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Kuruluş Osman: Season 2, Episode 11 (Bölüm 38) Review

The Beylik belongs to me, so does the State. Ertuğrul Bey



In the previous episodes we saw how Osman conquered the Kuluchaisar with a swift. And now we watch him dealing with the consequences of it. The wrath of Geyhatu which was supposed to fall upon Osman took a little twist here. Osman who was supposed to trap Yavlak Arsalan, falls into Flatyus' trap since the only duty assigned to Flatyus now is to kill Osman by Nikola. That's exactly where the tables turn, Yavlak saves Osman! After sending an unconscious Flatyus away by his own mens, Arsalan explains out to Osman why he has been standing behind peace treaties and shook hands with Geyhatu. His original plans had been to kill Geyhatu from the right begining. Osman and Yavlak decide to keep their devlet dreams and differences aside and work together as Türk beys. They plan up to kill Geyhatu which is overheared by Flatyus. Flatyus takes this news to Nikola and the Roman Tekfur runs out for the Mongol commander. By the time Osman and Yavlak reach Geyhatu's tent with a perfect game, he's long gone. Turns out Argan Han was successfully poisoned by Geyhatu's men and now Geyhatu is on his way to take the thrown. 

The environment in the Kayı tribe doesn't seem to ease. Lena persuades Savci that building up a State requires blood. May it be your own brother's. Savci eventually obliges to his wife's intentions. On the other hand Hazal Hatun didn't even need to persuade her bey as Dündar is already halfway through his plans. He wishes to turn Osman and Savci against each other leaving him only Gündüz to deal with. Eventually, kayı's Beylik would fall into Dündar's pocket. What they aren't aware of is that Ertuğrul Bey has recovered and is testing his successors. 

Moments of Pleasure: 

I surely do hope that Osman hasn't believed Yavlak utterly after all the traps and tricks he presented. But I was exceptionally happy when I saw both Osman and Yavlak Arsalan fighting side by side. For a moment you'd totally forget about the histories they had with each other. They fought, planned like Türks who were pretty much capable of ruling their lands on their own. I can eminently understand why they chose to fight the Mongol leader together. If they continue with the intra-tribe disputes the only people winning would be the Romans and Mongols. Watching the Türks fight their common enemy together was something lacking, it was greatly fulfilled. 

Cerkutay has showed interest in rerouting to the right path. His heart has soften and mind cleared. After spending time within the türk alp groups even though as a hostage gave him insights to why his fellow commander Göktuğ decided to change paths. In fact he now wished to kill Geyhatu himself; without any vile intentions intended. This kind of changes are the biggest victories. Changing a person's heart and bringing them to the right path is worth more than any materialistic achievement. This was a priceless moment. Soon enough we will see a an improvised and righteous version of Cerkutay as he converts and accepts the path of peace and righteousness. 

Another precious moment in the episode was Bamsi bey appearing in the Beylik convocation and protecting Selcan Hatun from the potential negative actions which might have broken out any minute in the presence of Dündar bey and Savci. In the absence of Osman it was very much considerable and appreciated that Selcan Hatun was trying to prevent the Beylik convocation from happening. Taking Dündar bey's terrible intentions into count, he would have done anything to stop Selcan Hatun. He was about to cross his limits when Bamsi bey appears and states "You can do anything except to lay a finger on Selcan Hatun in my presence" this even made Ertuğrul bey smile from behind the curtain. It was the moment when the audience realised that with Bamsi bey and Selcan Hatun's presence no wrong happenings can take place in the tribe. 


Moments of despair: 

It was very saddening to see the youth, the future of the tribe put against each other. And the credit for this goes solely to Dündar bey. He's the one who initially set Ertuğrul bey's children against each another by choosing sides. Savci wouldn't have come up to this point if it ain't were Dündar bey behind his back. He had planned up everything secretly and long ago implement it too. Dündar bey has always been on the wrong side, stating back to the time when he was young too. Ertuğrul bey lost his closest alp, Doğan back then. He tried to sell away Hanlı Pazar, then his alliance with Alişar bey. Dündar bey was never on the right side. But now since his intentions are no different than his wife, his aim is obvious now. He can go to any extent to claim his aim. People are being used in this vile game of his, I hope it is not too late before they realise this. 

Moments of excitement:

 Well, Flatyus went all alone without any arms to the Kayı tribe. Nonetheless, to declare war against them. His bravery and self confidence indeed is extremely high. It was exciting to watch him enter the tribe all alone to declare war with a letter from Geyhatu in front of the entire tribe's beys. He crashed the Beylik convocation just in time to baffle issues to an extent that the Beylik convocation was delayed. Also Kayıs are given three days to vacate Kuluchaisar, Karachaisar and Soğut as Geyhatu handed them over to the Romans but obviously Kayıs chose war above surrendering.

The final thirty minutes of the episode was filled with excitement and agitation. Bamsi bey, his alps, Selcan Hatun, Aygül, Demir Usta, Bala and Gonca made an actual human chain outside Ertuğrul bey's tent to avoid Savci and his alps to go in and claim Ertuğrul bey's Beylik and sword. Adding upon Gündüz Bey, Dündar bey with his alps; the showdown was mesmerizing. As if this was not enough Osman and his alps returned to the tribe as well. Gündüz Bey stood by his words and prevented both his younger brothers from claiming the Beylik while their father was still breathing. The only person right in this matter seems to be Gündüz Bey. Just right in time, Abdulrahman Gazi marks his presence by saying that Ertuğrul bey is breathing his last breaths. The aura immediately changes and when they enter the tent. There you go, Ertuğrul bey in his skin and bones siting on the bey chair. 

Overall view: 

Entirely, this episode displayed a number of things. Firstly, how there are a number of potentially strong türk beys. But alas they are wasting away all their potential in local issues. Just like how Yavlak and Osman fought together, imagine if all three sons of Ertuğrul bey did. Not even the highest mountain could stand against them.Yazık. Secondly, they left us questioning Targun. Will she really poison the Kayı beys and kill Osman bey to free her father from Nikola or are there some different winds blowing in her heart. Her looks towards Osman have changed completely, not a soul would deny that. Though we all internally pray for Bala to conceive and gain freedom from this second marriage issue. And no, the looks exchanged between Flatyus and Lena were not unnoticed. As for how the things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if Lena comes out to be deceiving everyone until now. Or maybe change sides. But an important doubt remains, has Yavlak really repented? What proof do we have or Osman has that he won't sell out Osman to Geyhatu like he sold out Dündar bey and Savci to Nikola? 


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