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Sadakatsiz: Season 1, Episode 7 & 8 Recaps


With all of the truth revealed, Asya and Volkan try their best to win Ali's custody.

This is what you missed on episodes 7 and 8 of Sadakatsiz. Warning: there are spoilers ahead.


Selçuk went to Nil's apartment but she's not there, but he met Volkan! He told him about Asya and Nil's relationship. The next day, at the hospital, everybody starts staring at Asya. Pelin - her assistant - told her that all her patients have canceled their schedules. It was because of the hot topics of the internet that says 'Doctor Asya being such an incoherent doctor'. Halkan Bey - the owner of the hospital - then invites Asya to an emergency meeting. There, there was Volkan and Selçuk.

Selçuk reported that Asya had prescribed Nil with sleeping pills for her own gain, because in return, Nil supposed to spy on her husband, Volkan. Asya denied all the allegations, but Halkan bey and Volkan did not believe her. As punishment, Asya got suspended from the hospital.

Selçuk went to Nil and he told her that Asya got suspended from the hospital and Nil starts to get angry and oust him.

She was right [...] She tried to help me! She tried to save my life from you! [...] from now on I will save myself.

At Volkan's office, Serap - his assistant - comes and said that Haluk Bey has left the project and Volkan starts to get angry.

Mert comes home. He's looking for Bahar but she wasn't at home. Instead, he met with sürpriz - the kitten raised by Bahar. At first, he was a bit hesitant, but then he gave the kitten milk to drink and starts playing with him. Bahar comes home and she is surprised to see Mert with sürpriz. Mert asks for her forgiveness, but Bahar says she can't forgive him because she will always remember what happened, but Mert suggested they move and start everything from the beginning.

The next morning, Derin visited her dad. She asked him to not drop out of Volkan's project, but Haluk Bey refused.

In Haluk Bey's office, Asya comes to visit him. She wants Haluk Bey to stay on Volkan's project and if he refused, she will show the proof to the court of Derin and Volkan's affair and proof of Volkan buying Derin's apartment with her money for Ali's education and his reputation as a well-respected person will be destroyed. Haluk Bey then agrees. He goes to Volkan's office and says he will be staying in the project but the benefits of the projects and the custody of Ali will go to Asya. Not happy with what he heard, Volkan refused.

You don't get it do you? Of course you wouldn't understand! Because you underestimate your wife! You are as fool as your dishonest!

At the hospital, Turgay and Pelin tried to bring Asya back to the hospital. Turgay had an idea to asks Nil for help, Pelin agrees. She meets Nil and asks her for some help. Nil then visited Hakan Bey and Ishan Bey at the hospital. She admitted that Asya prescribed her sleeping pills, but it is not as a return to watching over Volkan but it's because of her abusive relationship with Selçuk. Hakan Bey and Ishan Bey understood and they called Asya and asked her to come back to work.

Volkan visited Bahar and asked her to become his witness in the court for the custody of Ali, but Bahar refused. Volkan got angry and leaves her. Bahar then visited Asya and told her about what happened. She said she won't be on Volkan's side and she thinks Ali does not deserve a dad like Volkan. When Bahar was about to leave, Asya apologizes.

Derin visits Nil as she does not believe that she betrayed her, seeing as she thought they were friends. Nil says that Derin made a huge mistake to fall in love with Volkan, but Derin says she did not understand because she's falling in love and there's nothing she can do.

He told you that he was going to divorce his wife and you believe it. Now you are experiencing the consequences of your choices!

The next morning, someone knocks on Derin's door. When she opens the door up, it was Ali. Derin calls Volkan, he's shocked seeing him. Ali says that Asya is drove him there to meet with him.  He then asked why he lives in Derin's apartment, Volkan says it because his mother kicked him out of the house and he has no place to stay so now he lives with a friend, Derin.

Later on, Derin visits Asya and tells her to stay away from her and Volkan. But all of sudden Derin was in pain and Asya took her to the hospital. Haluk Bey and Gönül Hanım rush to the hospital. Gönül Hanım blames Asya for everything that happened and she threatens that if anything happens to Derin, she will not forgive her. Derya comes out of the emergency room and says Derin is fine, but her blood pressure it's a little low, and she under so much stress. Asya says that the father of the baby should know about the condition of the baby and the mother. She tells Derya to calls Volkan.

Volkan comes to the hospital in a rush and when he sees Asya he starts to get angry. He blames Asya for what happened with Derin and he starts yelling at her, but Turgay intervenes them. Asya leaves the hospital and Volkan chases her. Asya then picks up Ali and drive very fast which scares Ali. He tries to calls Volkan but Asya threw his phone out of the car. Volkan then tries to track them using a GPS.

Asya and Ali went to the cliff. Asya admits she will get a divorce but Ali does not agree and he says she making him unhappy. Both of them start to cry.

Volkan rushes to Asya's house and meets here there, alone. Volkan asks where is Ali but Asya does not answer. He starts to strangle her, then Asya shows Ali's hair to Volkan. He thinks Asya killed Ali, he then starts to scream and break all the stuffs in the kitchen. Volkan strangle her and pushed Asya until she fells to the floor, blood flowed from her head then Ali comes leaving Volkan shocked.


One thing I like about Sadakatsiz that they don't really focus on other supporting roles' stories that much, but they still manage to deliver their story. From the very beginning of Sadakatsiz, I'm very curious about Mert and Bahar's story, but they didn't give us much of it.

Now they are slowly starting to tell each person's story. The scene where Asya apologized to Bahar for what she has done... it's kinda touched my heart. I never like Asya's decision to slept with Mert and I'm very happy when she apologized to Bahar. She's decent enough not to be on Volkan's side on the court for their divorce.

Mert tries so hard to get a second chance from Bahar. He even tries to play with a cat which an animal that he does not like and If he got a second chance I hope he did not mess it up.

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