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Benim Adım Melek : Season 2. Episode 17 (45)

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The opening scene features Cumali apologizing for Ömer’s angry outburst towards everyone and especially Defne. While Defne is crying uncontrollably, Zümrüt with her usual lack of compassion tells them that they are at fault for constantly pressuring him to remember them.  

Kerem and Mithat are pulled away from the fight with the match fixers; Kerem will now have to explain what he’s been up to.  

Alpay wants confirmation from Funda that she is pregnant. Funda meanwhile is angry that Melek let the cat out of the bag despite the fact that Alpay explained that it was only her criticism of his parenting skills that made her suggest he try harder with the child they’re expecting which made him think Funda was pregnant.  

Kerem does not want Melek to find out about the fight and Mithat tells him to stay with them tonight so she doesn’t see his face roughed up. Mithat is pressuring Kerem to tell him the truth about the fight.  

Mirza and Halil are discussing Ömer and Defne and how difficult it is for Defne at her young age to come to terms with the situation. As they discuss all the things that have been happening to their families lately, they come across Kerem and Mithat. They question the state both of them are in and the story comes out.  

Cumali is telling Zümrüt off for being so rude as to lecture everyone about how Ömer should be treated. Zümrüt says in that case Defne should have sat there quietly instead of pressuring Omer. Cumali reminds her that Defne is young and inexperienced and Zümrüt should be more understanding. He further reminds her that Seyit Ali left the Karadağ family in his care and he won’t have anyone upsetting them. Zümrüt retorts that she doesn’t care who is upset or not.   Zümrüt tells Gülşat that Ömer needs her and hopes that she will be by his side so that he can be comfortable and at peace at home.   Ömer is reading Defne’s diary passages; he seems to be feeling empathy towards her for the first time.  

Defne explains to Melek that she had not intended to hurt or upset Ömer, she had just wanted to help him remember. Melek asks her to try and see it from Ömer’s side. He is feeling overwhelmed by everyone’s attention and impatience that he remember them. It makes him angry at himself that he can’t remember.  

Alpay tells Funda that he really wants a child and he promises he will be the best father. Funda tells him that she has seen him with Seyit Ali in Germany and knows what he’s like. She further says it’s too late for them to realize their dreams; that he’s constantly getting himself into trouble and therefore that particular ship has sailed. He insists that he’s going to prove to her that he will be a good father. 

Seyran is patching up Mithat and Kerem and agrees not to tell Melek anything per Kerem’s request. Banu put her nose in where it’s not wanted and says Melek will find out any way. Kerem can see that there no love lost between her and Mithat. Mithat warns Kerem that if the club hear about his playing for money, they will throw him out of the team and cancel his contract.  

Cumali finds Omer sleeping outside in the courtyard. He thinks back to the emotional days before Omer was leaving for the army and is saddened by Omer’s state. He has a heart to heart with Omer and tells him that a person has two types of memory; in the brain and in the heart. It is the heart, which once it feels something, never forgets that feeling and Omer should rest assured that his feelings will come back to him.


Mithat explained to Seyran that his father had asked him to help out at the Kebab shop whilst he is away. Seyran is disappointed that it’s not permanent. He told her that he’d tried to pay back his father some of the money they owed but his father wouldn’t accept it. Mithat gave Seyran the money to use for the house even though the income from the pharmacy is sufficient to meet their needs. This was said with a little irony and it’s not lost on Seyran; she knows he feels “less than” for not being the main breadwinner.  

Ömer explains to Gülşat that according to Defne’s diary, they had gone through a lot to be together and Gülşat says that is probably why Defne tried so hard to get Ömer to remember. He would like to visit some of the places Defne mentions in her diary in case it brings back some memories. He asks Gülşat to come with him.  

Nefise Hala sees Defne sitting morosely around and suggests to Kadriye that she cook up some vegetarian dishes for the shop and Defne can help.  Although Defne doesn’t want to do this at all, she can’t find a way to refuse.  

Zümrüt explains the various places around town where Gülşat and Ömer should go. She sees them off in the happy hopes that something will come of this togetherness.  

Alpay is going overboard with the father bit and is busy preparing a full breakfast for Funda. He says he’ll also cook dinner every night if she’ll just give him directions. She tells him to stop as he’s acting like someone he’s not.  

Mahmut arrives at the kebab shop where Mithat is busy barbequing. He starts acting the boss and stresses to Cumali that Mithat is just helping out whilst their father is away. Mithat is slightly perplexed at Mahmut’s manner.  

At the copper studio the children sent by Kenan arrive for their lessons together with the older ones in training as apprentices. Mithat is relieved that business is coming back to normal when an antique dealer arrives to introduce himself to them. He expresses his desire and that of the other market place businesses to support the copper studio in times of their trouble. At this point Halil is not aware that all this uptick in business is due to Kenan.  

Ömer and Gülşat are at the riverside location where he and Defne had previously enjoyed some great times. He wishes he could remember anything. Gülşat is very encouraging and tries to curb his impatience. She tells him she is certain he will regain all his lost memories. She wonders whether he should have come with Defne but he says it’s too early.  

Kadriye is in the kitchen supervising her assistants Defne and Unzille whereas she’s supposed to be the chief cook. Unaccustomed as she is to actually doing any work, she is put out when Nefise Hala suggests she sit whilst chopping/preparing the vegetables.   Ünzille goes out to the courtyard to see her mother and feels sorry that thanks to Kadriye’s new project, she has no time to help her mother with the housework. Ünzille brings up the fact that everyone has forgotten that her wedding to Zeynel was to be planned unaware that Nefise Hala is right behind her. Nefise hala tells Reyhan that they have not forgotten and will take care of everything as soon as Seyit Ali is back. 

Mithat tells Mahmut about the trouble Kerem is in. Mahmut as usual over-reacts and he starts ranting and raving about what Kerem did. Halil comes and joins in the conversation and Mahmut gets upset all over again that he is the last to know. At that point Cumali hearing all the commotion comes to see what it’s all about and Kerem’s secret is now shared amongst all of them.  

Ömer continues to be troubled at not remembering anything, especially his relationship with Defne. At last he shows some sympathy by asking Gülşat to imagine how Defne must be suffering knowing how much they went through and how much they loved each other and seeing him unable to react to her. He feels that he has no right to do this to her, no right to let her keep hoping.  

Zümrüt tells Vildan she understands Defne however perhaps everything that happened to Omer is a blessing in disguise. They became a couple against everyone’s wishes and perhaps now they need to put some distance between them. Vildan is shocked at Zümrüt’s cold-heartedness.  

The Antique dealer comes to Kenan’s shop to inform him that he met with Halil to establish a business relationship and he feels that it will be mutually beneficial. Alpay overhears this and questions what Kenan is doing behind his back. Kenan tells him there is nothing for him to know at this point but he will be sure to inform him if there is. Alpay then announces that he’s going to be a father.  

Halil and Mirza are discussing Kerem’s involvement in the fixed match situation and the trouble the organizers pose for Kerem. Halil says he can’t officially report it to the police as Melek would find out but he will speak with his friend Commissioner Murat. Just then, Melek walks in and invites Halil upstairs for a moment.

Kenan straight shooting as always says to Alpay “so you’re going to be a father this time..since the last 3 times you couldn’t manage it”.  Alpay tells him that when the twins were born he was too young and when little Seyit Ali was born, his relationship with Melek was over anyway. This time is different he says, everyone will be faced with an Alpay they’ve never seen before.  

Kerem comes to the Han looking for Mithat. Mahmut tells Kerem that Mithat went to fix the problems Kerem created and he starts scolding Kerem for his actions. Cumali hears the commotion and joins the fray with his own reprimands. He reminds Kerem that Seyit Ali arranged for him to join the Antep team and Kerem should have been making him proud, not taking part in something illegal. Kerem says he didn’t do it willingly. Alpay never one to miss some action comes to see what all the shouting is about and decides to play the Dad card. Cumali tells him to go about his business and there’s nothing to concern him. Alpay says he’s the father and Kerem is his business..then sees Kerem’s bruised face.  Cumali tells Alpay that Kerem was involved in matches where gambling took place at which point Mithat arrives on the scene. Kerem sarcastically thanks his uncle for having told everyone.  

At the copper studio Melek calls Halil upstairs where to show him the new canvas she purchased to replace the one damaged by the thieves. He looks at her with love and is touched by her thoughtfulness. She wants to continue together what they had previously started and thanks him for giving her hope, for always being there for her. She is tearful and tells Halil that he was the one who kept her attached to life. He said it’s because they believe in each other; they’ve had lots of issues to face but they’ve met everyone of them head on.  

Alpay tells Kenan that he has to fix things for Kerem. Kenan tells him that his uncles will take care of the matter and they’ve already told him to butt out. Alpay says everyone is attacking his fathering abilities and he’s going to show them.  

Halil asks Melek how Defne is doing. She says that Defne is worried that even if Ömer’s memory comes back, their relationship will not be the same plus she is concerned that Ömer will get close to Gülşat.  

Kenan arrives at the copper studio to visit the children he is sponsoring. Halil at this point is not happy to discover that they are beholden to Kenan for their students and that Melek knew of his connection and hadn’t told him. She tries to explain that there had been no time. Kenan explains that the kids are orphans and he takes care of their expenses and educational costs. Halil asks Kenan what his real purpose is for bringing the kids and Kenan reiterates that he is looking after their best interests.   Halil continues to question Melek as to how she accepted Kenan’s help and stresses that nothing good comes from that man. Melek defends her decision stating that the important thing is that the kids are orphans and they are being provided for. Mirza tries to get each to see the other’s point. Halil is concerned that using the kids as an excuse Kenan will have easy access to the copper studio and coming so quickly on the heels of the artifacts being placed there make this a huge concern going forward.  Funda arrives to see Melek and witnesses them arguing. Mirza tries to calm Halil down.


Funda says she is not there to argue but she is not happy that Melek told Alpay about her being pregnant when that’s something she herself would have preferred to tell him. Melek apologizes sincerely and says she blurted it out in anger because of Alpays poor fathering of their children. Funda tells her that an apology does not change the fact that Melek took away her right to be the bearer of this life changing news.  

Mithat tries to advise Mahmut about keeping stock levels correctly but Mahmut tells him that their father gave him the shop and therefore he doesn’t want any advice as to how to run the business. Kadriye arrives and also mentions that now the shop belongs to Mahmut, she has come to give support and has made vegetarian dishes to sell alongside the kebabs.  

Defne arrives at the Han and Cumali does his best to comfort her over what happened the previous evening. Defne apologizes and says she did not want to upset them or Ömer. Cumali says they themselves are just like her where Ömer is concerned. He repeats his talk with Ömer about the heart not forgetting.  He tells her not to be scared, that everything will work out.  

Gülşat and Ömer are at the Bazaar. Various shopkeepers hail him and he responds politely although he has no recollection who they are. The old lady friend of Nefise Hala spots them and stops to speak to them. She looks warily and somewhat disapprovingly at Gülşat knowing as she does that Ömer is engaged to Defne but unaware that Ömer has lost his memory.  

Commissioner Murat tells Halil that he has spoken to various people on the street and warned them not to touch Kerem in any way. Halil explains that they have not told Melek as they don’t want to worry her.  

Ömer and Gülşat come to the Han and visit Cumali. He gives Ömer a lesson in making baklava. They go to sit at the Kebab shop when Kadriye comes up eager to let them taste her vegetarian offerings. In her usual unaware manner she talks excitedly about Defne’s help with the preparation of the food and tells Ömer how lucky he is that he’ll be well fed once they’re married. Everyone looks at her in discomfort but Kadriye is oblivious of people’s reactions.  

Banu visits Seyran at the Pharmacy and again tries to make Seyran doubt her reactions to Mithat. Banu says Mithat must know what happened to Kerem but won’t say. Seyran tells her that Mithat will tell her when he is ready and Banu looks at her like she’s out of her mind.  

Kenan comes upon Ömer and Gülşat. He realizes that Ömer is not in a good place and doesn’t recognize him. He calls Idris to find some top doctors.  

Banu visits Kenan’s Antique shop and starts talking with Alpay. Kenan returns to the store and tells Alpay that he just saw Ömer and he has no memory of anything. Alpay says that’s good, now he won’t remember Defne either and they can go their separate ways plus then there will be no obstacles to Kenan’s relationship with Vildan. Kenan looks at him disgustedly and says “is that what you took out this situation?”. “I am telling you that as a human being, Ömer’s situation has upset me and all you are interested in is gaining something from it”. Alpay warns him that one day his conscience is going to be the end of him. Banu interrupts as she is interested in a candelabra. Alpay quotes her an inflated price.  

Seyran is seated at the Kebab shop talking with Kadriye who mentions that now the shop is theirs she is getting great enjoyment in preparing vegetarian dishes to complement the meat dishes. Seyran does not miss the emphasis on it being Kadriye and Mahmut’s store. Mithat brings the kebabs to the table and asks where Banu is. Finding out that she is in Alpay’s store he heads over there and manhandles her out of the shop. She does not take kindly to Mithat’s manner until Seyran explains who Alpay is and why they don’t want her shopping there.  

In the meantime Zeynel and Unzille are enjoying tea with each other and discussing how life will be when they are married. Unzille is determined to continue working and is not impressed with Zeynel’s suggestion that she works with him in the shop.  

Banu and Seyran are impressed with Kadriye’s vegetarian dishes and her excitement at being in business. Mahmut requests Mithat to tell Seyran not to encourage Kadriye. He explains that his only peace is at work and if Kadriye comes to work there, he’ll never have any peace.  

Back at the Şirhan mansion, Zümrüt tells Gülşat not to take any notice of what’s in Defne’s diary. She explains that both families did not want Defne and Omer to be together. In the end they accepted it but Zümrüt said she was not happy. Gülşat says but from Defne’s diary it seems they were very much in love. Zümrüt says nothing is as it seems…she is really just missing a broomstick! She tells Gülşat that Omer almost died because of Defne.  

Idris has found 3 very good doctors and gives the list to Kenan. Vildan won’t answer his calls but he decides to at least make an appointment with one of the doctors.   Halil tells Kerem that Commissioner Murat has spoken to the match fixers and no-one will come near him again. He thanks them for their help but mentions he’s upset with Mithat for telling everyone. Halil tells him that it was Cumali who had misunderstood and that he should not be upset with Mithat. They warn Kerem to be careful about the company he keeps.  

Cumali comes to the Karadag mansion to see if everyone is ok. He is taking his responsibilities to look after them very seriously. He tells Melek that he lost his temper a little and told Kerem off and that she should keep an eye on Kerem so nothing bad happens to him. He said Halil took care of it so she shouldn’t worry…so now Melek knows too!  

Alpay arrives at the field where the match gambling takes place with two strongmen. He acts the tough guy and tells him to stay away from Kerem. Sami the organizer is amazed and says first Kerem’s uncle, then the police and now his father..he’s gotten the message.


Banu is complaining to Seyran about Mithat’s manner in Alpay’s shop. Seyran tells her that Mithat did that to protect her and Banu laughs. Seyran tells her everything that Alpay  has done to Melek and her children and Banu accepts that Mithat did the right thing. Mithat then asks them not to encourage Kadriye with her cooking and explains that it has nothing to do with supporting women nor equality between men and women. Banu gives an unconvinced grimace but Mithat continues explaining that because they have the pharmacy, Kadriye wants to put her mark on the kebab shop to ensure that the brothers have equal businesses. He says that Mahmut was also playing the boss card with him today too.  

Cumali tells Vildan and Zümrüt about Ömer coming to the shop. They spoke about how Ömer used to roll out pastry and Ömer remembered Cumali’s story at the dinner table. Zümrüt is pleased to hear that Ömer remembers the things they tell him and decides that he should only be told things from now on that they want him to know; she suggests they tell Gülşat what they want Ömer to know and she can tell him everything little by little and that way he won’t be confused she says..!!!  

Kerem tells Melek that he didn’t know how he got to this state. One minute he was helping Asli, the next minute she took the money and left. Melek says she had been worried that Asli might hurt him but she didn’t expect this. Kerem has to realize she says that not everyone has the same good intentions that he does and he needs to be more careful.  

Nefise Hala’s friend comes to visit (gossip) and says she was sorry to hear that the engagement between Defne and Ömermer was off. Nefise Hala tells her she is mistaken. The friend says she saw Ömer with another woman at the Bazaar and Kadriye explains who Gülşat is. The friend says that an engaged man shouldn’t be walking around with a girl who is not his fiancée.   Ömer is sitting in the courtyard reading Defne’s diary. Gülşat tells him not to stress himself too much by reading it. She suggests he doesn’t tire himself thinking about the past and he starts looking to the future; that the past will come.  

Alpay comes home with flowers. Funda is looking glum. Alpay tells her that he saved Kerem from real trouble today and goes on to explain what he did. He says now Kerem and everyone else knows what kind of father he is. Funda says “doing something like that is the only way you know how to be a father isn’t it”. “Solving troubles because you speak the language of the trouble-makers and you are proud of this?” Alpay tells Funda that he’s found the best doctor in Antep for the baby and this angers Funda even more. She tells him she can find her own doctor. She goes on to tell Alpay that she doesn’t feel secure, she can’t believe that he will be a different father this time around. He tells her that he’s already started to change. Still unconvinced, she asks him that when the baby is born and it cries 20 times at night, will he be there; Alpay can’t answer this and Funda knows.  

Zümrüt notices that Ömer left the diary downstairs and she takes it and hides it away. Cumali notices her doing something furtive but she tells him it was just a recipe booklet for his special diet.

Melek speak with Halil and thanks him for coming to Kerem’s rescue. She said she understands that he wants to look after them but she requests that in the future if there is anything that concerns her children she wants to be aware of it; he should not keep it hidden from her. As their mother she wants to be able to be there for them no matter what. They are interrupted by a visitor to the studio; an antique dealer who was directed to them by Kenan. This sends Halil’s blood pressure sky high and he heads off to confront Kenan.  

Ömer is panicked when he can’t find Defne’s diary. He starts searching and yelling out angrily wanting to know where the diary is. Zümrüt comes downstairs calmly and addresses him with her favorite endearment of “the inside of my walnut”. Ömer turns on her and tells her not to call him that…wonderful moment where Zümrüt realizes that she is not untouchable where the new Ömer is concerned. She assures him they will find the diary and he walks out of the house. Zümrüt sends Gülşat after him.  

Halil comes to the Han to confront Kenan. He asks him to come clean about what his intentions are, and why he is referring goldsmiths and antique dealers to them. Kenan tells him that he is just trying to be a good neighbor and a good person helping people in times of need. Halil tells him that they do not need his humanity or his assistance and walks off. Alpay needles Kenan by asking him why doesn’t he just tell Halil that he’s doing all this for Vildan. Kenan turns on him and tells him to hold his tongue and not to speak of that subject ever again…Kenan hates it when Alpay speaks Vildan’s name…it’s as if he dirties it.  

Defne comes to the Şirhan mansion and asks about Ömer. She says she is not there to see him. She tells Vildan that she will not confront him again nor bother him again until his memory comes back. She hands over her engagement ring to Vildan and tells her that she will wait, she will not give up but she would like the ring to stay with them. Defne tells Zümrüt and Vildan that she will not come there again until Ömer has recovered. Vildan puts the ring in her room and Zümrüt takes it.  

Funda comes to the Han crying. She tells Alpay that her mother is very sick and has been taken to hospital and she has to leave for Germany straight away. Alpay is talking about her being pregnant and that they have a doctor’s appointment. Funda continues to cry and says she has to leave immediately and doesn’t know when she will be back.  

Kerem arrives in the football team’s changing room and Emre shows him the video he took of Kerem playing in the unauthorized betting match. He intends to show it to their coach and get Kerem removed from the team. Kerem tells him that if he does that, he will show the video he has of Emre putting the watch in his back-pack to the police and he will then go to jail. Emre starts arguing with Kerem about the video when the coach walks in. He wants to see what video they are talking about and asks for both their phones.  

Ömer is at the park where he and Defne used to often come. He tells Gülşat he wishes he could remember just one little thing so he could run to Defne and ask to hear the rest. He feels bad about having shouted at her.  He suddenly sees Defne at the park and panics; he insists they leave..Defne sees them but only sees him trying to get away from her.  

Zümrüt arrives at the Karadağ house. She is very abrupt. She tells them that Defne came and that she is very upset at what Defne is going through. She tells them that Defne brought the ring and told Vildan that she would wait for Ömer as long as it takes. Zümrüt says however that the more they try to reach Ömer the more he is widening the gap between them. For that reason she says (as Defne walks in behind her), let’s leave the engagement and the promise behind us.  That way Defne won’t be upset and Ömer won’t fight with himself trying to remember anything. If and when Ömer gets his memory back and still wants Defne, they can figure things out then. 

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