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Support Our Community

Your subscription will help us keep delivering top-tier content about the dizis you love.


No Advertising

Say güle güle to banner ads throughout the website and official apps, For good!


Rating Archive

Get access to the ratings of your favourite past and present Turkish dramas.


Year In Review

Get surprising insights about your TV habits over time with in-depth statistics.


Organize Your TV

A personalized tracker to track what shows you're watching and which episodes you've seen.


PRO Badge

You'll get an exclusive badge that identifies you are a PRO user across the site.


Social Charts

See the top trending shows based on social media engagement.


Unlimited Lists

Create unlimited personal lists to better group and share your favourite TV series.


Custom Notifications

Get tailored updates on new releases, personalized recommendations, and more.


Customize Theme

Add a custom cover to your profile and toggle between light and dark mode.


Achievement badges

Unlock special badges by interacting with the site and simply watching the dizis you love.


BETA Features

You'll get early access to new features before they are released to everyone else.