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Boran Kuzum and Aybüke Pusat will attract attention to street animals.

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          Boran Kuzum and Aybüke Pusat, the leading actors of Şahin Tepesi, will save the dog found on the street togehter and draw attention to street animals. 

   Boran Kuzum and Aybüke Pusat , the young succesful actors of 'Şahin Tepesi' written by Melek Gençoğlu and directed by Hilal Saral, will give a meaningful message to the people on the screen. Talented players, in a new episode of series, find a dog and they adopt it. So they'll be attracting attention to street animals. 

In the words of Boran Kuzum: "We are near the cold winter days and in order to improve the feeding conditions and provide shelter for animals of the street, can be done according to every budget and situation. Everything we can do, we can save our friends. It was very precious to touch on this in our series." He further emphasis his message, stating that there are so many homeless animal on the streets. 

      Aybüke Pusat expressed her thoughts about this situation as well: "Living in good condition is the right of every living thing. In the cold, we have to be the voice of injured and wounded lives. We must act with our conscience. Please don't abandon them in shelters. Don't buy them. Donate food for them. Put food and water in front of your door, in a cold and warm days." 

   The dog, Romeo who turned out to be a joy and fun in the set, will be the first spark of love between Efe and Verda, who haven't strayed from being stubborn with each other since they met. 

              Şahin Tepesi's new episode will air on Friday, December 7 at 20:00 in ATV :) 

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