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Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 4 Recap and Review


The fourth instalment of the ongoing relationship, fake and otherwise, between Serkan Bolat, architect and misanthrope, and Eda Yildiz, florist and people lover, dropped this week. Ratings for this show have been consistently high, it’s even holding the top spot against football matches and Masterchef. The story has progressed, and we are getting small, tantalizing details of the lives of our protagonists pre-meeting one another and we are also getting to see just how much these two people are meant for each other.


Please allow me to wax poetic about Sen Çal Kapimi for a few moments. 


This is a romantic comedy and the story structure is enemies to lovers, a story that has been told hundreds if not thousands of times. The refreshing thing about how writer Ayse Üner Kutlu and her team are framing the story is that it isn’t a story about how two very different people come together and overcome their differences, it’s a story about two seemingly different people who gradually figure out that they are actually very similar. Due to some as of yet unknown trauma, Serkan has closed himself off from his feelings, but he certainly has them, they were on display in a variety of ways these last two episodes. Eda has also suffered some terrible events in her life but she has chosen to still be open and loving and we can see how she has benefited from this openness, she has a strong band of very devoted friends, she wins people over easily, she is known and liked in her neighbourhood, and has the love and respect of her aunt. The story being told is about how Serkan and Eda are going to fall in love, and there is a fantastic cast of secondary characters that serve up comedy and love, but we are not subjected to over-long, unnecessary secondary plots that take up way too much screen time and don’t ultimately go anywhere (looking at you, Erkenci Kus). 


Eda has no time for high society and will not allow Aydan to turn her into high-society Barbie, Serkan also has no time for the people in his mother’s social circle. I was angry for Eda last episode when Serkan didn’t even bother to introduce her properly to people but I realized it’s not because he doesn’t think she worthy of them, it’s that he doesn’t think the people are worth knowing. Serkan is a workaholic perfectionist but even Eda admits to Safie that she understands this, because she is like this too. When she was working on the drawings with Serkan is his office, she showed her determination to get it right when Serkan asked for a drawing that had good technique but also had ‘soul’, Eda knew what he meant and after a few failed efforts and ripped up drawings was able to produce something that Serkan thought was really good. 


This is the other thing I really appreciate about Ayse’s take on the enemies to lovers theme is that we are not spending episode after episode with the two of them hating each other beyond when it’s believable in the story. She hated him in the first episode for good reason, but now that that reason is gone we have moved on in the story. This is good, character driven writing, allowing the characters traits and actions to move the story forward rather than trying to fit the characters to match some plot point. As Serkan and Eda spend time together they are finding that they have various common interests and likes and, surprising to both of them, that they enjoy spending time together, I think this is what freaked Serkan out in episode three. I also like that neither character goes out of their way to be mean or nasty to the other. Serkan praises her when she gets the drawing right and she thanks him and tells him that that means a lot coming from him as she admires him as an architect. So, Eda may say that she hates him and he will say that he feels the same, but they don’t and in fact they like each other very much.


The episode opens with Eda coming around after falling asleep due to some stress caused by her conversation with Selin. This awakening harkens back to episode one because as she is waking up, before she is fully there, she sees Serkan’s face and she full on smiles at him. She is liking waking up to his face. He is on FaceTime with their family doctor and is checking out Eda’s vitals and relaying them to her, hand temperature, pulse, eyes etc. The doctor says that Eda should be fine and doesn’t need to go to the emergency room but she would like to check her out anyway, Eda is fully awake at this point and says that she is fine, she doesn’t need to go. Serkan reminds her that it’s in the contract. She asks if he was worried about her and he denies. He asks why she passed out and she remembers all three of her conversations, Melo, Aydan and then Selin. She says Selin is going to come over that day, and starts to panic again, Serkan says calm down, I’ll tell her not to come. He asks her if she wants water and she declines and he asks does she need help getting up, she obviously doesn’t but she puts her hand in his for him to lift her put, contrasting the beach scene in episode one when she refused help in getting out of the beach lounger. 


After they have left Selin stops by and finds only Pyril at the office, Pyril lets her know that Serkan has just left with Eda, in the middle of the work day. Pyril seems to only live for work. She and Selin have a conversation about Eda and Serkan and Selin says she can’t believe it, that Serkan is doing all these things with Eda that he would never do with her, Pyril says that it’s like he is a different person now that Eda is on the scene. Selin says that this is the Serkan she has always dreamed off but never got, Pyril questions her on why they broke up and Selin says ‘you know how much he hurt me, how indifferent he was to me, I had to call before I went over to see him and now he is living with Eda’ she tells Pyril that she and Ferit are going over to their house. Pyril asks why she would put herself through that and she says she has to see, that she can’t believe it, Pyril reminds her that she has Ferit and that he loves her, why would she do this, Selin says yes that she got engaged to Ferit, she put Serkan behind her but when she sees how Serkan treats Eda, the way that Selin had wanted, it hurts her. Pyril says she understands but what she can’t understand is why Serkan had to bring Eda to work at the firm, this sets a lightbulb off in Selin’s head and we see later that she gets Ferit a job at the holding company that her dad and Serkan’s dad own. 


Serkan and Eda drive over to Eda’s place to get her medical results (oh Serkan), and to see what’s up with Melo. On the way Aydan calls again and Eda dismisses the call, she laughs and say to Serkan that the best thing about their relationship not being real is that she doesn’t have to answer her ‘mother-in-law’s’ calls. When they arrive at her place as the girls are trying to figure how to break the news to Eda about Serkan’s lunch with Selin, the girls are surprised when Eda arrives with him and they all give him the death glare as they physically rally around her. He beats a retreat out to the balcony as the girls try and tell Eda that he is cheating on her with Selin, Eda laughs about this, to the shock of the girls, but catches herself and says she will go out and ask Serkan about the lunch. She heads out to the balcony and fake angrily asks him to explain himself, he is understandably confused so she explains and they have an awkward pretend make up hug. They come back in, Eda explains that it was a misunderstanding and goes to get her medical records to show the doctor, when she is gone the girls give him the shovel talk about Eda and that if he hurts her they will make him pay. He says he won’t do anything to hurt Eda but no one is mollified except Melo who believes him. 


They head to Serkan’s and the doctor checks Eda over and says that physically Eda is fine, it was simply stress that caused her to fall asleep and the doctor recommends swimming to reduce stress. Eda tells her she really isn’t a stressed out person but Serkan certainly is, and the doctor says she well aware of that fact. The doctor leaves and Serkan tells her she will swim for 30 minutes everyday. She says no she won’t, he says it’s in the contract that she does what he says and she says he should do some stress relieving exercises too, and says again that she won’t swim. He says she will swim and she says she doesn’t know how. He’s surprised but says that she has to learn as they are heading to Antalya in a couple of days, this is the first that Eda has heard of this and is mad that he’s only telling her now, but he reminds her of the contract and that Selin and Ferit are also going so Eda needs to be there. 


Eda goes over to Aydan’s part of the estate where Aydan is freaking out thinking that Eda is truly moving in, Eda reassures her that it’s part of the game, that she isn’t moving in, and after a  remark from Aydan about how Eda’s head might be being turned by Serkan, says that Serkan isn’t even her type. Aydan is happy until Eda says don’t keep calling me, if I don’t answer it’s because I am busy. Serkan drives her home and she makes a deal with him that she will learn to swim if he also does something to relieve his stress. He begrudgingly says fine.


Ayfer is sitting in the garden looking at old photos when Eda arrives home. Eda gets a bit teary and says that she misses her parents so much and that all she wants is to be a good person, get a good education and make her parents proud, she thinks that she has failed at this but Ayfer says to her that her parents would be proud of her and that Ayfer is also proud of her. She says to Eda that she only has one more year of university to finish, maybe they could speak to her grandmother to get the money necessary for Eda to pay her tuition. Eda says no, she’s not taking that money, she doesn’t want anything to do with her grandmother, Ayfer reminds her that legally the money is hers (inheritance?) and that she’s sure that her grandmother is keeping tabs on them. 


That evening Serkan is working at home when Eda Facetimes him and asks him what he is doing as a stress reliever, he replies that he his working, she huffs and tells him to close up his computer, which he does, she’s picked a song for him to listen to and he should put it up on his home speakers, he complies, she then says go out to the kitchen, he does, she asks him what he wants to drink and he says water and she tells him he is boring but instructs him to squeeze a lemon into it, she does the same. She tell him to go look at the stars and take a deep breath, when he does she asks him if he feels better and he admits that he does. They say goodnight. 


The next morning Eda and the girls go bathing suit shopping after Eda tells them that Serkan is going to teach her how to swim, even though she already knows how to, Melo admires her tactics. Thus begins the longest day ever, as I was watching this I realized all the rest of the episode happens all on one day, which stretches belief but whatever. 


The next scenes are some comedy gold by Kerem Bürsin, as he finds himself jealous and insecure about Eda. Eda arrives in her bathing suit and wrap expecting Serkan to be the one to be teaching her to swim, but Serkan has hired a swim coach to teach her. She is disappointed but we see the wheels turning in her head about how to make him regret this choice. She and the instructor walk to the opposite, shallow end of the pool as Serkan sits at the other end. Safie comes up to Serkan and Serkan asks about what Eda and Aydan talked about yesterday Safie says that it was just a misunderstanding. Serkan asks if they talked about him and Safie says yes they did. Serkan presses and asks what did they talk about? Safie tells him that Eda told his mother that Serkan isn’t her type. He is dismayed at this and actually says ‘What! How can I not be her type, am I not attractive enough for her?What is her type?’ Safie smirks and says ‘do you want me to ask?’ Serkan says of course not. 


The moment Eda removes her wrap Serkan almost swallows his tongue and he realizes that he’s made a horrible mistake, he says to Safie what kind of bathing suit is this, which Safie replies that it looks quite stylish and to be fair the suit is quite modest but Hande Erçel does have a very nice figure. Serkan can’t stop staring although he pretends he’s reading a book and Eda plays up to the instructor like she’s scared and says loudly ‘I’ll hang on to you’, and Serkan is obviously very unhappy about this turn of events. Eda is obviously playing it up for Serkan and Safie picks up on the tactic and side-eyes Serkan with a smirk as she says loudly that she likes doing this and can they do this twice a week? Serkan has had enough and says to Safie ‘enough’ and tells her that they have to go, she says no, she still has 20 minutes left in her lesson and that if he wants he can just go. Serkan pulls a Winnie the Pooh and says ‘think, think, think’ and says that they do everything together and they have to go together. He tells Safie to drain the pool, and says ‘run, run, drain the pool’, it’s hilarious and well done by Kerem Bürsin. Eda has a slow motion moment getting out of the pool, with the sexy saxophone theme music and Serkan comes up behind her to wrap her in a towel with the sun shining behind them lighting up their faces and hair. They gaze at each other smiling for a few moments. I tell you, the cinematography for this series is exceptional. 


Eda, Safie, Aydan and Serkan are by the pool, not rushing anywhere, when he gets a call from Engin that there is a crisis at work, he says he has to go, she says no way, he had promised that he would work from home that day, they still need to pick up her stuff to pretend that she has moved in and she needs to figure out what to cook for that night. He tells her he has to go, she says she’s not putting in all this effort for his ex-girlfriend just for him to take off for work after he promised, but fine they will be disgraced. She needs to change before they go. They walk away leaving Aydan wondering how Eda talks to Serkan like they have been married for 10 years.


As they head to the car Eda is mad that they have to go to work but Serkan says they will go quickly and fix the problem, she says ‘it’s Saturday, why don’t you ever stop working?’. He stops her and stumbles over the question of what her type is, she says ‘like, what do I like in a man?’. She sees that he is bothered and has likely heard that she said that he wasn’t her type, she says she likes a creative man, someone who is polite and shows emotion. He says that not what he meant, he means physically. She says see doesn’t care much about muscles, physical appearance isn’t that important but she does say, ‘smile, voice and hands’, Serkan looks down and stretches out his own hand, walking away Eda says ‘he should have a good smile, a voice that is beautiful and charismatic, and hands that make an impression’.  They arrive at his car and he smacks his hand down on the roof, she knows exactly what he is doing, and he says you can ask me a personal question, she asks if he thinks that Selin will leave Ferit and come back to him. He says yes, she asks why and he says that Ferit isn’t appropriate for her, all the while he is flexing his hand on top of the car. She laughs and says that he doesn’t need to do that, he has beautiful hands. He says he knows. Oh Serkan. 


Serkan’s father Alptekin is meeting with Selin and Ferit and agrees to hire Ferit for the holding company. Selin asks if he is sure and he says yes and that it will drive Serkan crazy. I do not understand their relationship, he mother mentioned last week how Alptekin treats Serkan like he’s the enemy and you can’t help but think she’s right.


They arrive at the office and the workers are all freaking out, they are scared of Serkan’s reaction to the problem, it turns out that a client requires extra drawings that only Serkan is capable of producing and they need them in 24 hours. They figure Serkan is going to blow up but he has made a bet with Eda that he won’t get angry and so he has to hold his temper and say that he will produce the drawings. Selin arrives and they make a plan for dinner that night, she leaves and Eda says come on we have to go and get my stuff and make it look like I live there, Serkan doesn’t see what the big deal is and they start to argue. Engin goes in to tell them that the whole office can hear them and what are they arguing about? Eda tell him that Serkan has to leave early. Engin says he will do the drawings, Serkan says no, Eda says they will go pick up her stuff, then go back to Serkan’s and he will continue to work while she cooks or else. Serkan laughs and says ‘are you threatening me?’ and she says or else he can find someone else to cook for his ex-girlfriend. Engin says oooooh is Selin coming for dinner? Then agrees with Eda and says that they have to go. Eda tells the whole office not to bother Serkan, no one is to talk or call him. Serkan, with Leyla’s help sneaks out of the office to meet Kaan who congratulates Serkan on tricking him but says that he will get him back. 



Eda is outside looking for Serkan when Fifi arrives, the girls have hatched a plan to talk to different people who know Serkan to try and find out about him and Selin. Fifi is there to try and get info out of Erdem who is infatuated with her and Ceren has made a coffee date with Engin to do the same. I like the chemistry between Engin and Ceren so I hope this goes somewhere but there also seems to be some unrequited feels going on between Engin and Pyril so who knows. Eda asks Fifi to go get some of her stuff from home and take it to Serkan’s she agrees and decides this is a good excuse to get Erdem to help her. Erdem’s flex in the window was awesome and hilarious. 


Because Serkan has so much to do, Eda offers to help with the drawings, Serkan looks sceptical but she says let her try before he scoffs. He hands her a stack of paper and she smiles at him and he looks a little bit pleased that she’s trying this. 


Engin and Ceren go for a walk and Ceren tries to get information about Selin from Engin on the sly but he immediately picks up on it and tells her to ask anything she wants. He tells her about Selin and Serkan’s relationship, how Selin would agree to anything that Serkan wanted, she asks what do you mean, and Engin elaborates and says Serkan is anti-social, Selin say okay, Serkan doesn’t want to go out, Selin says okay, Serkan wants to work late, Selin says okay, but Engin says that Eda isn’t like that. Ceren agrees and says Eda won’t be told what to do, that she will get her way, Engin says he recognized this when on the first day Eda handcuffed herself to Serkan. They laugh. 


Back at the office, Eda has finished her first drawing and shows it to Serkan who unceremoniously rips it up. She asks what was wrong with it and he tells her technique is good but the drawing had no ‘soul’, interesting words coming from the ‘robot’. She says that she will try again and he says if he doesn’t like it he will tear it up but she says okay and goes back to work, he is sneaking glances at her, he’s impressed that she is putting in the effort. He tears up two more drawing but comes over to help her and guides her hand with his own and at last she makes one that he really like and he praises her for it. She thanks him and tells him it means a lot because she admires him as an architect, he tells her she has talent. She spontaneously hugs him and he has a little smile on his face but she pulls away quickly and apologizes.


Meanwhile Fifi, Melo and Erdem are trying to get some of Eda’s stuff out of her apartment without her aunt noticing but she comes home and Melo has to lie to her and tell her that it’s stuff for charity. They take it to Serkan’s. 


Eda and Serkan stop at a street market on the way home so Eda can get what she needs for dinner, Serkan complains and says that Safie could do this and they are wasting time, give that the vendors wish them a good morning, they have plenty of time in this endless day. She makes him help her shop and not sit in the car, and force feeds him unwashed grapes and cherries much to his disgust. She gives him hell for overpaying for everything saying that that isn’t how the market works. 


They arrive home and Eda is going to cook and Serkan is going to work. Eda says she will look at him with love tonight and Selin will break up with Ferit that night and then Eda will be free of Serkan and he says that he can hardly wait. Liars. 


She starts to unpack the bags of food as Sirius comes by and drops a file folder on the ground, it’s the engagement agreement. Eda picks it up and hides it as Fifi, Melo and Safie arrive with her stuff, with Aydan coming behind a few moments later, she’s rude and condescending to Eda and the girls as expected but does help them put Eda things around in the house to make it look like Eda has moved in, and suggests that Eda needs to put things out in the bedroom and bathroom too as Selin will definitely be snooping. There’s a brief moment between Safie and Fifi that was interesting, we have no idea yet if there will be a secondary romance for the show, and if there is who the couple will be. 


Eds grabs Serkan to help her figure out the bedroom, she lays a nightie on the bed, slippers at the foot and he tells her he can pick any shelf she wants to put her clothes on in the wore-robe. She laughs and says if she were really moving in he would have a shelf and she would have the rest. She hands him her toothbrush and tells him to put it where he wants and he takes it like it’s contaminated. However as she is laying out a jewelry case on the table by the bed she notices that her lipstick that she wrote on his car with is there, he’s kept it. Again, Ayse is so good at showing her characters feelings and motivations subtly. She also hands him a mug saying this is her favourite but it’s his to use, it’s a mood mug. He says he doesn’t need a mug to tell him what his mood is, but she says just try it; black is upset, white is happy, blue is excited and red is in love.


Melo and Fifi are walking along the board walk when Melo gets a text from Kaan asking to meet up. She is in heaven, and they meet up in a cafe under the guise of him feeling bad that she lost her job and he want to make it up to her. He says he might be able to get her a job with a friend of his. Melo is mooning over him, she is such a sweet trusting character and Kaan has no idea the pain he is going to suffer if or when he hurts Melo. They end up at the coast and he ‘realizes’ that she is friends with Eda, who is engaged to Serkan. He says he’s sorry but they can’t see each other anymore because Serkan doesn’t like him and Serkan is crazy and it will cause problems between Eda and Serkan. He kisses her hand and says it was so nice to get to know her, and if only things could be different, he smirks to himself as he walks away and I’m trying to decide which of the girls it will be that will make him pay. Harkening back to the Pride and Prejudice framework of this story, Kaan is definitely the Wickham character. Melo is crushed by this news.


Safie asks Eda what she wants him to cook for tonight but she says she is going to do the cooking, he looks skeptical and says that Serkan is picky about what he eats, she says she will manage and he should just take sometime off and do what he likes. He says he loves his job as Serkan laughs and Eda says isn’t there anyone who isn’t a workaholic here. Serkan says speaking of that he has a work call to do and walks off, Safie says that he admires Eda, she asks why and he says although it’s just a game she still tries her best to make it the best she can. She says yes, it true, she gets mad at Serkan for this but she is an ambitious perfectionist too. Safie says he knows that Serkan is a difficult person but there are reasons for this and when Serkan spends time with Eda Safie can see the person that he used to be. I guess this means Safie has been with the family for a long time. He tells her that when the game is over he hoped they will part happy, she says she hopes it’s over soon. He leaves telling her that he will go on his annual vacation. She laughs. 


Eda has the music cranked up as she dances around in the kitchen cooking. She is making kebabs and eggplant. Serkan comes in and says Selin won’t eat any of that because it’s too fatty. Eda says a good guest eats what is put in front of them. He sighs and says he guesses that he will have to cook some healthy food then. They banter a bit and decide on a competition to see who’s food is the tastiest. Serkan obviously knows his way around a kitchen and Eda is impressed. They jostle each other around and flirt as they cook, each feeding the other what they have made, Serkan even eats her fatty food out of her hand as the sexy sax music plays and says if he wasn’t so health conscious he would eat the whole pan. She says okay now it’s your turn, he tells her that food should be appreciated visually first, then you take in its fragrance and then you should be dying to taste it. Still talking about food Serkan bey??She tries his dish and loves it and he even wipes a bit of sauce off the corner of her mouth with his thumb, it’s very hot and sexy. Aydan and Safie are spying and watching this all, Aydan didn’t even know her son could cook and she remarks that the two of them look rather cozy for a fake relationship. Eda and Serkan catch them watching and Eda says ‘come for a coffee’, Aydan lies and says they are there looking for an earring. 


Eda says that she smell of food and asks Serkan where she can take a shower and he gestures to his house, she looks uncomfortable at this idea but there really isn’t another option. After her shower, dressed in a white robe with her hair in a towel Eda realized that the girls have not brought her any dresses or other clothes to wear, that box had gotten left behind. Serkan comes into the bedroom similarly dressed in a white bathrobe after his own shower. We a blessed with a fair amount of chest on display, Eda is flustered by this and tells him that she has no clothes appropriate for the dinner, he tells her he can lend her a shirt and it looks like her brain short-circuits for a second and she needlessly paws through the open box again but only comes up with scarves and sleep shorts. He says he’s there to get dressed, and she says of course and slides by him to give him space but as she passes him she obviously takes a whiff of him which makes him laugh. 



She call Ceren for a dress and Melo to figure out where the box with her clothes is. Erdem ends up back at her house and finds the box but before he can leave with it Ayfer catches him and he spills the beans that the boxes are going to Serkan’s and says that she will take it, Ayfer wants to know what the heck is going on.  


Serkan is on his computer, drinking something hot out of the mug that Eda had given him which is glowing a bright crimson colour. Subtle, Ayse, subtle. His phone rings and some plans are finalize as he hangs up Eda comes out of the house looking stunning is a short, tight white dress with only a thin gold chain and her engagement ring as accessories. Serkan is mesmerized and compliments the dress, she says thank you. She compliments him again on his dishes and he says her’s are good too and that actually eggplant is his mother’s favourite. She asks him if she should take Aydan a plate and he tells her she will probably only be condescending about it but Eda decides to anyway. She brings the plate and Aydan actually compliments her on how she looks and she explains that it’s not actually her dress but Ceren’s. Aydan asks if she can make one small adjustment and sending Safie in for her jewelry box adds a bracelet, a broach, and a hair comb to Eda outfit. Eda tries it all on and Aydan is pleased how it looks but Eda takes it all off again and politely says that it’s just not her. 


She comes back to Serkan’s house and he gets a call from Engin about a spontaneous meeting that requires flying to, Engin is on his way to the airport and he tells Serkan he will take care of everything. Serkan, being the control freak that he is says wait for me, I’m coming too. Eda takes off after him and as he has forgotten his phone he has to backtrack, Eda has it and is holding over the pool. She is telling him that he can’t go, he’s being completely insensitive and selfish, he’s behaving again like a robot. She tosses him the phone and he barely catches it and say she should be careful as she is too close to the edge of the pool, as he turns away she pencil-dives right into the pool. He hears the splash and immediately dives in after her. 


He comes up with her in his arms and says what are you doing? She is laughing and he says is this funny, you could have drowned. She says it is funny, does he think that she would jump into a pool if she couldn’t swim expecting him to save her? He says, so you can swim? She says, yep. He says so you’ve made me late, she says yes and he lets her out of his arms, he’s checking his watch as Selin and Ferit walk up to the edge of the pool, followed closely behind by Ayfer. Ferit asks what they are doing in the pool and Eda says best not to ask. Selin asks how that water is, that she has never swam there. Man, all those years together and Serkan never even swam in the pool with Selin?


The dinner is as awkward as expected, and Ayfer and Aydan have joined them. Ayfer apologizes for barging in on their dinner but Serkan says that it’s no problem, they are family now. Aydan corrects him and says they are not family until after the wedding and Eda snarkily asks her what she wants Eda to call her after the wedding, mom Aydan or just mom? Serkan smiles into his napkin. Aydan says whatever Eda likes. Ferit compliments the table and Selin says yes the food is delicious, who is their chef? Eda tells her ‘Serkan Bolat’. Selin is very surprised that Serkan made the food and comments that she sees a new Serkan every day. Serkan comments that he hasn’t cooked in a long time but today he felt like it, Ayfer comments that it’s Eda influence, that she brings the best out in people. 


Selin excused herself saying she needs to use the bathroom, Eda gets up to show her but Selin says she knows the way. As predicted she inspects the house for signs of Eda, she checks in the bedroom and sees Eda’s nightie on the bed and her jewelry on the table and seeing Eda’s makeup and toiletries in the bathroom she has flashbacks of Serkan telling her that there isn’t room in his house for another person, that he needs his alone time, for her not to take it personally but he can’t live with someone. I did feel slightly sorry for Selin here. She is obviously still in love with Serkan. 


Selin comes back out and tells Serkan that Ferit is going to be working at their holding company, she wants his signature on the contract, although it’s just a formality. Selin says she will go and grab a pen and heads into a little office area, a few seconds later Eda realizes that’s where she stashed the engagement contract from earlier she jumps up and runs into the office after Selin just as Selin has started to read the engagement contract. Eda grabs for it but Selin rips is out of her hand and tears the top off the first page, she rushes outside with it and brandishing it like a torch says ‘what’s this Serkan?’ and my sympathy for her dries up. 


The is the end of the episode and we are left wondering how much she got to read before Eda got it away from her and also how they are going to explain it. My theory is that they are going to pass it off as a prenuptial agreement. I also hope that Serkan rains fury down on her for daring to read other people’s personal documents. As well, how is Ferit going to react to his fiancée being so interested in her former boyfriend’s love life. 


Every new episode I think, ‘this is my favourite episode’ and then the next week’s one comes and I think ‘no, THIS is my favourite episode’. I was pretty sure I would like any show written by Ayse Üner Kutlu but I had no idea just how much I would come to love Sen Çal Kapimi and I gather by the ratings and the online praise of the series I am not the only one. 


See you next week!

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