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Kuruluş Osman: Season 2, Episode 9 (Bölüm 36) Review

We come from only one God, how can we handle dualism? Only by setting ourselves on fire. Kumrul Abdal


Apparently, this episode scatters your heart. We pick up from where we left off in the previous episode. Osman successfully manages to save his uncle and brother from the clutches of Nikola. Flatyus undergoes disgrace again since Osman uses him and the flying fire as bait to escape the castle. Being the intelligent bey he is, he leaves Boran and Göktuğ in the castle; disguised for help as the next time he will pay a visit to Kuluchaisar will have been conquered it. Osman's plans are well executed further in the episode. We all can imagine how furious Nikola would be now. Judging by the fact that Osman entered the castle twice with just two alps and managed to cause great destruction each time is beyond disgrace and embarrassment for Nikola. He decided to embarrass Flatyus for the mistake he made twice, doesn't kill him. Secretly sets him off to the mountains to prepare a plan to kill Osman while everyone thinks that Nikola has snatched away the commander's honour from Flatyus. 

Geyhatu decides to get involved in this matter. And orders Yavlak Arsalan to arrange a feast in his tribe where the Kayı beys are invited along with Nikola. Geyhatu orders peace between Nikola and Osman. To which both of the parties agree initially. But when all the Kayı beys are present in Yavlak's tent with Nikola, Osman who is supposedly handling a personal issue with Bala, decides to ditch the feast and attack the Kuluchaisar. Which was Osman's plan. 

Now, Bala has made up her mind that since Osman is on his way to be the official bey of Kayıs, he requires successors. Since she cannot conceive, she proffers Osman to get married to a woman who can continue his lineage. After receiving a reluctant answer from Osman she takes the matter on herself to find him another Hatun. Later, when Osman learns about Targun's secrets and her confession he decides to marry Targun. In fact he announced it in front of his uncle, brothers and their wives. Bala convinces Osman to be a part of the battle at the Kuluchaisar.

PS: If you haven't watched the episode yet, please arrange yourself an emotional breakdown kit beforehand. A dozen of tissues and also a distraction after the episode or else you'll weep yourself to sleep. 

What I Loved: 

Considering the beginning, I loved Osman's escape plan. Using Flatyus for a second time was not a very secure plan thus he decides to use the flying fire as well. He chooses to use his cards real well. Whatever smoky substance he used, gave him a very prominent result. Similarly, his plan to conquer Kuluchaisar which was left unattended by everyone and only under Helen's watch was a smooth and easy aim. While Nikola, Savci bey, Gündüz Bey and Dündar bey were in Yavlak's tribe, not a soul would cause any sort of obstacle for Osman. And after knowing that Yavlak Arsalan was the one who had an alliance with Mongke, Osman would obviously care less about Geyhatu now. Also that Cerkutay is now under his watch. Yet again, we saw exceptional moves from Osman. 

I must admit this show is taking women's empowerment to another level. The continuous messages that are depicted from Aygül's character have left me in total awe! She broke a stereotype barrier this episode. The Demir Usta told her that no woman has ever beaten metal upon an anvil to make a sword. Basically yes, we always saw the beys doing so. She proudly said not anymore and started shaping the metal. As soon as she did, she had the audience ahead of her who she later addressed. Being an alp, she took part in the battle at the Kuluchaisar. We will be having two ladies at war in the next episode, Bala and Aygül. 

Where I cried: 

Yes, I had to change a bit of my normal format for this episode...So! Every time Bala Hatun appeared on the screen gave my heart a churning ache. Firstly, when she musters up the courage to tell Osman that now she has utterly lost hope of conceiving and that he must look out for another Hatun. As a lady, it is heart-wrenching to imagine even a single thought of sharing the love of your life with any other woman. Bala's eyes gave it all, how heartbroken she was and how well she was hiding all the despairs behind the innocent, unsatisfactory smile. Secondly, the bey family dinner. Where Osman clearly states that he requires his lineage to continue and for that, he'll be marrying another woman. He didn't even flinch when he called Targun in the bey tent for dinner to announce it's here he'll be marrying. Though Bala had permission him but she wasn't waiting Osman to be this quick to either choose or to announce it in front of everyone. The way her faced was washed with self discontent, fear, astonishment, immense hurt. Her eyes were brimmed with tears for a second but being the strong woman she is, she held it all back with a smile and laid her consent. I almost couldn't feel my heartbeat at that moment because I hadn't expected Osman to get to act that quick. He didn't try to convince her for a second time, this wasn't the Osman we knew from the beginning. At a moment I felt that it might be a trick by Osman now that he knew Targun intentions, it still could be a game but why would he let his love suffer amidst the political issue? Why would he knowingly hurt Bala's feelings even after being aware of the sensitivity of the matter? He could have simply told Bala it's a trick for Nikola, or maybe he did agree with Bala and lose hope for her? 

It's pretty unjust that just a wound can make such a difference. Bala always worked for good. She is paying the highest price in this story. Just a wound sucked away all the happiness and bright days from her life. The fact that she desired to go for war the next day decides her intentions. That now her life is totally unbearable for her, to the extent where she wishes to go for a battle and maybe sacrifice her life there. Though Osman takes a promise from her that she won't knowingly put herself in danger there. 


Entirely, this bölüm focused more on Osman, Bala and Targun. Osman bey arranging the situations in such a way that favours him conquering Kuluchaisar in the next bölüm. Boran and Göktuğ did an amazing job as spies. Though the climax will make you shed a couple of years for Göktuğ as well. He risked his life dangerously just to pave a way for Osman and the rest to the alps in the castle. We saw Lena growing the seeds of hatred towards Osman in Savci bey's mind. She insists that he kills his own younger brother for the Beylik, in an indirect way obviously. Hazal living her life happily right now since odds are in her favour. We really have no clue right now if Osman is playing a game or not. Our wishful thinking says it's a game but either way, the person whose heart is scattered is Bala. Which breaks our hearts too. Soon the Geyhatu wrath will make its appearance and now furious Nikola is nothing new for us. Most probably in the next bölüm Kuluchaisar will have been conquered. 

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