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Kuruluş Osman: Season 2, Episode 18 (Bölüm 45) Review

Why do you require a sword to kill a person while you have those eyes of yours? Osman bey



The excitement from the previous episode took it's actual form in this one. With the best opportunity and plans, Nicolas set out collectively with all the enemies of Osman to end Osman bey's life, plans, motives and loved ones. The episode begins with Bala and Osman training, which indeed was a sight to behold. Further we moved to Dündar bey repeating the mistakes he earlier did again; ie teaming up with Nikola to take down Osman from the beylik. The only difference is that this time the plan seems to be foolproof.

Targun Hatun is running after her revenge from Osman and Bala which leads her to collaborate with Nikola. Nikola assigns Targun to kill Bala and Göktuğ to enter Osman's tent to get the documents left by Ertuğrul bey. And with the help of David who lives on the tribe as Idris bey; Bamsi is set up as a bait to capture Osman. While Gündüz bey is set out to fetch Sheikh Edabali, Savci bey is with Osman hunting down Bamsi bey. Though Savci bey is later led into an ambush by Flatyus.This is first time Nikola creates such a huge plan and collaborates with a number different people. And to his pleasure the entire plan works out successfully. Except that Targun fails to kill Bala Hatun. But Targun does make her way into the Kayı tribe along a caravan with Göktuğ to get a hand on the documents. 

Moments of Pleasure: 

The very first opening scene brings joy as Osman bey and Bala Hatun share the screen training. Amidst this chaos, rare is it that they find time for each other. What adds more beauty to the scene is that while Bala is all set to learn and display her skills, Osman bey is busy admiring her beauty. The cheesy comments passed by him in between the training session could have easily flipped the session if it wasn't for them training outside. The cherry on top of the cake was when Aksu Hatun brings refreshments for the couple while they were lost in their own loving world, and Osman bey does flinch for a moment to call Aksu sister. He seems to have sensed what Bala was trying to do and his reply was just so quick and salutarily inoffensive. 

Moments of Excitement: 

The excitement phase continues over to this episode so don't mind me if that's all I talk about. After a long time, I was genuinely excited about the plans and ambushes Nikola had set up this time. I'm also happy that he has finally leveled up his game plan as now he is more than aware of Osman and his huyu thus I loved how his plans had developed. So, I utterly was awestruck with this plan of Nikola's like it was basically one single plan linked together with different scenes and had more crucial and improved goals. The plan beginning with the attack on Bala where Gonca is severely injured stirred up the atmosphere in the tribe. Later the caravan coming into the tribe brought a sigh of relief which was disguised danger. Loved to know that Göktuğ was walking on a thin rope but yet delivering his job in the best way possible. Coming down to Idris bey, he completed his job by delivering the news that Bamsi bey and he were attacked by Nikola and his infidels on the way where they were going to fetch medicine for Bamsi bey's crippled hand. Utterly admired how Osman bey took not more a moment to understand that Idris bey was Nikola's man. The plan moves ahead of where Bamsi bey is trapped perfectly by Nikola and Osman along with Savci bey and his best alps head outside on a hunt for Bamsi. Leaving the tribe in the hands of Dündar bey; the greedy wolf who helps Targun and Göktuğ to get into Osman bey's tent. Eventually, Osman bey finds Bamsi bey and is ambushed by Nikola while the same happens with Savci bey and his alps by Flatyus.

While in the tribe, Bala, Lena, Dündar bey, Hazal Hatuna, and Aksu Hatun are held by swords on their necks in the bey tent by the Kumans. Targun Hatun manages to find the crucial documents left by Ertuğrul bey. The only relief is that Göktuğ seems to have sent a message already to Kumrul Abdal who immediately meets up with Sheikh Edabali and Gündüz bey breaking the news to them and leading them to the tribe. The only help and hurdle which can stop Targun is Gündüz bey. As Bala stabbed Göktuğ in his chest since she is unaware of his true intentions. Only if Osman bey had informed Bala about Göktuğ, maybe the situation could have been at much ease. 

Moments of Despair: 

We lost two lives amidst this ambush and chaos. Dumrul Alp bid goodbye to his fellow alps and happily stepped into the world of martyrs. He took numerous arrows through his body to save his fellow mates and beys. Technically, he sacrificed his life so that others could live. His last words before the sahada were "If you see what I am seeing right now, even you would want to come with me" 

The second was Aksu Hatun's death. She took a blow from Targun Hatun to save Bala Hatun. If ain't were her, Bala would've died. Ever since Targun ambushed Bala Hatun, Aksu underwent a change of mind. The reason why she was present in the Bey tent was that she was going to admit Hazal Hatun's game she had become a part of. Her guilt and consciousness didn't allow her to be a part of the vile game anymore. But alas that she couldn't say her guilt out aloud as Dündar bey and Hazal Hatun present there suppressed her voice. The least she thought she could do from her pangs of guilt was to save Bala Hatun and sacrifice her life ending the devil's plan. 

Overall view: 

Altogether, as I have stated before; this episode was a continuation of the previous excitement we experienced. And this is going to continue for the next as well since the answers and climax of this one big chaotic ambush of Nikola lie ahead. I was way more than satisfied with this episode. I like the development and the constant growth the storyline is receiving. And all I can say for now is that I'm waiting for the next episode with four eyes. The anticipation level is a bit more than usual. 

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