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Best "Deception" Turkish Dramas Online

Drama TV8
When Defne got pregnant, the only one happier than her husband Cinar was their maid, Meryem. And when Meryem announced that she too was pregnant, Defne was thrilled! Their relationship grew along with their pregnancies, and the two young women formed a special bond. So when Defne’s baby was abducted, she turned to her fellow mother for support.

The only problem: Meryem was never really pregnant, and she’s the one who stole Defne’s child.

As Defne confronts every mother’s nightmare, her marriage will be tested along with her sanity. She will be aided by her mysterious ex-husband, who goes to extraordinary lengths to help find her baby. And all the while Meryem will remain by Defne’s side, posing as a friend while she watches the police search for her baby.