14 Turkish Originals Coming To Netflix

14 Turkish Originals Coming To Netflix

For years, Netflix has reiterated its commitment to investing in filmmaking in Turkey. Since jumping on the wave, the streaming service has produced a slew of incredible movies and series, all of which have made waves around the world. Not showing signs of slowing down, during a press conference held on October 20 in Istanbul, the streaming giant revealed an even more exciting slate of forthcoming projects, outlined below.

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Cast: Engin Ozturk, Aybüke Pusat

Release Date: January 27, 2021

Overview: Getting a second chance is easy, but making use of it is more difficult than one thinks. The series follows the story of Gölge, a hitman, who does a lot of dirty work for Servet Nadir, the man who raised him. Gölge does not remember anything about his childhood, and spends a lot of his time pursuing the photograph that ties him to his past.

After betraying his boss, he hides out in a vacant tailor shop, where he's mistaken for the late owner's son, an identity he decides to embrace. Gölge will change the neighborhood and the neighborhood will change Gölge.

  • Dark Comedy
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Cast: Burcu Biricik, Ugur Yucel, Mehmet Yilmaz Ak, Hazal Turesan, Olgun Toker, Gulcin Kultur Sahin, Deniz Hamzaoglu and Cagdas Onur Ozturk.

Release Date: 2021

Overview: Fatma, an ordinary cleaning lady, commits an unexpected murder while searching for her missing husband, Zafer. She becomes an invisible killer; no one takes her to be more than an unexceptional "cleaner."

In the end, murder becomes a release for the years of struggle and grief that she had repressed, and a new part of her identity she must confront.

  • Series
  • Thriller
  • Crime
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Cast: Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ

Director: Tolga Karacelik

Writer(s): Atasay Koc, Cansu Coban, Sami Berat Marcali, Jason George 

Overview: A free-spirited dive instructor and marine biologist Arman is set to join in a research mission aboard a submarine. However, when the world is threatened by an unknown natural catastrophe Arman and his science crew need to get on board a military sub to survive. As Arman and his crew try to figure out what's happening to the world he also questions what the true mission of this submarine is. In the end, will he be able to save himself, his crew and so much more than he can imagine? 

The 8-episode show is produced by OGM Pictures

  • Action Adventure

Writer: Elif Usman

Director: Emre Sahin

Overview: “Midnight at the Pera Palace” is adapted from the award-winning non-fiction book of the same name written by Charles King. The 8-episode series depicts a young journalist, Esra’s encounter with the legendary Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul. When Esra is assigned to write a piece about the hotel, she accidentally discovers that one of the historic rooms is a portal to the year 1919. Thrust into the past, she lands in the middle of a political conspiracy against the founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Together with Ahmet, the quirky hotel manager, Esra must protect the course of history and the future of Turkey. But Istanbul in 1919 is a dangerous place, and when Esra meets Halit, the handsome and mysterious owner of Istanbul’s wildest club, she realizes that in the Istanbul of 1919, nothing is as it seems and no one is who they say they are. 

*The eight-episode Turkish-language time-travel series has started production in multiple locations in Turkey. 

  • Period Drama

Production: O3 Medya

Cast: Gökçe Bahadır, Barış Arduç, Salih Bademci

Overview: The series tells the story of Matilda who is a seamstress working at the most revolutionary nightclub in 1955 Istanbul, and the mother of Rasel who was unaware of her mother's existence up until the day Matilda was pardoned and released from prison. Matilda tries to manage the super-ego of club manager Orhan, her boss Celebi and visionary artist Selim meanwhile trying to mend the relationship with her daughter who is about to fall for the notorious casanova Fistik Ismet. A heaven for the customer, a hell hole for the workers, the club will transform into another life with Matilda's arrival. It will become a home for those who live another character within their lives, maybe the best family is the one that's formed by the ones who have never had it!

Production: Ay Yapim

Writer: Meric Acemi (Love 101)

Overview: A new story about the clash between Gen X who still stands in decision-making positions in corporate life and Gen Z who is strongly rising up.

As Generation X tries to understand the new world, social media, new media and business lines, they are not aware of the real big change. Perspectives, approaches, and the way you walk the path to reach your goals are completely different. As we climb up, we will watch Asli, who tries to "fly like a bird," instead of relying on the virtue of hard work. The story will question whether Asli, driven by her goals, can make it to the top and become an important person by using methods of the "new" world.

The series will have 8 episodes.


Production: Ay Yapım

Writer: Hakan Gunday | Director:  Onur Saylak

Overview: Architect Oktay Uysal starts living a double life as a punk, as a secret from his family. Simultaneously, his wife and kids as well as his dad also lead with their own double lives. The Uysals have a house full of lies while Oktay needs to build an Occupation House. Is it possible to be your real self with your family, or does everyone need a second life?

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Created / Director / Cast: Cem Yilmaz

Overview: Ersan Kuneri was the centerpiece of the erotic film industry in the 70's. With this confidence he decides to encounter other movie genres with his entourage Alev, Altin Oran, Miki Muammer, Seyyal, Kaya Akin (a.k.a Ibrahim Tumtum) Firdevs and Payro Kemal.

Will Ersan be able to slay his fans with a splash of Iranian cinema, perhaps an Italian romantic comedy, who knows a teen horror drama, a hint of social media themed film, maybe a wink at Hong Kong or a  horse chasing scene from a medieval revenge film.

We'll see how Ersan tries to conquer every part of the cinema world, from 1976 and onwards!

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Cast: Engin Gunaydın, Haluk Bilginer, Binnur Kaya, Oner Erkan, Fatih Artman, Irem Sak

Release Date: January 8, 2021

A brand new feature- film by Taylan Brothers. 

Overview: Azizler depicts the story of Aziz, going through an existential crisis after longing his youth, he is not happy with his work nor his private life which is also hijacked by his sister and her family who have been living with him for some time now. His relationship with his girlfriend after 4 years is also not in the best place and he feels the desire to end that too! He wants his long-gone freedom back and when he least expects it he will soon come across a chance to rescue himself from the blackhole he’s trapped in. However he realizes this turns him into a pathological liar to a point there’s no turning back. 

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Cast: Haluk Bilginer, Demet Akbag, Elçin Sangu, FFiratırat Tanis, Alican Yucesoy

Release Date: December 4, 2020

One marriage, two loves, three troubles, nine lives Leyla...Adem (Haluk Bilginer), decided to end his 20 years marriage with Leyla (Demet Akbag) for his gorgeous mistress Nergis (Elcin Sangu). But it seems that it is nearly impossible to get rid of Leyla naturally. And if he doesn’t find a solution, his forbidden lover Nergis will slip through his fingers very soon. Beside his love life, Adem has to deal with Mr. Mahdum (Firat Tanis) who is after Adam’s antique handwritten manuscript and his jealous lawyer Greed (Alican Yucesoy).

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Cast: Çağatay Ulusoy, Emir Ali Dogrul

Release Date: March 15, 2021

Overview: An impoverished, old neighbourhood in Istanbul, brutally shaped by emigration… Mehmet is a cherished fellow who runs the solid waste warehouse in the neighbourhood; he helps everyone in need - especially homeless children and teenagers since he was one too. Mehmet's biggest supporter is Tahsin who has been helping him and those in need for a very long time. One day Mehmet meets an 8-year-old boy who suddenly appears in his best mate Gonzales' waste sack. Mehmet suddenly has the urge to reunite the boy with his parents however he doesn't realize he becomes attached to this 8-year-old child. 

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Cast: Ecem Erkek, Engin Alkan, Devrim Yakut, Merve Dizdar, Ushan Cakir, Bulent Colak

Overview: The modern adaptation of the award-winning play from 1999, after 18 years we see this great play turned into a much-anticipated feature film.

This is the story of Gulseren who was born in Istanbul in 1948 with a meticulous intelligence. Set in the backdrop of the up and down changes of the society she lives in, the film follows the genius Gülseren as she and her family try to keep up with an ever-changing environment and their struggles amongst the journey. 

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Cast: Ece Cesmioglu, Fatih Sahin, Halit Ozgur Sari, Aslihan Malbora, Sureyya Guzel, Kubilay Tuncer

Release Date: July 2021

Overview: The story takes place in the summer of 1996 in Southern Turkey. We follow the story of a group of teenagers who are getting acquainted with love and life accompanied by sun, wind, rocky cliffs, endless waves and hearts that will eventually taste sadness. Deniz visits his parent's summer house every year, but this year is different, he has turned 16 and he is feeling new sensations and wants to experience more in terms of love. He believes himself to be mature enough to have his first sexual experience with his childhood crush Asli. As Deniz tries to get closer to Asli, he sees that hot shot of the summer from the same neighbourhood, Burak, the sporty and extremely handsome young man is all into Asli. As we see love blossom amongst each character, the viewer will also experience the first heartbreak and teenage awakening. 

Cast: Sarp Akkaya. Songul Oden, Fusun Demirel, Ercan Kesal, Aleyna Ozgecen, Guner Ozkul, Ushan Cakir

Overview: One one hand Sedat who works as the correction officer at Konya prison and Musa who is one of the inmates under Sedat's surveillance. Assigned with a mission, Sedat embarks on a journey with Musa, releasing him from prison for one day to take him to his hometown allowing him to see his family after 14 years. A mother with Alzheimer's disease, an ex-wife and a daughter, Musa decides to dedicate his only day to his daughter who is now treating him as a total stranger. Against all odds they have a very memorable day, however, Musa isn't fully relieved, he knows something is wrong, on the night of the same day his mother cries out all the hidden secrets from Musa, stabbing him in the heart by revealing Yonca is not his actual daughter. She was killed and now Musa is left with the unbearable pain but he knows he needs to find out how she was murdered.