First Look: 'Kara Tahta' on TRT1!


TRT1 has reteamed with their frequent collaborators US Yapım (Elimi Birakma, Benim Adim Melek), for a brand new series entitled Kara Tahta. 

After a long pre-production phase, filming of the series is officially underway, with actors Furkan Andıç, Miray Daner, Cengiz Bozkurt set to star.

Kara Tahta is being directed by Ender Mihlar, with Erkan Birgören penning the script.

The series follows Atlas (Furkan), a math teacher assigned to teach at the school he was bullied when he was younger. There, he reunites with his ex Irmak (Miray). A coincidence? Maybe not!

Kara Tahta debuts really soon on TRT1!


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