Dokuz Oğuz

Dokuz Oğuz (S01E06)


Having successfully completed the Kirkuk Taşlıtepe village operation, the Oğuz Team is attacked by a sniper on the way back and Timur Petty Officer is shot. While the team accompanying Oğuz Team and Tomris Colonel immediately takes action, it is understood that the main target of the sniper is Batur Captain. While the team is trying to find ways to get out of a valley, Timur's situation worsens and Tomris Colonel has to make an important decision. With a clever move, Batur Captain takes action to determine the location of the sniper and neutralize it. While Timur Petty Officer, who was brought to the hospital at the last moment, is fighting for life and death, Lee, who learns that Tara is a Turk from East Turkestan, Bilge Töreyeva, looks for ways to get out of Ankara. However, this will not be as easy as he thinks, for Lee, who suddenly finds Batur Captain and Oğuz Team in front of him, his way has come to an end...