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Best "Faith And Religion" Turkish Dramas Online

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“Kızılcık Şerbeti” tells the captivating story of the idealistic Doga falling hopelessly in love with a charming man from a devout family whose values clash with those of her mother, creating a powerful drama as they seek to overcome their differences and find harmony.

“Kızılcık Şerbeti” explores the powerful evolution in the idealistic Doga when she finds love at the start of university with a man whose beliefs conflict with those of her mother, Kivilcim. An unexpected pregnancy is set to turn Doga’s life plans upside down, shaking to the core two families from different worlds.

Fatih comes from a devout family. He seeks a serious relationship, which he finds when he and Doga fall in love. Kivilcim’s fears about their romance are fulfilled when her daughter becomes pregnant. Fatih sees this as a gift from God, but Kivilcim warns it will destroy Doga’s life, convincing her to have an abortion.

Kivilcim’s devastation is complete when Doga skips the abortion and instead marries Fatih. The modern, secular Kivilcim finds herself bound to Fatih’s religious family, with a headscarf-wearing mother and a father who prays five times a day. She is convinced their marriage is doomed by the differences between them.

Doga and Fatih face an uphill battle for their love to triumph over this huge culture clash. Kivilcim also faces a struggle that triggers major changes in her attitude. A complex love story evolves, bringing together two families who are poles apart but share the same deep truths.
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“Kızıl Goncalar” tells the poignant story of Meryem, married off at 14 in an Islamic sect, and now battling bravely to prevent her daughter Zeynep from suffering the same fate as the bride of the sheikh’s grandson. Guided by her sister-in-law, a former sect member, they realize they must flee to save Zeynep from the sect’s powerful clutches. Fearfully hiding her plans from her cruel husband, Meryem must first earn money as a carer in the home of secular psychiatrist Levent, who agrees to help her. Despite their clashing religious and progressive beliefs, Meryem and Levent are drawn together emotionally, but the turmoil in their lives deepens as the identity of his daughter is revealed.