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Kuruluş Osman: Season 2, Episode 16 (Bölüm 43) Review

States are established under the shadow of swords and veterans but they live on the shoulders of scholars and under the light of knowledge.Savci bey



Osman bey succeeds in trapping and destroying the army coming from Constantinople to Inegöl for Nikola's help. This turns Nikola a bit for furious than he has been lately since Osman bey has always been a couple of steps ahead than him. Nikola who is now the head of all the Tekfurs in Turkish lands calls up all the Tekfurs to plan a big attack; But in a financial way. Nikola has decided to block trade from Turkish tribe in all markets of Bursa, Inegöl and Constantinople which are the major markets. Again, Osman being a step ahead, plans to kill the Tekfurs in the castle itself through his alps but it all turns into a massive mess when Bayhoca; Savci bey's young blood follows Osman bey's disguised alps to the Inegöl castle. Which ruins the plan leading the alps to get caught but Osman bey with his plan B saves the alps. They are successfully helped to escape the castle by the secret informers already present there since a long time. Leaving behind Bayhoca, which is like leaving behind the reigns of Osman bey. 

The tribe is a peaceful place for now. Wedding bells are ringing for Boran alp and Gonca Hatun. While Dündar bey and his Hatun continue to live their lives as wolves disguised as sheeps. Lena and Savci bey are finally in the acceptance phase, they do not interfere much in the tribe issues. But Lena's only concern is his son who is currently running after Osman bey looking for adventure. 


Moments of Pleasure: 

The only pure pleasurable moment was the one where Bala was actually happy while helping the poor and needy in Söğüt. It's has been quite a while since we've seen her happy. Seems like the dark clouds have turned permanent over her. This is one of the moment where she was genuinely elated to help those who were living their lives in misery. Her idea of opening a workshop in Söğüt to help the people was an open action of gratitude and it reflected her pure heart and beautiful soul. Just like Osman bey was helping people secretly in the earlier episode. The happiness and pleasure she felt was clearly reflected in her gleaming eyes. 


Moments of Excitement: 

The flag which Osman bey was designing in the previous episode was completed and brought by Aygül. Osman bey didn't waste a moments and direct sent Alps to hoist the new flag all around the tribe. This caused his brothers, Uncle and Bamsi bey to march into Osman bey's tent to question him. I admire the way Osman bey justifies himself as clear as glass. Leaving not a single doubt in anyone's mind. 

The changing of the flag in indeed a very huge movement itself. It depicts new beginnings, new aims and a new era. Obviously Osman bey designed a flag for himself which has a much deeper meaning than it seems. He finally declared it practically as well that he no longer stands ahead as a Kayı bey but as a Türk bey. His desire to bring all the Türk tribe of Oğuz Han under on flag is a much firm believe now. 


Moments of Despair: 

I wouldn't utterly classify this under despair but this matter will surely bring despair sooner or later. Bayhoca; a young, motivated and eager lad messed up an attack which could have gone much worse if it wasn't Osman bey all ready with his plan B. A number of skilled and highly crucial alps would've lost their lives. Turns out in exchange, Bayhoca will either have to pay the price of his mistake with his own life or else Osman bey will be paying a higher price of just a tiny impulsive decision of Bayhoca. This already broke down mountains on Lena. She suffers from the fear of losing her young son while expecting a new child. It may seem unfair but that's how life is, a small wave can shake up the core. This was being taught to Bayhoca ama ne yazik ki he couldn't pass this test of life. 

It's saddening to see that while Savci bey and Lena Hatun have begun to accept the Beylik and act accordingly, Dündar bey and Hazal Hatun do not leave leave their vile thoughts and intentions behind. Dündar bey seems all ready to cause a corrupt moment in the business which is handed over to him. His greed for both money and power will not only cause him a striking loss but also to the tribe. Similarly, Hazal Hatun continues with her shaitan kafa as she has bribed a young girl into her plan to take down Bala who hasn't uttered a wrong word to Hazal ever since she became the Hatun of the tribe. She loves to pull Bala down by Bala's weakness. She promised the new girl; Aksu to make her Osman bey's second wife. While Bala is unaware of these plots and plans, she actually considers Aksu as a suitor. 

Overall view: 

On a collective note, this episode wasn't much of an eventful episode. Except the change of the flag. I think the Bala not conceiving issue is being stretched to more than it's potential now. New events or characters can't keep on adding up on the same issue while in the end the issue remains intact. I'm a bit disappointed towards Nikola as well. He seemed to be a very powerful and strong opponent but it turns out he's been facing nothing but failure which makes things a bit tedious. Nor have the new agents of The Pope moved to action now. Göktuğ has disappeared from the screens without any remark. I hope finally the next bölüm will show some growth in the Flatyus and Lena story which has been on a major halt. Since the major issue concerns Lena's son who is with Flatyus. I'm excited for that plot to move ahead. I also hope Boran and Gonca's wedding is not ruined. I'm ready to watch what Hazal Hatun has to display with her new plans which will cause the balance to be shaken. 

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