all of them would need to be obtained legally, otherwise, she can get sued and fined for violating privacy. Unsure, she asked for time to think and left. 

Aysa went to the bookstore to buy some books for Ali. There, she met Derin, who is buying children and education books. Aysa looked surprised at her choice and thinking she might not want to get an abortion. Derin told her that her lover promised her to divorce his wife. Unable to believe what she heard, Aysa tells her the fact that she trusted someone who cheated on his wife, makes her look so naive. But Derin said she trusts him because they've been together for two years! Aysa then remembers Derya told her they've only been together for three months, not two years!

After learning the facts, Aysa decides to get a divorce. She calls the lawyer and asked what are the things she needs to do. The lawyer asked her to look at her contributions and savings, but Aysa doesn't know anything because all the money matters are taken care of by Volkan. The lawyer told her that by the law, in the event of a divorce, her spouse will take half of her property and savings. Aysa then went to the bank to look at her saving. She learned that Volkan had taken a loan from the bank, two years ago. Not only that, but he also had withdrawn money from her account for Ali's education. Shocked, Aysa rushes home and there she finds out that Volkan has used her money to buy things for Derin.

Later, Volkan, Aysa, and Ali were invited to a BBQ dinner at Mert and Bahar's house. Volkan got many phone calls that arose Aysa suspicious. After getting one particular phone call, Volkan told them that he needs to go to the office because he has something to do. Feeling suspicious, Aysa followed him to the office, thinking Volkan would meet up with Derin. She's ready to record their affair until she opens the door and found Volkan was indeed with his colleagues, not Derin. Cannot believe what happened, she left.

At the hospital, Aysa finally admitted to Salih Anne, that Volkan is cheating on her for two years, and now the girl is pregnant.


This episode got me on my nerve!

In addition to being a cheater, Volkan is showing signs of being mentally ill. How can he possibly say he loves his wife and mistress at the same time? He even said that it is possible to equally love two women and your own children at the same time! Aysa doesn't need to do therapy only in the hospital, because she's certaintly got another patient aka Volkan at home.

Salih Anne hammered to Aysa how important marriage is, yeah sure. But why didn't you teach your own son, instead your daughter-in-law, who was cheated on for over two years, about marriage? She herself went through a divorce, shouldn't she make sure that Volkan won't do the same thing as his father do to her?

What's up with Derya and Bahar? I will never understood why they would lie to Aysa. Have Derya and Bahar ever thought about how Aysa would feel? And that's what happened with Aysa could happen to them too? They're so disappointing.

Remember when I said that you cannot trust anyone in this dizi? Yeah, I proved that I was right. Derya had lied to Aysa by telling her Volkan and Derin only been together for three months when, in fact, they had been together for two years. In this episode, we also learn that Derya is the only person that Derin trusts. But why? What kind of relationship do they have? Could she be the one that introduces Derin to Volkan?

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