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Benim Adım Melek: Season 2, Episode 18 (46) Recap

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Zümrüt arrives at the Karadag mansion to return Ömer’s ring. She feels that Ömer growing more distant rather than closer and by returning the ring and calling the engagement off, it will prevent Ömer continually torturing himself to remember and stop Defne's least that's how she is justifying her brazen act. When and if Ömer’s memory returns and he wants to continue his relationship with Defne, they can look at things again she says. Nefise Hala, Melek, and Kadriye are shocked at Zümrüt's actions and Nefise angrily tells Zümrüt that what she is doing is wrong.  

Melek tries to comfort Defne and tells her that the ring being returned does not mean the engagement is off; that Zümrüt only did that to take the pressure off Ömer. Defne refuses to believe her mother. Defne tells her mother that she saw Gülşat and Ömer together in the park and when she wanted to join them, Gülşat signaled her to stay away. Defne says she will not wait for Ömer to fall in love with Gülşat.  

Kerem’s coach is waiting for them to hand over their phones. Kerem tells the coach that their teammates had made a joke video and there are some bad words in there so it would be better the coach doesn’t look at their phones. He warns them to take their training seriously.  

Gülşat tries to encourage Ömer to speak with Defne. Ömer doesn’t seem to pay much attention to her words, he is anxiously trying to find out where Defne’s diary is and shouting at all and sundry to find it. Vildan can’t believe her sweet, quiet son has turned into this angry stranger. Gülşat tries to reassure her that it is still the same Ömer it’s just he is upset about the diary. Vildan asks Zümrüt if she has seen the diary and Zümrüt pleading ignorance asks “what diary?”.  

Emre expects Kerem to thank him for saving him. Kerem tells him that Emre was saving himself. Emre warns Kerem that if he continues with these betting matches, he will end his career and Kerem says he’s finished with all that.  

Mithat, Mahmut, and Zeynel are talking about Kenan and Alpay and how every problem seems to emanate from them. Cumali enters the conversation and tells them that they have to stick together. Mahmut decides to invite everyone for dinner including Zeynel since he is now considered part of the family as the prospective husband of Ünzile.  

Defne bumps into Gülşat on her walk and angrily confronts her. She accuses her of playing a game and tells her she is not fooling anyone except Zumrut. Gülşat tells her that Ömer is very upset that he can’t remember their relationship and is angry at himself..that was why she signaled Defne away in the park because he is not ready to see Defne yet. Gülşat tried to explain that she encouraged Ömer to talk to Defne but she won’t hear any of it. Defne tells her the engagement was called off because of Gülşat and further accuses her of trying to attract Ömer’s interest. She tells Gülşat to go back to where she came from and that Ömer only needs Defne and his family.

Cumali comes across Defne crying in the street. She tells him that the engagement has been called off and Zümrüt can tell him all about that. Cumali heads off home angrily to confront the chief trouble maker.  

Gülşat decides to return home and tells Ömer that she has to go because she received news that her aunt is very sick and needs her help. Vildan wishes her well and thanks to her for all that she did for Ömer. Gülşat tells Ömer that she is sure he will remember everything and he is lucky to have such a great family. Zümrüt arrives to find out Gülşat is leaving.  

Banu has found a house that she likes. Mithat arrives and they tell him the good news. He tells them to get ready as they’re invited for dinner with the family. Seyran says she is the night duty pharmacy and can’t leave; that her assistant hasn’t passed the final exam so can’t do the duty on her own. Mithat insists she can at which point Banu interferes and explains as if to a child that this is a health situation and that is not a kebab shop. Mithat is not happy with her belittling him.  

Zümrüt is not happy that Gülşat is leaving. She tells Gülşat that Ömer trusts and has faith only in Gülşat. She asks Gülşat to go and see her aunt and then come back. Gülşat tries to explain that Ömer will get better on his own but Zümrüt still insists that the friendship between Ömer and Gülşat would make Ömer well. She asks for Gülşat’s phone number so they can keep in contact.  

Kenan is standing on a hilltop reflecting on how he met Vildan and the bond he felt between them. He recalls her kindness as well as her last words telling him not to call her or come near her again, that she cannot think of anything except her son getting well.  

Cumali is angry with Zümrüt and tells her off for returning Ömer ’s ring and calling off the engagement. She tells him that she did it so Ömer would not continue being confused and upset. Ömer, upset at their arguing gets up angrily and storms off into his room. Zümrüt feels like this is confirmation that she is right and seeing that Cumali is not backing down, changes her tack and says Defne is devastated and it’s not fair to her keeping the engagement going.  

At the Karadağ mansion, Kadriye once again causes upset. Noticing the absence of Seyran she comments that it’s a shame Mithat doesn’t know anything about medicines so he could help Seyran just like she is helping Mahmut at the shop. Mahmut puts her in her place by telling her she can’t compare Seyran’s job with hers. Kadriye then put in another barb by saying how nice that Mithat is childminding while Seyran works and what a great father he’s being. Unfortunately at this point, Gulce (Seyran’s daughter) announces that Mithat is not her father. Mithat’s face falls, Kadriye actually shows some regret at the outcome of her comments and an awkward silence ensues. 

Halil calls Melek and on hearing her voice insists she tells him what's wrong. She tells him that Zümrüt came and broke off the engagement between Defne and Ömer. She says she understands why Zümrüt did this but that it has devastated Defne. He said he will find out what’s going on and that she should not worry. Halil angrily explains to Mirza what his mother has done and questions why his mother thinks she knows the best for everyone. He tells Mirza that if his mother thinks she is going to do to Ömer what she did to Halil with Meryem, that she has another thing coming.  

Mithat is angry at Kadriye and her comments. He is also upset that Seyran didn’t come with him. Kadriye made it sound as though he was good for nothing. Melek tries to calm him down and reminds him that Kadriye never thinks before she speaks. The important thing is the love he and Seyran share and the family they have created. Mithat is not sure that Seyran sees this. He says Banu interferes in everything they discuss and causes conflict between them. Furthermore, she doesn’t think that Mithat is right for Seyran. She doesn’t come out right and say this but constantly implies it. Melek tells him that if Banu is a real friend, she will see how much he and Seyran love each other.  

Upstairs Kadriye is now recounting to Mahmut what Zümrüt did. Nefise tells her to stop talking about everything. She will find out all there is to know about whose decision it was that Zümrüt give back the ring.  

Vildan and Cumali discuss Defne. Vildan tells Cumali about the missing diary and how it upset Ömer.  Zümrüt joins them and gets annoyed that they are still talking about the diary. At this point Cumali remembers catching Zümrüt hiding something and her passing it off as if it was his diet book. He looks in the cupboard where he saw her put the book but she has obviously moved it and accuses them of having lost their minds to think she had taken the diary. Cumali tells Zümrüt that he does not doubt she is not Ömer’s enemy but he cannot be sure of her motives when it comes to Defne. He warns her not to try and block Ömer and Defne’s relationship and Zümrüt assures him that she thinks about Ömer’s happiness more than any of them..which is her clever way of avoiding the issue.  

Halil comes home and confronts Zümrüt about what she did to nullify Ömer’s promise of marriage to Defne.  Zümrüt says all she did was give back the ring that Ömer had taken off. Halil reminds her that no-one told her to go to the Karadag’s and give them that ring. He warns her not to attempt a fait accomplice with Ömer and Gulsat like she did with Meryem and himself.  Zümrüt innocently asks him where he got that idea from and Halil who knows his mother well tells her that he may be wrong but in any case, she shouldn’t get any ideas in that direction.  

Ünzile and Zeynel are chatting together in the courtyard. He feels sorry that she has to work so hard. He says he admires the way Kadriye and Mahmut work so nicely together and he hopes that they will be just like that.  Zeynel dreams of the day they are married and living in their own house.  

Kadriye, having learned nothing earlier in the evening, asks Mithat when he is going back to working on his food truck. Mithat tells her that he is very happy with his life and perhaps he will stay at the kebab shop and never go back to the truck. Mahmut tells Kadriye that maybe she shouldn’t interfere in their work and Kadriye says everyone should maybe work in their own business. Nefise Hala asks Kadriye how she can talk like that. Mithat asks Kadriye to be clear what she means and she tells him that Seyit Ali gave them the shop but now Mithat has come to work there, he bought Seyran the Pharmacy and paid of their debits so all is wonderful in Mithat’s world. Mahmut gets mad at Kadriye and Nefise Hala reminds her that they have not died yet and asks why she’s dividing property and sowing enmity between the two brothers. Mithat gets up to go. Nefise Hala tells Kadriye off once and for all and goes to her room.  

In her room, Nefise Hala gets a call with bad news. She is shocked at what the caller has to say and faints just after she asks “he died?”.  

Kadriye still doesn’t understand what she did wrong. She thinks that everyone is misunderstanding her and tells Mahmut that she was just trying to protect his share of the business. Mahmut tells her to be quiet, that he knows what her intent was and that she hurt Mithat badly. While they’re arguing Beyhan finds Nefise Hala and calls the family to come and help. They cannot revive her and call Mithat to bring Seyran over to help.  

Kenan who is still reeling from being rejected by Vildan, the one who made him reconnect with his good side, is sitting amongst the homeless youth for whom he bought food. He is advising them to turn their lives around; that once you take the wrong road, no-one believes good can come from you. He is basically ruing what happened to him.  

Seyran tells the family that Nefise Hala’s blood pressure dropped but she will soon recover. Mahmut is blaming Kadriye for stressing out Nefise Hala and she is feeling very guilty.  

Walking home, Mithat tells Seyran about Kadriye’s comments and her jealousy over Seyran having the Pharmacy. Perhaps realizing they need time on their own he suggests that they send Banu home with Gülce and Mithat will stay on duty with Seyran at the pharmacy.  

Halil and Cumali discuss work at the copper studio as well as Ömer’s situation. Cumali tells Halil that a specialist doctor will be coming home to work with Ömer. Just then Ömer comes in and asks if he can come to the Han and help make Baklava with Cumali which pleases Cumali, Halil and Vildan very much.  

Early in the morning before everyone wakes up, Nefise Hala leaves the mansion.  

At the Han Alpay tries to call Kerem but gets no answer. He then calls Funda in Germany who says she is in the hospital room with her mother and can’t talk. He shuts the phone and says under his breath that if anything happens to their child, she’ll see what he’ll do to her.  

Ömer finds his cell phone but doesn’t know the pin number. Vildan suggests it could be Defne’s birthday which Omer can’t remember. He says he can’t call her after he shouted at her so much. He says it could have been in the diary but now that’s lost. As Zumrut comes into the room, Cumali tells the housekeeper that if they have to turn the house upside down, they have to find the diary. Zumrut says it’s possible that Defne took the diary but Omer questions why Defne would do that since she was the one who gave him the diary.   Halil suggests that Vildan return to teach at the copper studio which results in much under the breath grumbling from Zümrüt. Cumali tells her it’s a good thing that everyone is doing their work and that it’s as it should be.  

Mithat and Seyran are joined by Banu as they are about to go out. She tells them that the prospective house looks promising and they will be neighbors. Mithat quotes an old saying of his aunt’s which states “even if you are brothers/sisters, keep at least one street distance from each other”. Banu retaliates with “distance is good but brotherhood/friendship is even better”. Mithat is about to rejoin with another saying when Seyran tells them it’s time for work.  

Kadriye shows Ünzile some of the items still unused from her trousseau and asks if she would like them. Ünzile says it appears marriage is very far away in her future. Kadriye tells her she will talk to Zeynel.  

Walking in town with his uncle and grandfather, Omer is surprised to see how well they are known by the traders. They explain how generations of their families were born there. Cumali explains his friendship from birth with Seyit Ali and Omer asks Halil if he was married. Halil tells him that it’s a long story. Melek meets up with them and Ömer can tell from the way Halil and Melek look at each other that this is his uncle’s special relationship. They head to the copper studio for tea.  

Nefise Hala arrives at the village where she meets up with the young lady who called her.  

Ömer, Halil, Cumali, and Melek arrive at the copper studio where Mirza is playing a musical instrument. They tell Ömer that it is their custom to get together and play instruments and sing. Mirza suggests they get together at the hilltop house that evening. Halil invites Melek to come too and Cumali suggests Defne do so as well and it’s agreed.   Mirza shows Ömer how to engrave the copper. Halil meanwhile tells Melek that Ömer does not know that Zümrüt called off the engagement and that he spoke with Cumali and as far as they are concerned, the engagement is still in effect and she should bring Defne to the hilltop gathering later that night. He tells Melek that Ömer is slowly joining them in daily life and he believes things will get back to normal quicker than they think.   Ömer asks Halil if he didn’t get married to Melek because of him and Defne. He said that is a long story and has nothing to do with Ömer and Defne’s relationship. He tells Ömer that he and Defne had a very strong love for each other and had a great future together.  

At the Han, Alpay introduces himself to Ömer with fake joviality and friendliness and is rescued just in time by Cumali who takes Ömer back to the baklava shop. Cumali then calls Defne and invites her to the Han to see Ömer. He tells her that until and unless Ömer says otherwise, the engagement is still on plus Gülşat has gone now so it’s only they who are left to help Ömer. She agrees to come.  

Kenan spots Vildan walking in the street and runs after her. He wonders why she sounded so upset on the phone and asks if he had done something to upset her. She told him that their talks together revolved around their children and their pain; that there could never be anything else to their relationship. He tells her that he has only ever thought about her wellbeing. Vildan says that if his care and consideration is true, he should use it towards everyone, not just her. If that were to be his path, life will definitely put someone in his path to share it with, but this person is not her. Kenan gives her the list of doctors he found for Ömer. Vildan tells him that he shouldn’t use this to try and create something between them; that it can never be. He grabs her arm gently as she walks away but this is misunderstood by Halil walking nearby. Halil grabs Kenan by the collar and despite Vildan trying to interject, he drags Kenan down the road.  

Defne arrives at the Han and Alpay wants to sit and chat with her. First, he tells Defne that he’d just seen Ömer who has lost his mind. She brings to his attention that it’s his memory that’s gone, not his mind. Then he questions whether they are forcing her to work since she can’t cook and Defne tells him that a lot has changed since he’s been gone from their lives. He tells her that Funda has gone to Germany temporarily and that soon they will have a brother or sister. Defne says she hopes her sibling will be lucky and this goes right over the grinning, clueless Alpay’s head.  

Halil pushes Kenan against the wall and asks him what kind of man he is that would let his son loose on Defne, that would destroy his son with his own hands and if that were not enough, caused trouble at the Han for Cumali and Seyit Ali, stood behind Alpay and allowed him to attack them and now “are you directing your attention to our family?”. What do you want with Vildan? Kenan responds by saying that Halil thinks all the bad that happened is because of him but he doesn’t know the truth. He starts to say that he has no bad intentions towards Vildan but Halil won’t let him finish; he tells Kenan not to utter Vildan’s name. Kenan tells Halil that since he’s being called to account, he should be allowed to explain. He tells Halil that his feelings for Vildan were earnest but remain in his heart; that she never reciprocated in any way and in fact put a barrier between them. This he said, made him realize where he stands. Halil is unforgiving and drags Kenan away.  

Vildan tells Melek that there’d been a confrontation between Halil and Kenan. She explained that even though she’d told Kenan hundreds of times to stop calling or trying to contact her when he came across her in the street he was insistent to talk. Halil saw them and attacked Kenan. Vildan is concerned the Halil will think badly of her but Melek assures her that Halil knows Vildan very well. Vildan explains how she and Kenan helped each other following Ömer’s near-death experience; both of them were lonely and experienced a lot of painful episodes in the life and were able to comfort each other but she knew it was impossible for there to be a relationship.  

Defne arrives at the baklava shop and is greeted warmly by Cumali and Ömer also seems happy to see her. They go to sit outside for lunch together and Ömer is feeling comfortable with them.   Halil arrives at the Han courtyard dragging Kenan with him. He announces to all present that anyone who talks to or does business with Kenan will not be a friend of the Şirhan family. Halil’s anger has made him humiliate Kenan in a most un-Halil like manner. Kenan also un-typically does not try and stop Halil.  

Alpay is angered by what Halil did to Kenan and asks Kenan why he’s not fighting back and pointing out how Halil has stained Kenan’s reputation. Kenan threatens to kill  Alpay if he says one more word and tells him to leave him alone.  

Nefise Hala arrives at a village house to which she had been directed in the phone call. She is met by a young woman and introduces herself as Nefise Siret. Having presumed until now that Nefise was unmarried, the fact that she is not a Karadağ opens up other possibilities.  

At the Karadağ mansion, Beyhan is concerned about the absence of Nefise.  

Defne and Ömer are enjoying time together over their meal. Kadriye is gossiping about what could have led Halil to humiliate Kenan in front of everyone. Mithat tells her that Kenan is involved in so many underhanded dealings that it could be anything. Mahmut tells her to mind her own business.  

Kadriye on the pretext of wanting to buy some aromatics takes Zeynel to task for not having done anything about the wedding with Ünzile. She asks if he is leading her on and tells him that there are many men interested in Ünzile and if he is not, they will proceed accordingly. This works as expected and sets a fire under Zeynel.  

Cumali questions why Halil caused such a fracas with Kenan even though he trusts that Halil had a good reason. As Ömer enters the shop, Cumali tells him to call Defne and they can all make baklava together so they finish on time. Ömer is being warm and friendly towards Defne and the ice is definitely melting.  

Ünzile speaks with Zeynel and he affirms his love for her and that he was wrong to delay wedding plans. He promises to give her the best wedding anyone has ever had.  and will talk with Seyit Ali as soon as he returns.  

Sami (the betting match organizer) visits Kerem’s training camp. He tells the coach that he’s seen a great footballer who plays evening matches that would be perfect for the Antep team. He pretends to suddenly spot Kerem and remarks what a coincidence that the same player is actually on the team and points out Kerem. The coach calls Kerem over and without much ado, fires him on the spot.  

Banu tells Seyran that she has signed the contract for the house but it needs some electrical work. Mithat offers to do what’s necessary and they agree to meet at the house.  

Ömer and Defne are walking back home together. He apologizes for having shouted at her the other night and explains that he’s angry at himself not at her. Defne also apologizes for pressuring him.  He tells her that he understands and he is so glad that she kept a diary; it has given him a lot of comforts. She tells him the love between them is very strong and very real and she will tell him all about it slowly without pressure. He asks her what her birthday is and explains that he thinks he would have used it for his pin number. They try it but it doesn’t work. They reach the Şirhan mansion and Ömer thanks Defne for everything. Zümrüt opens the door and her face falls at seeing Defne. She thanks Defne for taking the trouble to bring Ömer home and slams the door in her face.  

In the sitting room at the Şirhan mansion, Zümrüt comments that Ömer is looking very happy. Ömer tells her that they went to the copper studio and made plans to go to the hilltop house that evening with Halil and Mirza.  At the mention that Melek and Defne would be going too, Zümrüt’s face falls. He asks her if he always used to go to Cumali’s baklava shop and she tells him that he would always go after school, not to work, just to be together with Cumali. He asks Zümrüt if Defne always used to cook at her grandfather’s restaurant and Zümrüt scoffs at the thought as she tells him Defne doesn’t know anything about cooking. Ömer tells her she is wrong, they ate some very good food that day which had been prepared by Defne. Zümrüt is not liking all this warm talk of Defne.  She suggests to Omer that he spends some time apart from Defne; that even if it’s not intended, she's trying to force him too much to remember.  

As soon as Ömer goes to his room to prepare for the Doctor’s arrival, Zümrüt calls Gulsat. She tells Gülşat that Ömer is not doing well at all since her departure; that he is angry and locking himself in his room. He won’t eat or talk to the family whereas when she was here, he was starting to warm to them. She continues lying by saying he has nightmares and sometimes calls out Gülşat's name in his sleep.  She asks Gülşat to come and be with Ömer at least until he gets better.  

At the copper studio, Halil tells Vildan that he knows that she did nothing to encourage Kenan.

Melek asks Halil what she talked about with Kenan. He tells her they didn’t talk and that from now on there must be no dealings, even peripherally with Kenan or anyone he recommends.  

Kerem confronts Sami outside the training camp. Sami tells him that his father wouldn’t let the matter go and that was why they escalated matters. He tells Kenan to come and work with him now that he has no job.  

Ünzile and Kadriye are discussing how Zeynel quickly came around to wedding plans once Kadriye spoke to him. Beyhan tells them that Nefise Hala is missing since the morning.  

Mirza arrives at the copper studio with bags of supplies. He tells Melek that he’s made agreements with lots of shops to buy their products. Melek receives a call from Beyhan about the missing Nefise Hala and rushes off home. Halil arrives and pours cold water over Mirza’s excitement about the new work; apparently, the shops were all recommended by Kenan. Mirza tells Halil that Kenan has networked with everyone in their area and according to Halil’s logic they can do business with no-one. Halil very unreasonably tells Mirza to return all the business he obtained and that they will not work with anyone referred by Kenan.  

Mithat puts the finishing touch on a lamp he connected for Banu in her new home. Banu tells Seyran that she will make one of the rooms in her house Gülce’s room and another one for Seyran. Mithat overhears this and asks why there should be a need for a room for Seyran since she has a home.  Seyran tells him it's an old custom they had...for some unknown reason it's only Mithat and us that thinks it's not normal.

Ünzile gives Melek Nefise Hala’s phone which had fallen under the bed. They call the most recent number of contact and find out from the young woman where Nefise Hala is. Melek heads off to pick her up.  

Alpay asks Kenan what is wrong. He tells him that Halil saw Vildan and him together. What’s it got to do with Halil says Alpay. Kenan says that if Vildan had not refused him, Halil could do nothing but she doesn’t want him. Alpay warns him not to give up the vendetta with the whole family because of this and blames Kenan for falling in love and forgetting his mission. He tells Kenan that he made the biggest mistake of his life trying to become a family member of the Karadag’s, why would the Sirhan’s accept Kenan?   Kerem arrives at the Han yelling his father’s name. He tells Alpay he is fed up with losing the things he loves because of Alpay, that once again he got him thrown out of the team. Alpay doesn’t seem to understand what he did wrong. He asks him if he should have let them get away with threatening Kerem. Kerem asks him why he interfered in something that had already been dealt with by his uncle and Halil. This brings Alpay to the boil as he asks who the hell is Halil and reminds Kerem that he is his father. Kerem tells him he wished he didn’t have Alpay as a father to which Alpay raises his fist towards Kerem only to be stopped by Cumali who tells him that love and respect is not achieved by the force of a fist…go Cumali! He further tells him that he ruined everything for his son with his own hands and now he’s trying to punch him out too!  

Alpay joins Kenan and says that once again they think he’s guilty when all he tried to do was help his son. Kenan tells him he’s tired of saying “I told you so” but that he’ll say it again. “Didn’t I tell you to leave it to his Uncle and his grandfather to deal with it, to stay far from the matter?”. “I told you they won’t let Kerem be affected, but what did you do?” Kenan’s coup de grace was to tell Alpay that Cumali was right, that Alpay ruined his son with his own hands.   Angered by Kenan’s words Alpay tells him that he should look at himself and how he can’t show his face in the community from now on. Kenan tells him that he’s right, that until he met up with Alpay, his life was straightforward, smooth, and successful. If he could go back in time, he would have passed Alpay by in the street without a greeting…at least then, his son would still be alive and he wouldn’t be suffering the pain and losses he’s enduring. And Alpay would have drowned in the pit of his own making, a long time ago. Kenan calls Idris and tells him to close the shop, all his businesses, and accounts in Antep; that this chapter is over and done with.  

Kadriye and Defne are talking about Nefise Hala. They can’t understand why she had gone to that village. Kadriye asks about Ömer. Defne mentions they couldn’t find the pin for his phone and Kadriye wonders if it might not be the date Defne and Ömer met. She suggests that Defne takes Ömer some of the cookies they made and go tell him the date personally.  

At the Han, Kerem, Mahmut and Cumali are talking about what Alpay did and Kerem being thrown out of the team. Kerem knows how upset his mother and Seyit Ali will be. Mahmut gets a call from Kadriye telling him about the Nefise Hala and that Melek has gone to pick her up. Mahmut is mad that they didn’t tell him before. As Cumali is asking how a grown woman like Nefise could be lost, Seyit Ali arrives unannounced to overhear Cumali’s question. He angrily enquires where Nefise could be and, presumably to introduce unnecessary drama, rudely asks Cumali if he hadn’t left his family under Cumali’s care.  Further dramatic looks are exchanged as Seyit Ali repeatedly asks Mahmut where Nefise is.  

At the village, Melek is brought to the gravesite at which Nefise Hala is mourning the death of someone called Mehmet Kaya.


Zümrüt is anxious to know what the Doctor and Ömer talked about but he has not come out of his room. A knock at the door brings Defne in with her cookies and we get to see another sour expression from Zümrüt.  Ömer comes out of his room just as Zümrüt is asking Defne why she is ignoring the doctor’s orders and putting pressure on Ömer. Ömer tells her that Defne is not putting any pressure on him. Vildan hands him the cookies and they jog a slight memory in Ömer for whom their smell and taste seem familiar. He asks Defne how she knew and she tells him that she knows everything about him, all his favorite meals, what kind of a hero he is, and that he wanted to be a heart surgeon. She suggests she might also know what his pin number is. She enters the date they met into the phone and it works. Ömer tells her it feels like he had the password to the world.  A knock on the door brings and end to this lovely scene as Gülşat returns and Zümrüt has the look of a cat who swallowed the canary. 

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