First Look Photos: Kurşun


Exciting news! Fans do not have to wait any longer for a look at the upcoming FOX TV series, Kurşun. Photos presummuably of the first episode of the series were shared today, September 17. 

To refresh your memory, here's a quicker refresher of what the show's about:

Kurşun” sheds light on the 1970s in Istanbul and describes the struggle of a prosecutor called Orhan Atmaca, who sought justice, along with Leyla Devrim, an avid journalist who relied on his pen. Orhan and Leyla, with their love and ambition, are blown between the colorful neighborhood culture of the 70s and the dark underworld, while the audience will witness the transformation of a country's free, crazy, hopeful youth from bravado to mafia, rocktan arabeske, from villages to cities, from cities to a new country.

Here are the aforementioned photos featuring the show's leads Engin Altan Düzyatan and Burçin Terzioğlu.


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