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Kuruluş Osman: Season 2, Episode 5 (Bölüm 32) Review


There is no blessing without suffering 


Let me just say, felâket gelmiştir! The turnover for events we've been waiting for since the previous episode were manifested here. Starting from the begining, Osman had fell into Flatyus's trap. But Bamsi bey arrived as a knight to rescue his kara Osman leaving Flatyus to return back to Nikola with a failed attempt. Nikola was furious with anger learning that his feign agreement with Ertuğrul bey was to no avail. While Geyhatu is on his way to the Kayı tribe, Savci bey who had promised Geyhatu to bring his son back has fallen into Yavlak Arsalan and Mongke's trap only to be saved by Osman. Yavlak Arsalan has huge plans and his only secret holder is his sister Hazal Hatun. While the brother is misleading the beys of Kayı tribe Hazal Hatun tries to aggregate misunderstandings and fouling of hearts between Bala and Lena. 

Turning the attention towards the enemies, they are never idle nor alone. Yavlak, Nikola and Geyhatu. All of them simultaneously have targeted the Kayıs. Whilst each of them are well aware of each another they decide to execute a plan together to worsen the situation for Kayıs. Geyhatu advises Nikola to attack Kuluchaisar while he is at the Kayıs tribe. Nikola is aware about Yavlak trapping Osman but chooses to befriend Arsalan. While Yavalak is ally with Mongke. He wants to 1. Gain the favour of all the Türk tribes by saving the Kayıs from Geyhatu. 2. Kill Geyhatu to increase his reputation among the Türks, and to extend his ally with Geyhatu's son Mongke because he wishes to take his father's place. Which also means Mongke and Yavlak will be the devil duo on the Anatolian lands.



What I Loved: 

I extremely loved how Osman chooses to oblige to the wild horses running aimlessly in his heart. He disobeyed his father's orders and went after his brother Savci because of his instincts. He saw the wider picture and figured out the setup dupe which was practically invisible to his father and brother. It was not his wishes he was listening to but his conscious mind. This practically explains the kind of person Osman is. He might take swift decisions, might even cross his limits but each and every time his instincts have never betrayed him. This is because he has faith and belief in the voices inside him. He trusts his instincts and not just see the picture someone displays ahead him. 

If we're talking about Osman missing out Bala is not possible. That women stands strong against all odds. Her righteousness, confidence is exceptional! I had chills down my spine when she stood up against Hazal Hatun. She understood what Hazal was doing by swirling up things between her and Lena. Her firm stance even caught Hazal off guard for a moment. She didn't budge in just because Hazal is elder than her. Nor did she go ahead and fight up the world for gossiping about her not bearing a child which was started off by Hazal. She is an immensely strong, utterly intelligent inrealisticly powerful women. Not counting her beauty and cotton filled heart here. 

The road to hell is floored with stones of good deeds 


What I liked: 

Watching Ertuğrul bey, Abdulrahman Gazi and Bamsi bey reuniting gave me nostalgic memories of how these three have been through thick and thin. It feels as if the core team is back on screens which we've been familiar with since Diriliş: Ertuğrul. I am really looking forward to some great decision making from this core team. 

Well, when Gündüz bey was severely injured by Nikola and brought back to the tribe. Ertuğrul bey's reaction was priceless. His love for his children that he has held somewhere deep inside floats up. Which even causes him a heart attack. But when he thinks about his tribe first and not his family depicts what a true leader should be. We have seen Gündüz and Ertuğrul bey's father son relation more than we did with any other son of his in the past. The scene typically reminds us of the times when Ertuğrul and Halime were raising Gündüz with all the love they had. 

I felt as if I haven't spoken about Kumrul Abdal at all. He's the character similar to Edabali. But not exactly like him. The abdal in his name stands for crazy which he surely is. His method of teaching life lessons to Osman is utterly different but at the same time it the most appropriate way! Only Kumrul Abdal is one who can make Osman obey. A different crazy mentor for a wild, stubborn bey. And I think that's more than appropriate. Until now, he has solved a lot of mysteries and helped Osman in ways that no one could have. He an atypical sage character that we've come across yet. 


Overall view:

 Entirely the episode was a spectacular one. The one where you can't shift your eyes for moment because you'll miss out something. It will spark an elation from deep inside your heart. But at the same time it will leave you breathless, speechless and in utter awe! Like who could have expected Helen from Season one who helped princess Sophia to be back and help Nikola with an attack on Kuluchaisar? Or expect Bamsi bey to speak philosophical words? We have numerous amount of events coming our way. The way how the story is unfolding leaves you questioning but yet pretty satisfied. 

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