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Rojbin Erden Is The Future

Rojbin Erden may have just begun planting her roots in the acting industry, but her undeniable talent and charm have rightfully set her up on an upward trajectory toward stardom. Upon meeting the burgeoning star, you are immediately struck by her affable personality, which, in combination with the welcoming warmth that surrounds her, makes her a total delight to be around.

For Rojbin, whose poignant portrayal of Asi in Yabani (Wild Heart) cemented her as a fan favorite, the itch to perform developed at a young age, but it wasn’t until the right people came along that acting became a viable career path.

While she is this year's DIZILAH Rising Star, the talent on her all but guarantees her star will rise astronomically in the next couple of years.

Has acting always been a passion of yours? How did your acting career start?

From a young age, I was interested and curious about many fields of art. However, my decision to pursue acting as a career happened very quickly and suddenly. When my current managers, whom I adore, entered my life, I suddenly found myself in this profession.

Is there an actor or actress that you could say is your absolute inspiration in the industry?

There are many actors I am inspired by and follow with interest; so I wouldn’t want to narrow it down to just one person. However, I have admired Beren Saat’s stance and the positive energy she radiates since my childhood.

What attracted you to the role of Asi in ‘Yabani’ when you first auditioned for the role?

Her clean and strong heart. Asi is a character with strong principles and boundaries. I thoroughly enjoyed bringing Asi to life. One reason for this is that I could easily empathize with her. Asi's maternal side, the value she places on her friends and loved ones, her strength and patience in overcoming anything without needing anyone, her hardworking spirit, and her compassion motivated me every day on set. 

How would you describe your character, Asi, and do you find any similarities between her and yourself?

Asi's maternal side, sudden outbursts, protective instinct, pursuit of her own truths, and passion for music are traits that define her, and I can say we share in common.

What scene did you find most emotionally challenging to film in ‘Yabani,’ and how did you prepare for it?

The scenes we shot after Umut's death were emotionally draining and physically exhausting. After each scene, I would repeat to myself that this wasn't real, that it was just acting. [I do this] because the human body and mind can react to emotionally charged and intense scenes as if they were real-life events. This is also why I always give myself a mental pep talk after such scenes, and that helps a lot.

‘Yabani’ has such an incredibly well-rounded cast. What has been your experience with a cast on set, and what were some of your favorite moments with them? 

We work with a young and energetic team, which creates endless energy on set. We laughed and really enjoyed filming many scenes together.

You and Bertan Asllani (Alaz) also have amazing onscreen chemistry. What’s your favorite scene you’ve filmed together?

Yes, Aslaz has garnered an incredible following. I have many favorite scenes, but I think the most critical and pivotal moment for Aslaz was the first scene on the terrace. It was really sweet that fireworks went off during the scene, both because it was very unexpected and surprising and because it coincided with the celebrations of the 100th Anniversary [of the Republic of Türkiye]. It is a scene that the entire team was really happy with.

However, the scene I enjoyed filming and watching the most was definitely the one where Asi stabs Alaz. :)

When you’re not on set, how do you like spending your free time? What are your other passions and hobbies?

It depends on the period I’m currently in. I spend my free time doing activities like hanging out with friends, attending concerts, traveling, making spontaneous plans, and swimming. My biggest passion in life is definitely music.

Also, lately, I’ve developed a new interest: a fascination with scents. I’m trying and researching new scents. I have come to realize that the sense of smell is much deeper and more powerful than I had previously thought.

You have a truly beautiful voice. Have you ever considered pursuing a music career alongside your acting or perhaps recording a song or two?

Yes, I do. I have some long-term plans, but I can't share any details right now because there's nothing concrete yet. :)

What are your personal goals and dreams for the future of your career? Are there any roles you are hoping to play in the future?

Of course. To be satisfied in my job, to see different sides and colors of myself, to surprise myself… I can't say that I have a specific character I'd like to portray. I'm very open to new experiences and challenges. Let's see what the future has in store!

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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