Kalp Yarası

Kalp Yarası (S01E28)


Ferit, who thinks that his father was killed, starts to investigate. All signs point to Yaman. Ayşe, who is on the verge of another confrontation, comes face to face with her grandfather, whom she calls her family.

Azade's fear of losing her power in the mansion and the holding forces her to make new moves. When Hande and Yaman take over the Sancakzade Mansion, the ropes are tense in the mansion.

Hearing that his daughter has settled in Sancakzade Mansion, Hüseyin turns this situation into an opportunity and comes face to face with Zümrüt. Faced with a memory she never expected, Vedia cannot recover herself, and this confrontation is a harbinger of earthquakes to be experienced in Sancakzade Mansion.