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Benim Adım Melek: Season 2, Episode 13 (41) Recap

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Defne is worried that something might have happened to Ömer as she has not heard from him since his last phone call when she overheard the announcement about fighting having broken out at the border. Vildan and Zümrüt are just as concerned but not showing it. Everyone tries to calm Defne down but only Zümrüt’s commanding voice telling Defne that now is not the time to cry but to pray and that she should hold her head up worked to stop Defne’s hysteria.  

Alpay is congratulating himself for purchasing the stolen artifacts when Kenan walks in. He manages to bluff his way out of telling Kenan what was in the bag although why Kenan, who is suspicious of Alpay, doesn’t go to his handy dandy security cameras to see what Alpay was doing is beyond me. He does tell Idris however to keep an eye on Alpay.  

Mithat and Seyran are having some alone time at the park.  They agree that they’ve been hurting each other recently without intending to. Mithat tells Seyran that Seyit Ali paid his debt so there will no longer be any debt collectors at their door. Seyran is surprised and pleased that Seyit Ali has come to his son’s rescue. She is admiring of the Karadağ family’s support of each other in times of need and tells Mithat that's something she had never seen in her own family. She tells him they will pay back his father together. Mithat informs her that he knows the pharmacy is being sold and the possibility exists that she would be out of a job.  

Cumali, walking in the park is ruminating over what Halil said; that he wants to marry Melek whether she has 3 days or 300 years to live.  

Aslı is hesitantly standing outside the Karadağ mansion when Kerem arrives. He is angry at first but she tells him that she has nowhere else to turn; that Alpay has bought her a ticket back to Germany. She explains that if she goes back her father will force her to marry someone she doesn’t want to.  

Seyran tells Mithat that she will start looking for a new job straight away in case the new owner of the pharmacy doesn’t keep her on. Mithat regrets that he didn’t have the means to buy the business for her and Seyran tires to ease his mind, assuring him that if not now, they will do it one day.  

Cumali arrives at the Karadağ mansion to see all the ladies looking very sad and asks if there is a funeral they haven't told him about. They explain that they have no news about Omer since he went off to battle. Cumali hides his concern by telling them they have to be proud of all the soldiers and to remain in good spirits.  

Kerem tells Asli not to be worried; they will find a solution to her problem. She apologizes again for talking badly about Melek; that it was how Melek had been depicted by Funda and Alpay. Kerem suggests she stay in a hotel for a few days but Aslı is unimpressed and asks him what would she do after that.  

Alpay is standing outside the copper studio when Mirza spots him. He questions Alpay as to what he is doing there and Alpay acts insulted for being considered suspicious.  

Kerem and Aslı come upon an amateur football match and Kerem makes fun of the quality of the players. Aslı dares him to show them how a professional does it and he asks to join the match.  

Alpay arrives home with his bag of stolen artifacts; trying to find a place to hide them he is surprised by Funda walking into the room. He tells her they are goods for the store and when she wants to place one of them on her sideboard he gets mad and starts questioning why she’s not at the airport sending Aslı off. He insists she has to leave and Funda had better take care of that.  

At dinner the Karadağ and Şirhan families notice the closeness between Seyit Ali jr. and Halil when Defne’s phone starts to ring.  They all think it is Ömer but much to everyone’s disappointment it’s Kerem saying he will be home late. Defne wants to go to her room but Nefise hala tells her that she has to eat, look after herself and make sure she not only continually prays for but thinks only good thoughts about Ömer.  Zümrüt is being surprisingly understanding towards Defne and firmy tells her that she knows it’s hard waiting for a soldier but how is time going to pass if she continues being distraught? Seyit Ali tells her Omer will call her as soon as he can; she should stay optimistic. Vildan too tells her they understand her feelings and that Omer would be upset if he saw how she was. Cumali says no-one must despair. It is becoming tiring listening to Defne whining but one must remember how young she is.  

Funda tries to act contrite and soften Alpay up by plying him with fruit. She begs him to change his mind about Aslı and explains that her family are trying to do to Aslı what they tried to do to her all those years ago; that if she had not met Alpay, she would have been in a forced marriage. So, says Alpay, you think Kerem will be Aslı’s rescuer then? Funda says no. She tells him that the kids are only friends and promises that she will make sure the relationship is ended and that Aslı will not only change her behaviour but will follow all of Alpay’s rules if he allows her to stay. Alpay agrees to let her stay but if she makes one mistake, he will personally put her on the plane.  

Kerem finishes the amateur game and is approached with payment by the organizer. He refuses the money saying he did it just to play. The organizer tells him he can come and play in a team every week and earn more money. Kerem insists he will not play for money and explains he is a member of a professional football team. Aslı tries to convince him to take the money but Kerem refuses.  

Cumali, Zümrüt and Vildan arrive home each with their own unvoiced concerns for Ömer. Cumali prays to God that he doesn’t let them go through another son’s loss.  

Seyit Ali is thinking over Halil’s talk with him about wanting to marry Melek. He goes to speak with Nefise hala and tells her that he didn’t know what to say; what if Melek only had a little time left to live and Halil has to go through her loss yet again. Nefise hala tells him that only God knows how much time we have left and in any case even if he were to withhold his blessing, they have proven that it will change nothing. It is written in their destiny. In other words, he says, whatever will be will be and may God help them.  

Kerem walks Aslı home and tells her that since the plane to Germany has gone, she’s ok for one more night at her aunt’s and they’ll figure something out tomorrow.   Aslı walks into the apartment with some attitude and slams the door to her room. Funda asks her if she was with Kerem and Aslı says no. Funda tells her that she has spoken with Alpay and if Aslı follows her rules and does what she’s told, she can stay with them.  

Defne is writing to Ömer in her diary; she promises she will not cry for him until his return (here’s hoping). Melek comes into the room and Defne tells her how scared she is that something will happen to Ömer. Melek comforts her and tells her that time will pass.  

Ömer is shown with his brigade as they enter into the village where there had been a battle. He is tending to the wounded when a motorbike rider drives by with a bomb in his sidecar. Fortunately the driver is spotted by a sharp-shooter and shot before he can press the ignition.  

Defne wakes up with a jolt having had a nightmare. She dreamt she was in a dark place and heard Ömer’s voice in the distance. Melek tries to comfort her and we (I) are left wondering whether we will have to be subjected to more of this Defne wailing…we have gotten the point!  

Halil tells Mirza that he told Seyit Ali everything and that he will tell Melek when she arrives. Everything is out in the open now and as soon as they have news of Ömer and Melek’s transplant donor is found, they will have nothing left to worry about. Vildan arrives looking worried and explains she is thinking about Ömer but she is proud to be a soldier’s mother. Halil receives a call from his lawyer who informs him that the swindler had been stabbed in prison. They understand from this that the killing was ordered by the man who directed the swindle in order to escape discovery.  

Defne continues to sit around gloomily. Melek and Seyit Ali try to encourage her to go to work with them and finally Defne agrees.  

Aslı  pretends to be depressed and doesn’t want to get up. She ignores several phone calls and messages from Kerem. Funda on her way out, tells her to tidy up the house and eat breakfast. As soon as Funda leaves Aslı hits herself on the forehead with a large figurine.  

At the Han, Mahmut is telling the staff that in future any issues or needs that they may have, should be discussed with him; that he is now in charge. He stresses that Seyit Ali is still the boss but that Mahmut wants to take some of the burden off his father’s shoulders. Alpay arrives, calls out good day to everyone and no-one is happy to see him. He gets mad that they don’t return his greeting and Cumali tells him to go to hell.  

Vildan and Melek talk about Defne and assure each other that she will be fine. Halil arrives and Melek asks him what the outcome of his talk with Seyit Ali was. Vildan leaves and Halil explains that he asked Seyit Ali for her hand. Melek thinks he is joking but he assures her that he is not.   Halil tells Melek that even if her father had objected does she think that he would give her up? He tells her that he loves her very much and that he would like to marry her; even if the whole world was against it. But, he says, “don’t worry, your father wasn’t angry and he didn’t say no”. Melek is happy, nervous and excited. Halil leads Melek into the private sitting room, tells her to close her eyes and opens up a box containing an engagement ring. Melek is about to respond to the proposal when they are interrupted by one of the staff.


Vildan arrives at the tea garden to meet Kenan. She apologizes profusely for having been suspicious of him being involved in the swindle at the copper studio. She tells him that her mind is preoccupied with Ömer and what he might be going through. Kenan tries to comfort her and tell her she is not alone. She is very abrupt with him and tells him she is well aware of that and that she came only to apologize.  

Defne, Seyit Ali and Cumali are chatting warmly at the Han with Seyit Ali and Cumali making fun of each other. Alpay sees this conviviality and comes over to ask Defne to join him for coffee.  She refuses and says she’s about to start making kebabs.  

Banu comes to see Mithat at the food truck. She tells him that she visited Seyran at the Pharmacy and heard that there is already a buyer for the pharmacy.  

Kenan arrives at the Han. He calls out a greeting to everyone but Alpay tells him not to bother; that everyone has a long face ever since Ömer went to the army.  Kenan drags him into the store, grabs him by the collar and asks him if he can imagine what it’s like to lose a son. He tells Alpay that his corpse will be lying on the ground one of these days because of his mouth. Alpay angrily questions whether Kenan has forgotten these people are his arch enemies now that he has fallen in love with Vildan and won’t hear a word against Ömer. He tells Kenan that his son died because of them and Kenan tells him that if he says one more thing, he will destroy him. Behind his back Alpay says wait and see who is going to destroy whom.  

Defne and Mahmut compete as to who is going to make the best kebabs and joke around with Seyit Ali. Mithat arrives and asks if he can speak with Seyit Ali. They sit outside and Mithat tells his father that because he’d promised never to hide anything from him again, he wanted him to know his thoughts. He explains that the pharmacy where Seyran works is being sold and the is likely to lose her job. He wonders if Seyit Ali would help him buy the pharmacy for Seyran. His father reminds him that he had offered to buy a shop for him in the past but Mithat did not want it.  Mithat thinks this is the beginning of a refusal but Seyit Ali tells him he is proud of his son for thinking of his wife and yes, he will lend him the funds to buy the pharmacy.  

Kerem calls Aslı as he’s worried about her. She lies and tells him that she’s not in a good state of mind. He insists she tell him where she is so they can meet up.  

Melek has started to paint in the copper studio’s sitting room. She has a flashback of Halil telling her he wants to make her smile, to wipe away the sadness in her face and this makes her smile. Suddenly her nose starts bleeding. She grabs a towel just as Halil comes in and asks her what’s wrong. She removes the towel and luckily there is no blood, just paint. Halil takes the towel from her and lovingly tries wiping it off her face. They are unaware that Defne is watching them from the doorway; she looks happy to see Melek and Halil sharing a caring moment.  

Kerem meets up with Aslı and sees the big bump on her forehead. He asks if Alpay did this but she says no, her aunt was throwing her clothes out of the cupboard and Asli hit her head whilst trying to stop her. Kerem can’t believe Funda could want to send her back to Germany knowing what faces her. Aslı tells him that Funda believes Aslı will spoil her relationship with Alpay. Kerem wonders what can be done when Aslı says if only he had taken the money offered to him for playing that amateur football match. She puts on the poor sad innocent girl act and says when the lump on her head disappears she’ll look for a job; in the meantime she will return to that hell and lock herself up in the room.  Obviously Aslı has read Kerem well and knows how to appeal to his knight in shining armor side.  

Mithat comes to the pharmacy and sees the potential new buyer of the pharmacy giving an offer. He interrupts and says he will be making an offer for the pharmacy and he believes the owner will sell it to them. The sales agent is not happy but agrees to call the owner whom Mithat says will be a willing seller.  

Vildan comes to pick up Defne from the copper studio leaving Halil and Melek alone together again.  

Kerem goes to the football pitch and arranges to play regularly with the amateur team for money. Aslı thanks him for doing this for her and tells her she loves him. She starts planning to rent a small house once he earns a bit more money and then she plans to look for a job.  

Defne is asking for advice from Vildan as to how to cope with life whilst Ömer is away. Vildan explains what it was like when she was a young bride. She tells Defne that she has to look at it from the perspective that Omer is doing his duty to his country and her duty is to stand by him with patience. Defne tells Vildan that she called Ömer her hero doctor when they first met and that’s how she thinks of him still.  

Melek calls her oncologist to tell him that she had a nose bleed again, that her lymph nodes are swollen and she has some more aches and pains. He tells her that this is normal and the most important thing is to stay upbeat.  Finding a donor will likely take more time. She asks him how much more time would she have if a donor is not found or if she can’t undergo the operation but we don’t get to hear the answer.  

Seyit Ali and Cumali are having a chat outside the shop. Cumali tells him that he heard the conversation between Seyit Ali and Halil. He tells Cumali that Halil wants to marry Melek. Seyit Ali is concerned that if something happens to Melek, Halil would not be able to continue living.  Cumali tells him that Halil had anyway stopped living when Melek left 20 years ago; only when she returned was Halil able to breathe again. He says that even if the world was against their marriage, Halil would not listen. They will always find each other since their destiny is written that way.  “Look” he tells Seyit Ali “we tried to stop Defne and Omer, what happened there?  “So what you’re saying is” said Seyit Ali “we should let whatever happens, happen”. Cumali tells him not to say anything to anyone; whatever God decides, we’ll follow.  

Cumali arrives home to find Zümrüt and Vildan each sitting in their own world. He asks Vildan to make him some coffee and uses the opportunity to tell Zümrüt not to be so down. She tells him she can’t help herself. She asks him if he can call one of his army friends and he says no, they can’t ask for special favors about military matters.  

Seyran is in overawed at the fact that the pharmacy belongs to them; she is very grateful and happy. She wants to clean up the store and suggests Mithat calls his father and invite him to come to the pharmacy before work the next morning, together with the rest of the family. Mithat doesn’t know what she has in mind but does as she asks.

Seyit Ali arrives home and tells Mahmut and Kadriye that they are invited the next day for the pharmacy’s opening. Kadriye is bent out of shape that Seyit Ali has bought them a shop and questions her father in law who tells her that he did what was necessary.  

Alpay, carring the red bag full of artifacts enters the copper studio without being seen. He hides in a back room waiting for everyone to leave.   Upstairs, Melek is writing a letter to Halil. She writes that he had given her the best moment in her life today. She was so happy and excited with his proposal and she would have loved to have said yes.  She said she can’t hurt him again; she doesn’t know how much life she has left and it would not be right to devastate him again. “If we get married” she writes “I can’t do this to you and look into your eyes every day”…”please forgive me Halil”. She puts the ring in its box, the letter in an envelope and leaves it on a chair for Halil.  

Alpay is laughing at the thought that Halil will be in jail soon. He hears Melek and Halil leaving and gets ready to do his deed.  

Mithat and Seyran are cleaning up the store and putting it into a pristine condition. All that’s left is the sign for the front door and Mithat arranges for a tradesman to have it ready for the next morning.  

Alpay puts the artifacts out of immediate sight in a cabinet.  As he tries to leave he discovers the door is locked from the outside and he can’t get out. He calls Kenan for help.  

Kerem finishes his second amateur football match and is given a wad of money for his troubles. Aslı hugs Kerem excitedly, no doubt counting the money in her head. He gave her the money which he said he earned for her. She thanked him and said she would save it for the rent of a place.  

Kenan arrives with Idris who pries open the studio door. When Kenan questions Alpay as to what he’s doing there he tells Kenan that he was in a mood so he came over there to see what possibilities there were to cause problems but before he could do anything they had left and he was locked in. Kenan is annoyed and tells him they should leave before they get accused of being thieves.  

The next morning the family are all at the pharmacy which is decorated with balloons and there's a red ribbon to cut. Seyran has named it Karadağ pharmacy and made everyone very happy. Kadriye in the meantime, is jealous and unhappy that they get a big store when only the other day they were persona non grata at the mansion, and she and Mahmut get nothing. When Mahmut tells her that they were given the shop at the Han, her dissatisfaction dissolves immediately. Seyran gives the scissors to Seyit Ali to cut the ceremonial ribbon but he gives the honor to Nefise hala making her very proud and happy.  

At the Han, Kenan compliments Alpay on not getting into trouble so far that day. Alpay gets a phone call from the artifact dealer; he doesn’t answer it since he doesn’t want Kenan to know what he’s doing and pretends the call is from Funda. He offers to order coffee for Kenan and leaves the shop. In the meantime, Kenan’s phone rings and it’s the same artifact dealer who had been trying to contact Alpay. He tells Kenan that he couldn’t reach Alpay and was wondering if they had found a buyer for the artifacts since Alpay had told him there was an interested party. Kenan realizes that Alpay has been doing things behind his back.  

Mirza tells Vildan that he had a problem opening the front door and perhaps they should get a new lock put on. Melek arrives and Vildan tells her that Halil was asking for her. She goes upstairs and finds him working on their painting and he tells her that the marks she painted yesterday have become flowers. She said yes but they will all die. Halil tells her that everything dies one day; should they not live at all then? He says that a butterfly only lives 1 day and yet it has the courage to spread it’s wings and never give up. Melek tells Halil that she is frightened of devastating him once again; that she has no right to do this. Halil responds by asking her if she has the right to prevent them from this happiness. “If we knew what would happen to us tomorrow, we’d never be able to live” he says. “That’s why we call it destiny” he said. “If we know how to accept pain, then we mustn’t turn our back on happiness” he tells Melek. And, if all that is not enough, Halil tells her that he wants to be happy with her until his last breath! Pass the tissues please! Halil has convinced Melek and she is happy again, mentioning that even their fathers are not against this. She doesn’t know how to tell the children however. Halil tells her they want her happiness but she says she can’t tell them right now, especially with Defne worried about Omer. They decide they will tell the kids as soon as they hear word of Omer.  

Alpay tells Kenan that yes, he bought the artifacts and hid them in the studio. Kenan is mad and tells him he’s not trying to finish Halil,  he’s trying to finish Kenan. He reminds Alpay that Ercu, the dealer is involved and Kenan is his contact so everything can be traced to Kenan. Alpay calls Kenan a coward and accuses him of forgetting their partnership for the sake of Vildan. Alpay tells him to think about the fact that without raising a finger, they will put Halil in jail, nothing will happen to Ercu and Kenan is going to thank Alpay in the end. He continues to needle Kenan by saying that this was the plan from the beginning but he had to go and fall in love with Vildan. Kenan always quick to anger when Alpay brings Vildan into the equation, is doing his best not to react to Alpay and pretends that he is pleased with what Alpay did.  Alpay says he will call the police now and report the whereabouts of the stolen artifacts. Kenan tells him to wait until all of the partners are in the studio before calling the police.

Kadriye tells Defne she seems to be very talented since last night’s kebabs were so good and she suggests that they open a little shop selling local, organic food next to Mahmut’s kebab shop. Defne thinks she’s gone mad and tries to get away. Luckily Nefise hala comes along and brings an end to this pipe dream of Kadriye’ least for the moment.  

At the pharmacy, Banu comes to visit Seyran and congratulates her on her new business. Seyran happily tells her it’s thanks to Mithat and the support of his family. She tells Seyran that she thinks it was her telling Mithat that he was being proud that he decided to prove he wasn’t. Seyran is surprised at Banu and tells her it has nothing to do with that. Banu tells her not to misunderstand but everything Mithat has done is to control her. Not getting anywhere, she changes track and laughs about Mithat being a kebab man and wouldn’t it be better if he helped her around the shop instead. Seyran is looking more and more uncomfortable but Banu continues, this time suggesting that maybe Mithat should be at the head of his family’s businesses.  

Aslı is hiding her wad of money when Funda comes in. Funda sees the lump on her head and Aslı tells her that she fell in the shower and hit her head. Funda tells her she will accept no excuses and that tonight Aslı has to stay at home; that Alpay keeps asking about her and she’s tired of making excuses. She asks Aslı if she’s seeing Kerem and Aslı says no, she thinks Kerem doesn’t want to see her because of his mother. Funda says forget about his mother, if you love each other, I’ll help you be together…but you have to tell me everything that you are doing. Aslı asks what about Alpay? Funda says she won’t tell him anything as long as Aslı doesn’t hang around Kerem in the open.  

Kenan arrives at the Han. He asks Cumali if there is any news from Omer and wishes him the best. He tells Idris to bring his men to the copper studio this evening and remove the artifacts. Alpay is suspicious that they are planning things behind his back. Kenan tells him that Idris will check out the area tonight and when everything is quiet they will tell Alpay and he can call the police. Alpay pretends to agree but is intent on doing things his way.  

Melek is thinking back about what Halil told her when he convinced her to marry him. She has Halil’s notebook open in front of her when the kids start screaming; Seyit Ali’s budgie has escaped and Melek runs off to help catch it. Once they manage to capture it, Defne goes to get a wrap for Melek. She sees the diary and letter to Halil that Melek had written and starts reading it…then she reads the diary. 

Mirza and Halil lock the studio and start to head home. Alpay sees them leave and calls the police to report the missing artifacts. 

In the meantime Idris and his men go into the studio to try and find the artifacts.  

Alpay is on the castle turret overlooking the copper studio. He decides to call the police without waiting for Kenan’s ok.  

Idris calls Kenan to say they cannot find the artifacts and is told to keep looking.  

Alpay calls Kenan and is told to postpone calling the police but Alpay tells him that it’s too late, when he didn’t hear from Kenan he thought he’d forgotten and went ahead and called the police already. He invites Kenan to come and watch and starts laughing.  

Kenan calls Idris and tells him to trash the studio as soon as possible and get out of there since the police are coming.  

Melek goes to her room to find Defne sitting by her desk. Defne apologizes for reading everything and says she understands now why Melek left home, why she got married with Alpay. Melek doesn’t know what to say.  

Omer has survived a day of battle and it’s all peaceful in the village where they have made camp. He is writing in his diary to Defne.  

Mirza and Halil are walking home together. Halil tells Mirza that Melek is still worried about him rather than herself and that she didn’t want to hurt him more by marrying him if something happens to her.

They suddenly see the police cars with sirens heading towards the studio; they turn back to discover it is their studio that is being raided. They ask what is happening and are told they received a tip off about stolen artifacts and are not allowed to pass. 

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