Serkan Çayoğlu to lead TRT1 latest series, 'Kıbrıs Ada Kışı'


TRT1 has put into production a new series for their 2021 slate. Titled 'Kıbrıs Ada Kışı', the series is produced by TMC Film (Muhteşem İkili, Nefes Nesefe) and Hakan İnan is set to direct the series, with Başar Başarır and Emre Özdür penning the script.

Per TV100, Serkan Çayoğlu and Ahmet Kural are amongst the first surprise names on the show's cast lineup, and as of December 10, Pelin Karahan, will also be joining them as the latter's wife in the series.

Kıbrıs Ada Kışı will consist of 26 60-minute long episodes, with filming set to begin sometime in January!

While major plot details remain under wraps, according to preliminary reports, the series will span across three seasons: summer, winter, and spring!

'Kıbrıs Ada Kışı' is coming soon to TRT1.

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