Kusursuz Kiracı

Kusursuz Kiracı (S01E04)


Mona is now unemployed after the threat of homelessness.

However, the fact that Muzaffer, whom she thought she had killed, comes home alive, completely changes the balance in the apartment. Mona is no longer the prey, but the hunter. However, the childhood box coming out of the attic will cause her to reevaluate everything he knows about the apartment. Did Mona really come here by chance, or are there other invisible ties to the Yuva Apartment that she doesn't know about?

Leyla harshly warns Mona that she should not trust Yakup. But when the heart does not listen to the edict, things will get mixed up again. Moreover, Mona's hunting will not last long, and she will find herself in the hunting position again with the organized plan of the neighbors. Moreover, this time she is in real trouble.