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Benim Adım Melek Season 2, Episode 4 (32)


Episode 32  

One never tires of hearing the wistful sounds of the theme tune establishing the start of this Gaziantep-based dizi. It very effectively prepares you for the journey you are taking from your 21st Century Western living room to a time, a culture, and traditions established hundreds of years ago and which still today, form the basis of all family and community interactions. “Haddini bil” is a very common Turkish term which means “know your place”. Everyone in the Karadağ and Sirhan families is expected to conform accordingly.  

We begin episode 32 at the “Sünnet” for Seyit Ali Jr. (circumcision celebration) which Alpay, angry at not being consulted about, gate-crashed and wrecked. Seyit Ali (Melek’s father) reminded Alpay that he gave up custody of his children in exchange for a titled deed to property so ranting and raving that he is the father isn’t cutting it.

Trying to divert attention from his shortcomings, Alpay insinuated that Melek and Halil were caught in a liaison together and thus implies that Seyit Ali was not much of a father either. (Neither Alpay nor Seyit Ali is aware that Melek is undergoing chemo and that Halil is looking after her for that reason).

The danger of things escalating is real ,as is the family’s loss of face in front of the community gathered at the party when the police are called. Loss of face; humiliation in front of the community is a matter of honor in Turkey and people will do almost anything to avoid it. As Alpay is led off to the police station, Melek’s nose starts to bleed, a symptom of her cancer returning.

At this point, everyone is concerned and suspicious about Melek’s health but of those present, only Kerem, Defne, Mahmut, Halil, Mirza, Basak and Ihsan know..and Melek does not know that Kerem and Defne know. It is decided with nods and raised eyebrows from Halil not to reveal Melek’s illness to her father or anyone else since this is a promise he gave to Melek. 

Why, why, why not! Instead of having her father against her at every turn, Melek would have his complete support as well as protection from Alpay. Well, this is a Turkish Dizi after all.   

Therefore the reason is…Melek does not want her children to know as it would be too upsetting; she does not know that they know of course. She does not want her father to know because she wants him to grow to love her children and forgive her, without feeling sorry for her and now also because she fears his heart would give out. She won’t tell her Aunt because it would upset her and she might tell Melek’s father.  

Funda abandons Alpay as he is led off to the police station as she is humiliated at his actions and wants nothing more to do with him. Also since she has other plans that we don’t yet know, she doesn’t need him. She goes back to the house to pack when she receives a phone call from someone we don’t know as yet. Funda is going to join this person at a hotel for a few days.  

Kenan sends a lawyer to help Alpay but will not intervene further, telling Alpay he’d made his bed so he’d better lie in it. The prosecutor decides that Alpay should spend a few days in jail since he’d broken the restraint order Melek had filed against him. We the viewers are delighted to have him out of the way for a while! Alpay meantime swears vengeance on all, including Funda and Kenan.  

Kadriye continues the pressure on Mahmut to move to their own home by saying all this stress is not good for the baby.  

Kerem and Defne decide they are going to do all they can to get Melek and her father on good terms again. Nefise hala tells them that Melek and her father used to hold cinema evenings in the courtyard during the summer and would choose the film together. Defne decides they will recreate this as a means of bringing back those memories and feelings.  

Angry and upset at the way he and Seyran are being treated by the family and doing nothing by halves, Mithat decides that he will give up all rights to any inheritance, his interests in the family business and no longer carry the family name, instead he will adopt his mother’s family name. With the help of money loaned to him by Zeynel he has bought a new food truck and moved into a new home with Seyran and her daughter. Unbeknownst to everyone, Zeynel’s loan was from Kenan and the house they’ve moved into is Kenan’s; it’s all part of Kenan’s strategy to ruin the Karadağ family.  

Başak advises Halil that Melek’s new medicine has arrived. Halil says he will pay for it but that Melek must not know.  

Kenan calls Funda to suggest she shows an interest in Alpay; she tells him in no uncertain terms that she wants nothing to do with Alpay. Kenan is suspicious and puts a tail on Funda.  

Zümrüt arrives at the country house at which Cumali has secluded himself. She brought with her the Koran (to Muslims what the Bible is to Christians) on which he had placed his hand at the wedding ceremony and promised lifelong commitment to his wife and family. She told Cumali if he had forgotten or no longer believed in his oath then there was no longer any reason for them to be together.  

Funda meets up with Kenan. She will tear up the agreement as soon as she gets the money and the deed to a property in Istanbul.  

Kadriye and Mahmut find out they are having twins; there’s no holding Kadriye back now in playing the pregnant Mom card. Turkish grandparents love nothing more than grandchildren even if some of them don’t much care for their actual children!  

Halil is at Melek’s side at the hospital while she undergoes her new chemo. She shares with him that she is scared and he reaffirms he will be by her side. He gives her a gemstone necklace representing strength and healing.  

Asli the new girl that had piqued Kerem’s interest in episode 31 comes upon Kerem with his arm around Defne in the park.  He is comforting Defne and Kerem, aware how this might look to his potential girlfriend is quick to stress that Defne is his twin sister. Defne leaves to go home while Kerem and Asli join some kids playing ball and we get to find out Asli lives in Germany but is visiting a relative (set the scene for future intrigue) in Gaziantep. The scene appears set for some eventual romance although Asli is a little taller and somewhat more stocky than our slim trim and less tall Kerem; this reviewer is not judgemental much!.  

Halil brings Melek back to the copper studio where he had prepared a comfortable room for her that she could use on days when treatment leaves her tired when at work. He makes her comfortable, feeds her and stays by her side while she sleeps. This way she avoids being seen sick or weak by her family during these times.  

Ihsan arrives home visibly annoyed. Apparently, Zehra (Başak and Ihsan’s wayward daughter who had an unrequited love for Omer and a penchant for causing problems for Defne) had not been going to school in Ankara where she had been sent to live with Ihsan’s sister and get away from mischief she was intent on doing. Başak will call Zehra to find out what is what and will then decide a course of action.  

Back at the mansion, Kadriye has arranged for a grand meal to be prepared to celebrate the news of the twin babies and Kerem and Defne are organizing the film night.

Kenan meets up with Funda and gives her the deeds to a house in Istanbul...and she tears up the agreement. Kenan says out of Funda’s earshot..“not long to go now before I pull your strings” Dun, dun dun!  

Mithat and Seyran move into their new home; they don’t understand why the rent is so cheap but the realtor says the landlord is rich and living overseas; money is no object. 

Alpay calls Funda on Kenan’s phone (she wouldn’t answer otherwise) to ask what she is up to. She tells him to go running after his ex-wife and his children and forget about her. She is tired of his disgraceful actions..he tells her that he will show her and everyone else what disgrace means.  

Halil goes to the country house to look for Cumali but he is not there. Cumali in the meantime has gone to the Han in the late hours of the night to make baklava and show everyone who is the master. Alpay goes to the Han that night also, pours gasoline outside the shops of Seyit Ali and Cumali and lights the fire. Cumali inside his shop is overcome by the smoke and falls to the floor…why he didn’t smell the smoke beforehand is something between him and the scenarist! We are left to wait another 7 days to see what happens next and to whom!

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