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Masumlar Apartmani Episode 9 Recap


What a wonderful episode! Read on to find out what happened in Episode 9 of Masumlar Apartmani. (Spoilers follow) 

I’m happy to report that the tin soldier and his angel are back. They have returned from the stagnant fragility that had encased them in an unhappy dance between Inci’s doubt and Han’s pride, since their secret nuptials in Episode 4. The brick wall that Han had erected to prevent Inci from learning about the details of his life and to protect his family from prying eyes, finally collapsed, a bit. Perhaps, Inci’s confirmation to her grandfather that she was in a relationship with Han, helped Han feel more confident in their union. Or, perhaps, Han was weary and somewhat defeated after trying unsuccessfully to cheer Gulben and Safiye up after Gulben’s books and Safiye’s dresses were flung from their window onto the public street below. Or, maybe, Han is starting to realize that his version of ‘loving and protecting’ was not actually helping his sisters, but rather was forcing them to stay frozen in a static cycle of fear and slow decay. Although he told Inci he only knew of this one way to love and care for someone - he may be finding that there is another - better way to care for his loved ones. Whatever the reason, he finally made the difficult decision to let Inci in - into his life, his home and his family. Now, there is still a lot that Inci has yet to learn about Han, and perhaps Han about Inci, but this episode unequivocally demonstrated that Han is redeemable. There is a darkness in him that is frightening, but when the gun he used against Uygar was clearly only a water gun, and when he acknowledged to himself that his habit of speaking to a mannequin as his former teacher was bizarre, he seemed less like a cruel and violent man, and more like a lost, neglected child. And, in seeing him in this light, I only felt sorrow for the man that he has become - so lonely and alone that he had to create imaginary entities just for conversation. This perception may change as the story unfolds, but there was a lot of growth in his character this episode, and with Inci’s help, I am hopeful that their will be more happy moments between these two, ahead. 

Ege was rightfully upset at Han for paying for his school fees, and hiding this fact. He was also justified in being frustrated with Inci, who repeatedly lies to their grandfather, but is never held accountable for her actions. Feeling that Han is the reason for the distance between him and Inci, Ege petulantly does all that he can do to get himself expelled from school, including putting his feet on his desk, cutting into the wall with a knife, and talking back to his teacher; but, when he publicly tells Neriman that her entire family is crazy in front of all of their classmates, he realizes that he has gone too far. He chases after her and sincerely apologizes to her in front of the whole class. She graciously accepts his apology by slowly taking the sweet treat he passed to her. The scenes between these two young characters were fantastic: explosive, humiliating, remorseful - every interaction was spot on. I love the friendship that is blossoming between them. 

Reflecting upon Han’s words that Safiye selfishly desires that they all perish in this house together, without ever marrying, and embracing the courageous bravado of her favorite literary figures, Gulben boldly texted Esat for cay and more shockingly, drugged Safiye to ensure that she could escape from the house long enough to meet him! However, once she stepped outside of the apartment building, the practical logistics that seemed so easy in the shelter of her suite above, became impossible as she found that she could not make the trek to the cafe, alone. Luckily, the ever-helpful Bayram agreed to accompany Gulben on this short walk, all the while gazing lovingly at her. But, Gulben, over-the-moon with excitement about meeting Esat, failed to notice Bayram’s attentions. When Esat finally did arrive, he was not able to say what he wanted to say - until the following day - when he gently, but firmly told her that he did not want her photo for his wallet because he didn’t love her. This was painful for her to hear and difficult for him to say, but this was a critical point in Gulben’s journey. She has been living in a dream world, believing that her escape from her reality would only happen when Esat finally overcame his shy reserve and consented to marry her. Her perspective is not unreasonable considering her only understanding of marriage and relationships has come from two very polarized places: Safiye’s views of men and women on the one hand, and her romance novels, on the other. With no other guidance, and a single heart emoji from Esat, it makes sense that Gulben would build a beautiful future with Esat, even though he has never acknowledged any interest in her. Now that she is free from the belief that she is in love with Esat and that marriage to him was her sole path out of her childhood home, her story is all the more exciting. I hope to see Gulben find herself - discovering what she loves, hates and fears, unencumbered by too-good-to-be-true dreams and too-cruel-to-be-real truths.

Once again, there are some very distinct parallels between Safiye and the fossil (Memduh Bey), and their approach to relationships for their loved ones. Safiye has opposed both women that Han has brought home, and although she says that she hopes that he will marry and have children one day, she is unable to even convince Gulben, her most ardent supporter that she actually wants to see Han happy with his own family. Similarly, Inci has had two suitors approach Memduh Bey about her, and though he has disliked both Uygar and Han, he refuses to clearly explain what type of man he could like for her. Both Safiye and Memduh Bey are afraid, terrified even, that their loved ones will leave them and find happiness without them. Han correctly points out that this type of selfishness is not love, it is just another expression of control. Inci put it best when she exclaimed that her love for Han or for any man does not diminish her feelings for her grandfather or Ege. Safiye and Memduh Bey must overcome their fear of abandonment to see that sometimes love can improve relationships, not detract from them. Consider Han’s change in behavior towards Esat: he is now actually curious about what is going on in Esat’s life and what caused him to appear so scattered in their meeting. Pre-Inci Han from Episode 1 would never have questioned Esat with the same interest and care. 

When the dolls broke apart, Han glued them back together, but as Safiye noted, once broken, they cannot be put back together in the same way. Her words were somewhat prophetic as the dolls’ separation foreshadowed the widening rift between the two eldest sisters. Refusing to listen to Gulben’s pleas, and humiliated in equal parts of and for Gulben’s interactions with Esat, Safiye hurls all of Gulben’s treasured books out the window. Horrified by her sister’s actions, Gulben realizes that the woman in front of her is not her sister, but her mother. Trying to free Safiye from the clutches of that woman, who Gulben seems to willfully despise, she throws many of their late mother’s dresses onto the street below. This fight was so necessary and I’m very glad that it finally happened. Gulben needs to see that Safiye has, under the veil of sisterly affection, insulted her and abused her for so many years. And, Safiye needs to see that she now embodies the worst parts of her mother, and is doing all that she feared and hated about her mother when she was a child. This discord will surely yield new beginnings for both Gulben and Safiye. 

The dialogues, the character growth, and much needed progress in key plot points were all superbly executed. Clocking in at close to 3 hours, this dizi continues to astonish its audience in the best way. I am very much looking forward to the next episode.


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