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Kuruluş Osman: Season 2, Episode 17 (Bölüm 44) Review

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Osman bey fell into immense trouble due to his nephew Bayhoca. He was forced to either give up the Kulucahisar which he had conquered after losing a dreadful amount of blood and life or to give up upon the hope of ever seeing his nephew ever again. Added to which was a constant pressure from Lena and Savci bey. Initially, Osman bey was driven by his feelings and acted impulsively as per Savci bey's suggestion. Which led them to fall into a very well planned trap of Nikola led by Alexander. The ambush was clearly a deathly one. Osman bey somehow manages to get his alps and a severely wounded Savci bey to a safe side.

Later he plans a fake agreement to Nikola's deal which takes the entire tribe by storm. The entire deal seems to be real until the very end. Amid Lena leaves his injured bey on the deathbed to go to the Inegöl castle to convince Flatyus to exchange her son for herself. Flatyus was overjoyed by this offer from the women he supposedly is in love with. Flatyus seems to win until Lena decides to kill herself as soon as her son is set free. Two deals take place for Bayhoca, one between Nikola and Osman regarding Kuluchaisar and the other between Lena and Flatyus. However, the ones losing here were Flatyus and Nikola. As soon as the news reaches Yavlak Arsalan and the alps hidden in the Kuluchaisar the deal has been completed and Bayhoca is safe, the real showdown begins. Osman has his very first execution of the season as Alexander loses his life. The next moment we have Targun Hatun and Göktuğ together as the head of Kuman Turks collaborating with Flatyus to get revenge on Osman. The episode ends with the pleasant news of Sheikh Edabali's return.

Moments of Excitement: 

The entire episode was filled with adrenaline to the brim. Every moment counted. Staring off from the beginning, when Osman bey fell into the trap of Alexander. Getting himself, his alps, and Savci bey who was severely injured out of it seemed next to impossible as the number of opponents was more than multiple times of themselves. The cutting off of the bridge scene was iconic. 

The most exciting part throughout the episode was conquering Kuluchaisar all over again. Though they hadn't actually ever given it out. But the plan, the execution of the plan, and victory were beyond incredible. Also, the fact that Osman bey himself was inside the castle but none of Alexander's army had the slightest thought about it. It was an easy win with Yavlak beside. Although seeing Arsalan stand shoulder to shoulder with Osman bey still surprises me. Aygül as always didn't miss out to surprise us. The maiden's outfit suited her very well too. Speaking of Aygül, I'm extremely excited and already shipping Aygül and Cerkutay! Every time they share the screen, the scene turns out hilariously sweet. That also seems to have something between them growing. And according to me, none of them could have been paired in a better way than this. 

This episode was wrapped up and filled up with excitement. If I talk about the Inegöl side, I loved the development there. If Nikola couldn't catch up with the spies yet in his own castle, it would be the greatest disgrace for him. And a greater disgrace would be if he didn't use the Ace in his hand ie Bayhoca properly. But he wasn't disgraced. From his side, he did the best he could do to make out of Bayhoca. Asking for Kuluchaisar back was indeed a strong and clever move. What wasn't clever was believing that Osman bey would accept such a deal, so easily. Or else in this episode I actually saw Nikola putting up efforts. His initial trap and the spy bait was mükemmel. That was the type of Tekfur I was waiting for. Coming up to Flatyus, I utterly loved that finally, we had some development in his and Lena's story as well. Learning that the second most thing Flatyus wishes in life is Lena after his first wish of avenging his father. Yazik that Lena chose death over Flatyus or dishonor of her bey. I loved this side of Lena, which portrayed all the things a mother would undergo for her child. Her pain, confusion, impulsiveness, and longing was something that made the character as well as the bölüm much more interesting. 

Overall view:

Collectively, this episode was way more than the audience was waiting for. Plus the developments that occurred throughout the episode in every character were what we loved the most. Every character went through something and learned, improved here. Mesela The alps; I didn't think they'll ever choose to doubt the weirdest decision of Osman bey ever! Bamsi bey's faith in Osman bey leveled up, now he trusts Osman Bey's decisions just like he once did of Ertuğrul bey. Dündar bey and Hazal hatun learned that they should never hold unto Osman bey's words as his actions are always contradictory. And that he is no more in a position to make mistakes anymore. Lena and Savci bey learned that they should have faith in Osman bey as he is not against them. Finally, Nikola and Flatyus experienced some bad experiences too which led them to collaborate with the Kumans again. Who technically are Göktuğ and Targun Hatun now. I'm really anticipated to see how the balances will be shaken once Sheikh Edabali shows up from pilgrimage. Will his presence bring about changes in the decisions already made by Osman bey and the will left by Ertuğrul bey? 


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