First Look: Cam Tavanlar on Show TV!


The summer season is upon us and to kick things off, is Show TV's Cam Tavanlar. With the teaser officially shot on April 22, production is in full swing for the highly-anticipated summer series from Ojo Pictures. 

From the media release: 

The final preparations for the "Cam Tavanlar" series, produced by Ojo Pictures, brought together the successful actors of the young generation, Bensu Soral, and Kubilay Aka, have been completed. The series, which has just started shooting, will be one of the most talked-about productions of the summer period.

The filming of the new series "Cam Tavanlar", starring Bensu Soral and Kubilay Aka, and produced by Ojo Pictures, founded in partnership with Kerem Çatay and Ömer Özgüner, has started. The series, which will meet the audience on Show TV very soon, and will lock the audience on the screen with its story that will bring different emotions together.

Fehmi Öztürk sits in the director's chair of the series, which was written by Meriç Acemi, who written the script of successful productions such as "Kiralık Aşk", "Ufak Tefek Cinayetler" and "‘Love101".
"Cam Tavanlar", which will offer the audience an unconventional summer series, will be on Show TV very soon.

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