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Best "Friendship" Turkish Dramas Online

Romantic Comedy beIN Connect
Four well-educated working young women in the middle-lower class districts of İstanbul…Unlike the traditional families of their neighborhood, they all have big dreams… But dreams do not always match up with a real life. Dicle’s dream is to become a famous writer but she is working at a sign maker. Güneş’s dream is to become a lawyer as a justice-warrior. Unfortunately, she is trying to finish her internship in three penny’s worth foreclosure lawsuits in a law firm. Setenay’s dream is to become a fancy curator. As yet, she is counting the stones at the bottom of the pot at a second-class gallery. Melike is a little more sophisticated. Her dream is to become the building contractor of a big, elegant residence. Right now, she hardly makes ends by renting for nothing. The life of these young women changes with the sudden death of their friend Meryem. On the one hand, our characters will try to find out who killed their friend, on the other, they will follow their dreams.
Drama Romance Netflix
The friendship of Ada (Tuba Büyüküstün), Sevgi (Boncuk Yılmaz) and Leyla (Seda Bakan) which started in college turned into a friendship that gives strength to them even in their worst times. Ada is a successful surgeon and Sevgi is an ambitious lawyer. Leyla on the other hand never worked for a career as opposed to both of them. She lives a happy life with her husband and his son. However, the strong bond between these three women faces its hardest test when Sevgi gets diagnosed with cancer. Instead of following Ada’s wishes and getting treated in a hospital, Sevgi follows a very different hope. She asks Leyla to take her to Ayvalık in order to find a mysterious man called Zaman (Fırat Tanış). When they realize that there is no way for them to change Leyla’s mind they all desperately go on a journey.

They don’t know how this journey will completely change their lives yet. This search, started by Sevgi, will cause unexpected events not only in her life but also in Ada and Leyla’s lives as well.