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Masumlar Apartmani, Episode 11 Recap


Spoilers from Episode 11 of Masumlar Apartmani are included in the following discussion. 

Han asks Inci if she will come with him, after picking up Gulben’s mutilated doll. She considers staying for a moment, but after glancing towards Esra, she follows him out. Despite having just learned about Han’s most recent exchange with Uygar, and seeing Esra in a state of pain and panic, Inci leaves with Han. Her decision reaffirms her vow to stay beside him, despite his troubles and his family, so that they can build their life together. The love that was renewed a couple of episodes ago, continues to blossom and grow between them, but now Inci has a better understanding of who Han really is. She still does not know about his ‘dirty car’ and his ‘teacher’, but with time, it is possible that these details will not change how she feels about him, or her decision to stand beside him. Inci’s love for Han may be love at its best: the kind that cleanses even the most rotten parts of a person. 

Unfortunately, as Inci moves forward in her relationship with Han, she may be at risk of losing her close friendship with Esra. Even before the doll incident, Inci accused Esra of gossiping about Gulben, taking offense at the suggestion that Gulben was crazy. Afterwards, Inci did not stay to comfort Esra, or try to protect her from Gulben, as Esra did for Inci, protecting her first from Uygar, and more recently from Han. I can’t fault Esra for wanting Inci to be upset at Gulben on her behalf, or for not wanting Inci to leave her for Han, but the bitter truth is that Inci has made a decision to stand beside Han, and Gulben’s actions towards Esra are not enough to make Inci change her mind. It is sad and somewhat ironic that Esra was the one who encouraged Inci to be with Han, but is now losing Inci because of Han. 

Naci made it to Safiye’s front door! They have yet to speak to one another, but their eyes seem to have their own language. The young Naci astutely identified that Safiye’s mother was harming her, and was perhaps the only one who has ever made this assessment in such stark terms because the rest of the family, Han included, would not have allowed Safiye to continue to mourn their mother as much as she does, if they realized how terrible she was to her. I am thrilled that Naci is here and I can’t wait to see how his return will affect her. The final scene at the doorway was exceptionally well done.  

Gulben has made a lot of changes over the past two episodes. She is now standing up for herself and for what she wants in a way that Han never thought she could, but he wishes (and we do, as well) that she advocate for something other than being with Esat. Inci’s plan to help her refocus her energy onto something more productive may be helpful, but the truth, which Esat tried to reveal to Gulben, will become more difficult to accept, the longer it is kept hidden. Gulben’s love for Esat may be love at its worst: a disease that blinds her to the reality in front of her. If she could let herself feel the pain of realizing that Esat doesn’t want her, maybe then she would see that there is someone in her life, (Bayram) who does admire her the way she so desperately wants to be loved. 

Memduh Bey found a job as a taxi driver to help pay for Ege’s school fees, since he refused Han’s assistance. Inci is trying to repair their relationship, but this will take time. She has been lying to him for more than 2 years, and still has not shared the whole truth with him - that she is not only with Han, but is married to him. So, it makes sense that this relationship is still patchy at best, but good of her to continue to try. 

Han’s commitment to Inci caused Esra to reassess her time with Cuneyt. It seemed as though she was more accepting of his lack of commitment in earlier episodes, but now is furious at him for treating her like a mistress instead of a wife. The problems between these two have only been hinted at, so it is unclear what is preventing their union (i.e., is Cuneyt married?), but Esra does not seem to sincerely have feelings for Esat.

Ege is trying to encourage Neriman to change her behavior at school, and not do homework for other people, but this is harder said than done. Their friendship is honest and a bit quirky. It provides a good balance from some of the heavier plot points in the story. 

Esra accused Han of treating Uygar the same way that Gulben treated her. She claimed that the mutilated doll that Gulben sent to her to warn her to stay away from Esat, is the same as the water gun that Han used to scare Uygar away from Inci. On the face of it, Esra is right. Both Han and Gulben used ‘toys’ to protect their relationships from what they deemed to be external threats. However, there are a few key differences. First, Esat and Gulben are not in a relationship. Esat has never expressed any intentions towards Gulben, and will likely not after the events in this episode. In contrast, Han and Inci are married, and Inci has felt threatened by Uygar and has discussed her dislike of Ugyar’s drunken outbursts with Han. Second, Gulben decided to send the box after seeing a single photo of Esat and Esra; Han decided to ‘kidnap’ Uygar after finding him outside of Inci’s home late at night for the second time. So, while I in no way condone Han’s actions, especially in regards to how he dealt with Uygar at their last meeting, I don’t quite see these two acts as the same. Han was protecting Inci in the only way he knew how. Gulben was protecting a dream that she has yet to wake up from. 

All in all, another thought-provoking episode on life, love and family. I’m excited to see how Naci’s arrival will affect Safiye, and I am glad that she finally has an ally outside of her family. 








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