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Benim Adım Melek: Season 2, Episode 16 (44)

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Defne comes face to face with Omer and is surprised at his cool reaction. She is distraught and keeps asking everyone what is going on but no-one seems willing to tell her that Omer has lost his memory.  The scene dragged on for far too long and certain far longer than would be natural in real life. Finally Seyit Ali tells Defne that Omer cannot remember anybody.  

We left episode 43 with the police knocking on Alpay’s door and believed it was to arrest him for dealing in stolen goods. Instead, standing at the door with the police is Aslı’s father seeking the whereabouts of Aslı. He does not believe that she is not there and argues with Alpay who invites the police inside to see for themselves.   Aslı’s father is argumentative and won’t listen to reason, blaming Alpay for Aslı being missing. The police realize there is no crime and tell her father that since she’s of age there is nothing more to be done. Alpay once again negatively affected by his own actions realizes he’s brought trouble on his head and is angry that Aslı’s father would bring the police to his home.  

Defne can’t believe that Omer can’t remember her. Seyit Ali and Cumali try to explain that they need to be patient and in time his memory will come back, that they should be grateful he came home in one piece but Defne won’t listen to reason and insists she has to speak with Omer and explain they are engaged. They try to tell her it would make things worse but who is listening!?  

Kenan meets with Ercu the stolen artifact dealer and informs him that he has solved their problem; he has found someone to confess to stealing the artifacts so neither Ercu or Kenan and Alpay will be implicated.  

Halil and Mirza talk about the new developments with their lawyer. He tells them that the man knew every detail of how the artifacts came to be in the copper studio and was also very knowledgeable about the history of the artifacts. Halil and Mirza are not convinced; they feel sure the whole operation is being run by one person; not only were they conned out of their copper but implicated in the traffic of stolen goods. Mirza said he was already suspicious when the con-man had been killed in jail and would not be surprised if the same thing happened to this new confessor. The lawyer tells them that had they not confessed to perpetrating the crime, the case would have been dropped immediately but instead it will have to go to court but they will be released pending trial.  

Funda having fainted at the end of last episode, was brought to the hospital by Melek. Tests carried out show there is nothing wrong with her and that she is pregnant. No doubt Funda had not wanted Melek to hear this but the cat’s out of the bag!  

Mithat arrives at Banu’s hotel room door. He apologizes in a very roundabout way and invites her back to their house until her own apartment is found.  

Kerem tries to contact Aslı but her phone is off.  

Funda arrives home from the hospital to discover Aslı’s father is there. He starts ranting immediately and says he won’t leave until he finds his daughter. He is insulting to Funda and Alpay jumps in to tell him off. Funda brings Aslı’s father to her room to show him the message left by Asli on the dressing table mirror and informs him that she also took all her gold and jewelry too. Of course this last infuriates Alpay and he tells the father that he wants payment for everything stolen and perhaps he can understand now why he called him to come and get his daughter.  

Mithat brings Banu back to the house and Seyran is very happy.

Ömer talks with Gülşat and explains how confused he is and that he feels like he’s being smothered. He can’t stand seeing the pain in his family’s eyes and their reactions. He worries at what they have been through and are going through now that he doesn’t recognize them. Gülşat tells him to be patient as the doctor said it would all come back to him. He is not convinced but is grateful that she is by his side. Vildan hears him telling Gülşat that he feels safe only with her.   At the Karadağ mansion, the family sit around talking about Ömer and how devastated Defne must be. Melek arrives to discover what happened to Ömer.  

Ömer sits quietly at the Şirhan dinner table listening to the family chatter. Cumali gets a call to say that someone has confessed to the artifact crime which means Halil and Mirza will be released. Everyone is very happy except Ömer for whom this means nothing.  

Alpay tries to find out from Funda where Aslı might be.  Funda is fed up with having to explain everything to Aslı’s father and again to Alpay. Whilst Alpay blames her for not noticing Aslı's departure, she blames him for being absent the whole night and tells him she went to the Karadağ mansion as soon as she discovered Aslı was missing but she was not there.  

Zümrüt tells Vildan that Gülşat had saved Ömer’s life and since he feels safe and secure with her they must treat Gülşat with the utmost respect.  "If Miss Defne does not understand this, she should move out of the way" she says !!! It looks like Zümrüt is preparing the way to get Defne out of Omer’s life once and for all. Vildan is worried.  

Kerem arrives home to find a miserable Defne talking with Melek. He doesn’t know about Ömer at this stage and is himself miserable. He tells Melek that Aslı left without saying anything and he doesn’t want to hear her name ever again. He wishes he could wipe his memory clean; wrong choice of words in the scheme of things and they hit home for Defne.  

Aslı’s father asks who Kerem is but Funda tells him they don’t know. He questions why they did not keep a tighter reign on Aslı which leads Funda to hit back with how did he let her leave Germany and come all the way to Turkey.  

Alpay arrives at the Karadağ mansion to see Kerem. Melek says he doesn’t want to talk to anyone. He questions if Kerem is actually at home and Melek assures him that he is and is not in a good mood. Alpay tells Melek about Aslı’s father coming to take them to task and blaming the for Aslı’s disappearance. Melek tells him that Aslı sent a message to Kerem that she is leaving.  He tried to call her back but there was no response and Kerem is upset and angry. Melek tells Alpay to leave Kerem alone and she will get him to call Alpay tomorrow.  

Banu now back at Mithat and Seyran’s house has started stirring the pot again. As Seyran is proudly telling Banu about Mithat’s kind heart and actions, Banu tells Seyran that her earning more than Mithat could cause an issue in the future. She says Mithat is the kind of guy who wants the power to be in his hands but at the same time he wants to make Seyran happy so he opens a pharmacy for her.  Seyran asks Banu what could be wrong with this. Banu says he’s doing this to make you happy but why? Because as a man, the best feeling is to be powerful; it’s not so Seyran can earn money…after all he is the one who is supposed to earn the money…that’s the way Mithat is looking at things. Seyran tells Banu that she thinks she’s looking at this a bit too deeply. Banu won’t let go and brings up Mithat’s reaction to the time Seyran applied for a loan to keep them afloat.  

Alpay is explaining how Aslı left Kerem without a word and he’s glad that she didn’t manage to get her hooks into him. Funda accuses him of being selfish once again; that he is pretending to care about his children but all he’s thinking about is himself and his own happiness and when the kids realize this, they run away from him. She is thinking about becoming a mother and can see her future but of course Alpay doesn’t understand what she is talking about because he doesn’t as yet know about her pregnancy.  

Ömer is having nightmares about the fact that he can’t remember anyone. Vildan comes into comfort him but he doesn’t want her near him and yells at her to get out.  

Seyit Ali suggests to Cumali that maybe they should get a second opinion about Ömer ’s condition and he is excited about the idea.  

Zümrüt gives instructions to her housekeeper, that for the sake of propriety, she must ensure that Ömer ’s bedroom door is open at all times when Gülşat is with him and that she stands outside the door to keep an eye on them.  

Alpay hears Funda being sick in the bathroom. He questions whether she might be pregnant and Funda gets mad at him. He tells her he has experience since he has 3 kids and Melek was like that. Funda angrily requests that he not compare her to Melek. He asks about Aslı’s father and hopes he’s given up and gone. Funda tells him that he doesn’t give up easily.  

Defne arrives at the Şirhan mansion for a visit and is greeted by the dark looks of Zümrüt; Ömer is not awake but Defne wants to wait. She tells Zümrüt that she’s waited all this time, she can wait for him to wake up. It’s not easy to tell from Zümrüt’s expression what she thinks about this.  

Alpay arrives at the Han and talks with Kenan about the case being over now that someone has confessed.  He is happy as long as Ercu doesn’t come around anymore to cause trouble. Kenan asks Alpay if he’s thought about what he’d achieved by his actions. “Does it look like we got revenge?” he asks Alpay. “No” he answers his own question “we ran around for no reason, got into unnecessary expense and risk buying men and documents”.  The end result is that Kenan was forced to secure Halil and Mirza’s release.  He tells Alpay that all eyes will be on them when Halil and Mirza are free and if Alpay does anything at all to attract attention, Kenan will hand him over to the police personally; he will hand over the security camera film and Alpay will be in jail for the rest of his life. Alpay tells Kenan that if he didn’t know him better he would think that Kenan was actually looking for an opportunity to do this. Alpay warns Kenan that if he is thinking of putting all his criminal acts on Alpay’s shoulders and living happily ever after with Vildan, he should know that Alpay will drag him down with him.  

The doctor arrives for the second opinion but basically says the same thing as the original doctor. He assures Ömer that the lights will come on one by one in due course; they just have to be patient.   Defne sees Gülşat for the first time and sees how closely she is looking after Ömer; she feels an even more urgent need to get Ömer to recognize her.  

At the Han, Idris informs Kenan that Halil and Mirza have been released pending trial. Kenan can’t understand why the case hasn’t been dropped. Idris tells him that Ömer is back but there is a problem with his memory. Alpay makes a joke that he had to lose his memory to forget Defne and this angers Kenan who is thinking solely of what Vildan must be going through.  

Halil wants to talk with Ömer but Cumali tells him that would only make things worse; that the doctor said don’t pressure him as it will confuse him. Zümrüt tells him that the more they try to get close to him, the more he pulls away. Mirza says it would be better for Ömer if they all got on with their lives and acted as though nothing has changed.  In time Ömer will come of his own will to each of them to ask questions.   Halil, Mirza and Melek get up to go and open the copper studio. Zümrüt is not happy to see that Defne plans on staying.  

Aslı’s father informs Alpay that he has filed a missing person’s report with the police and apologises for his attitude of the day before. He tells Alpay that he doesn’t like Funda and told his wife to stay away from her sister…that she’s rebellious and stubborn. Alpay tells him he’s exaggerating and he doesn’t want to sit here gossiping about their wives.  

At the copper studio, Halil, Mirza and Melek confront the mess and upheavel left behind by the perpetrators. Halil says that whilst people are congratulating them for being set free, they appear to be questioning at the same time. How easy it is to throw mud he remarks. Mirza tells him that people will say nice things and bad things but Halil is just disgusted. Melek sees their despondency and tries to motivate them, reminding them that they have students and people waiting for their orders.   Upstairs Melek sees their painting has been ripped apart. She turns to Halil and reminds him of his words, that nothing will remain unfinished and tells him that if necessary they will start over again but nothing will remain unfinished. Halil looks lovingly at Melek and tells her he’s so thankful for her. She asks him to promise that he will never throw himself into the fire again, especially not for her. When he confessed to a crime he didn’t commit for her sake, she was devastated and begs him to never do that again. They embrace awkwardly and we viewers who have only been waiting for this for 44 episodes, are left wondering if there has ever been a more uncomfortable pairing in the history of dizis!  

Kadriye has brought her vegetarian meals to the Han so as to promote her cuisine. Mahmut jokes that she wants to take over the helm. Meantime Ünzile and Zeynel are having coffee and enjoying each other’s company.  She thanks him for finding all the strange (to her) indgredients that she had to buy for Kadriye’s cooking, like avocados and broccoli. Cumali looking at the couple, mentions to Seyit Ali that they should arrange the wedding soon.  

The copper studio business has taken a hit; parents are not letting their children attend classes, orders have been cancelled and the workers stayed home.  In a small, close community like theirs, the mere hint of criminality suffices to blacklist a business. Melek wonders how they will pay their bank loan.  

Kenan calls Vildan and tells her he’s sorry to have heard about Ömer; if there is anything he can do, he’s ready to do it. She is cool towards him and he tells her he knows she is upset with him about the Mithat situation. He assures her that it was all Alpay’s thoughtlessness. Vildan tells him that she doesn’t know what she should be happy or unhappy about. She said she had spoken to Melek who said that the copper studio is in a mess and business badly affected. He commiserates with her and wishes her well.  

The group of elders whose involvement with the copper studio is not yet apparent, tell Seyit Ali and Cumali that Halil and Mirza should have anticipated trouble and avoided it.  

Gülşat tries to comfort Defne and explains what a brave hero Omer was and how hard he worked to keep everyone well and safe. Defne says he was always her hero. Gülşat tells her that if she could just have her family around her, she’d be fine, even if they couldn’t remember her. Gülşat tells her Ömer is trying hard to remember everything and gets very upset that he can’t. She showed Defne the handkerchief which just upsets Defne who wants to know why Gülşat has the handkerchief. Zümrüt comes out to see Defne becoming hysterical. She tells her off and says she’s being disrespectful to Gülşat to whom she should be grateful for saving Ömer’s life.  

Kerem arrives at the Han to see Alpay and Aslı’s father becomes aware that this is the Kerem he’s been looking for. As he approaches Kerem, Kerem asks him what kind of father he his and Aslı’s father attempts to punch him. Intervention from Alpay, Mahmut and Kenan stops the matter from going further. Seyit Ali questions what kind of father he must be that would make his daughter run away.  Aslı’s father threatens to punch Seyit Ali who tells him off and explains that all Kerem did was to look after and protect Aslı.


Mithat arrives with flowers for Seyran. He suggests she hire the son of one of his friends as an apprentice and he could do some night shifts so they can spend more time all together.  

As Aslı’s father confronts Funda about Kerem being Alpay’s son, he receives a call from the police stating that Aslı flew on a flight to Istanbul.  

Kadriye, pot stirrer extraordinaire arrives at the copper studio and fills Melek in with the goings on a the Han about Aslı’s father attacking Kerem and Alpay. She assures her that all is well but Melek insists on going to see for herself.  

Emre confronts Kerem asking about Aslı; he is surprised when Kerem says “who cares?”.  As Kerem walks away, he is stopped by two henchmen of the betting match organizer who wants Kerem to resume playing. Emre is watching this from a distance. Kerem says he will pay back the money and he has no intention of playing again. They threaten to tell his coach that he playing in illegal matches if Kerem does not comply.  

Melek comes to the Han to confront Alpay. She is angry that he brought Asli’s father and Kerem together. Alpay explains he had been trying to do the exact opposite and keep Kerem away. He tells her that Asli is not someone Kerem should associate with and he had warned Kerem from the beginning. Melek tells him that if he had been a true father to their kids, they would have listened to him. If he had shown them love, respect, emotion, comfort and security, that’s when they would call him a father.  “At least”, she says “you have a new child on the way; take that chance to form a bond and do things the right way”. In so saying of course she reveals to Alpay that Funda is pregnant.  

Funda is at her doctor’s appointment. She mentions that she is unsure if she wants to keep the baby. Alpay is calling her but she switches off the phone.  She tells the doctor that she wants a baby but she doesn’t feel safe and secure.  

At a meeting of the craft masters they are told that the patent for copperworks is held by them in Gaziantep and the products they make go to all corners of the world. New markets have to be developed and Seyit Ali and Cumali should be the ones to travel to Belgrade to set this up. Cumali says his grandson is ill and he cannot leave. Seyit Ali suggests Halil and Mirza would be the most appropriate but the craft master says they are not allowed to leave the country while the court case is pending and that people are very sensitive about even the slightest hint of impropriety, true or false and therefore it would not be appropriate. Seyit Ali decides he will go alone.  

Kenan arrives at the copper studio with a large group of children. He tells Melek these are kids whose education and welfare he helps look after and he would like them to have lessons in copper art. Melek wonders why he is doing this and tells him she is aware of his interest in Vildan. Kenan tells her that all the good in his life starts and ends with Vildan. She tells him that he should not expect Vildan will get together with him after all the bad things he’s done. He asks her what bad things has she seen him do and that it was all Alpay. Nevertheless Kenan tells her he did not bring the kids because of Vildan. He brought them because the studio business and reputation suffered through no fault of theirs and in times like this everyone who can help, should help. Kenan said he will pay for the kids’ fees and has spoken with his contacts who will direct all sales requests and orders to Melek. He said that’s how he atones for his past mistakes.  

At the craft master’s office, Seyit Ali tells the craft master that putting himself and Cumali at the head of their company instead of Halil and Mirza in whom their trust and belief is complete would be shameful. Asking them to do this whilst the case has not yet been finalized is tantamount to penalizing them in advance. Cumali tells the craft master that Halil and Mirza are innocent and the perpetrator has been caught however if he doesn’t believe in them, then they should resign. However if he believes they are innocent, allow them to continue working and clear their names.  

Seyran is happy that Mithat has found her an assistant and is telling Banu how thoughtful Mithat is. Banu of course can’t stand this and expresses surprise that he was found so quickly. Seyran senses something is off but Banu brushes her off.  

Mithat tries to give some money to his father as part payment of his loan. Seyit Ali says father’s don’t give loans, he should keep his money.  However if he feels he owes something, Mithat should come and work at the shop with Mahmut. Both brothers are happy with this but Kadriye is not and wonders how he can do that and run his food truck. Mithat says he will give up the food truck.   Seyit Ali is packed and ready to go on his trip to Belgrade; goodbyes are said to all.  

Funda is crying when Alpay comes home. She pretends there is nothing wrong but Alpay forces the issue. He tells her he knows she is pregnant, that Melek told him.

Dinner at the Şirhan mansion . Seyit Ali Jr. is excited to see Ömer but is confused when Ömer doesn’t speak to him. Defne tells him that Ömer is just tired.  As they are about to be seated Ömer asks Gülşat to sit next to him. The family talk about work. Kadriye has a scary premonition and gets up to wash her hands and face.  

At the betting match Kerem is tired and playing badly. Mithat is passing by with his food truck when he spots Kerem and watches him.  He realizes something is not quite right. In the meantime, hiding nearby is Emre filming Kerem playing the forbidden match. As Kerem heads off to the changing room the henchmen arrive with the gang boss who is not happy at how Kerem played and which meant he lost money.  They start beating him when Mithat arrives to defend his nephew.

As the family sit around the dining table telling old tales from the past, Ömer can’t take any more and gets up to go to his room, followed by Gülşat.  Defne can’t bear to see this and goes after them. She tells Gülşat to leave and locks Ömer’s bedroom door. Defne tries to make Ömer remember her; she shows him a video they took of him professing his love for her. He cannot remember any of it and yells at her to get out of the room.  When she doesn’t move, he throws her out and yells at the whole family to stop hounding him; that he can’t stand to see their pain and they should stop trying to fill his head with the past. To Defne he says he has nothing in his head about her and gives her back the ring. “Don’t upset yourself and don’t smother me” he says turning back into his room. Until next week!

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