First Look: ‘BÖRÜ 2039’ on BluTV

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History is not about repetition, it's about rhymes.

Turkey's premier SVOD Platform, BluTV, continues to raise the bar with its upcoming slate of ambitious projects, the latest of their production being BÖRÜ 2039.

This brand new mini-series BÖRÜ 2039 is the brainchild of producer and director Alper Çağlar, who has made a name for himself for his stellar ways of blending action and drama. The first episodes of BÖRÜ 2039 are set to be directed by Can Emre and Cem Özüduru, with Ahmet Atalay, a famed independent action cinema director from the USA, subsequently assisting.

The dark and breathtaking story of BÖRÜ 2039 is said to be "a large production scale project that has never been seen on digital platforms."

Set 25 years after the birth of the BÖRÜ universe, the futuristic series will focus on a drastically different Turkey in the Year 2039. The highly-anticipated series will begin when the world is on the brink of a new war and at a time when alliances, order, and tranquility are in shambles.

While details remain under wraps, we've learned that the series will deal with the wars and the effects dangerous technologies that are out of human control will have on this new world.

More to come.

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