Ariza: Season 1, Episode 2 and 3 Recap

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Episode 2 starts with Ariza pointing a gun to Burak's head.  As he’s getting ready to pull the trigger, he receives a call from Burak’s father, Fuat Ersoylu.  He informs him that he’s at his house and will kill his entire family if he harms Burak.  This causes Ariza to think twice as he was in the mindset that he didn’t have anything to lose if he committed murder.  Ariza calls Hasan to ask him to help his family.  Halide happens to be at the Taxi Café with Hasan so she accompanies him to Ariza’s home so she can also try to help.  Hasan, Fatih, and the neighborhood men confront Fuat's bodyguards outside of Ariza's home.  As the situation escalates, Halide arrives and asks Ryfky, Fuat's right-hand man, to enter the home.  They deny her entry, however, with one swift move of her hand, it reminds them who her father is. 

Fuat gives Halide a different story explaining that he was there to express his condolences for the family’s loss but Mert, Ariza’s brother, attacked them with a knife while Ariza attacked his country home.  Halide calls Ariza to inform him that she’s at his home and will ensure his family is safe once he leaves Burak alive.  Ariza reluctantly leaves but not before shooting a few rounds extremely close to his head. 

The following day, Ariza visits Muzaffer to express his frustrations with failing to avenge Nihan’s death.  Muzaffer expresses his understanding and informs him that he also attempted the same thing when he was with the CIA, however, he failed after being betrayed.  Ariza asks him to help bring down the Ersoylu family since he’s familiar with their operation.  Muzaffer explains that he needs to take down the entire crime organization not just the Ersoylu family and to do that, Ariza needs to become a part of the crime world. Ariza rejects the plan however Muzaffer explains that he won’t have to commit crimes or kill innocent people – instead they’ll attack criminals.  Their first target is Yashar, who is responsible for providing trucks that transport illegal goods.

At Halide’s home, Hasmet is upset with her for not returning to Van as planned.  She informs him that she still has things to do but doesn’t explain further.  She continues to investigate her suspicions that Burak was the person who murdered her family.  Burak pays her an unexpected visit.  He demands to know why she was at Ariza’s house the previous night.  Halide reminds him that he means nothing to her and what she does is none of his business.  Burak informs her will be together no matter what. 

Halide visits Mithat to get more information about her family’s killing.  He informs her the person responsible was Recep Aksoy, who was Hasmet’s biggest rival.  His actual target was Hasmet so the killing of her mother and brothers was a mistake.  Mithat explains Fuat obtained the information for Hasmet who then proceeded to kill the Aksoy family in revenge.  This is what caused Hasmet to retire from the crime world and give his position to Fuat.  Mithat asks Halide why she’s asking so many questions now however Halide doesn’t explain her suspicions about Burak.      

Ariza’s fame continues to rise on social media after his attack on Burak in his home.   This has caused random men to seek Ariza out to ask for help however he explains he’s not involved in that type of business.  One person in particular who asks him for help is Faik, who explains the Ersoylu’s have been taking over his parking garage business for years.  In reality, Faik is one of Burak’s puppets who he sent to gain Ariza’s trust to plant the gun he used to kill Nihan.  Ariza declines to help him so Faik seeks out his brother, Mert, who agrees to convince Ariza to help them.  

Halide continues her mission to view the video of the fight that took place during Nihan’s wedding.  She asks Ariza for help who directs her to Fusun, his lawyer, and friend.  He asks why she wants to see it however Halide tells him she can’t tell him just yet.  When Halide visits Fusun, the situation gets confrontational.  Fusun tells Halide she’s not able to give her a copy of the video since the case is ongoing and because she's close with Burak.  Halide informs her that her "loved one" is Ariza, not Burak.  

Fuat learns that Sabri, Hasmet's right-hand man, is responsible for uploading the video of Burak and Ariza’s fight and for giving Ariza the address of where Burak was hiding which is all a lie.  In reality, this information is faked by Muzaffer so the attention is taken away from Ariza.  Fuat goes to Hasmet’s home and demands that he gives him up so he can make him confess his betrayal.  Hasmet doesn’t believe Sabri is capable of betrayal and refuses.  The confrontation between both men gives a strong warning of the start of a war.  

Meanwhile, Ariza’s attack on Yashar is a success.  With the help of Hasan and Fatih, they ambush Yashar and force him to donate his trucks to the Truck Driver’s Association as well as release the truck drivers from their contracts that forced them to transport illegal goods.  This makes Ariza a hero within his community but an enemy with the Ersoylu family.  Ariza informs Burak the trucks are not going to arrive which causes Burak to become livid since transportation of the weapons was extremely important for their organization. 

Halide finally figures out a way to view the video from Nihan’s wedding and confirms her suspicions – Burak did have her necklace which means he killed her family.

Episode 3

Episode 3 begins with Halide waiting to meet Burak.  She receives a call from Ariza who tells her he rescued Sabri.  Halide is relieved but tells him she couldn’t wait any longer and called Burak and arranged a meeting.  Ariza urges her to leave however Burak shows up at that moment.  Ariza immediately gets into his cab to find her before Burak harms her.  

Flashback to a few days prior to Ariza, Hasan, and Fatih as they force Yashar to donate his trucks causing a shipment of weapons to be delayed. Yashar informs them that they have all just signed their death sentence with the Ersoylu family.   

The confrontation between Fuat and Hasmet continues.  Fuat insists on taking Sabri however Hasmet refuses.  Halide arrives and is alarmed to see her father with a gun.  As the tension escalates, Fuat receives a call regarding the delayed shipment.  He leaves but not before warning Hasmet that he will take Sabri no matter what.   

On the other side of town, Burak is going insane trying to figure out how Ariza was able to interfere with their shipment.  He’s also trying to come up with another plan before the other partners find out about the problem.  Eventually, he decides to utilize the hospital he purchased for Halide and has the weapons transported via ambulance and stored temporarily at the hospital until he figures out how to ship them out.  

Halide tells Hasmet she submitted her resignation and plans on staying in Istanbul to take care of him.  Her father is both happy and sad because he’s afraid she’ll be harmed by the Ersoylu family.  Halide tells him they need to take care of each other but doesn’t explain that she found out Burak is responsible for their family’s death.   

 Ariza meets with Muzaffer to discuss their next step, however, Muzaffer informs him to wait for one of the consortium partners to reach out to him.  Muzaffer believes it will be Mithat, Hasmet’s brother in law since he’s the most ambitious.   

The consortium finds out about the failed transportation and has an emergency meeting with Fuat to discuss a resolution.  Although Mithat lost a lot of money, he’s happy about the situation because it’s making Fuat look incompetent.  As they voice their concerns, it’s clear they’re all not happy with the negative press Burak has been getting recently which is affecting their business.  Fuat defends his son but the partners warn him if the shipment fails again, the partnership is over.  They suggest bringing in Hasmet however Fuat insists that he’s taking care of the problem.  Once the partners leave, he orders his men to capture Sabri. 

Mert continues to see Faik, Burak’s puppet, who’s constantly trying to get him to convince Ariza to join them.  Faik gives Mert a gun with the pretext that it’s a gift so he can use it to defend himself now that Ariza has a lot of enemies.  Mert accepts the gun unknowing that it’s the gun Burak used to kill his sister.    


Ariza receives word that Mithat wants to speak with him.  He arrives at his house not knowing that Halide is there as well.  Mithat attempts to scare him off however Ariza doesn’t back down and proves that he’s fearless and more than a simple taxi driver.  Mithat recognizes that he saved his niece from Burak so he welcomes him into his home.  As Ariza is leaving, he runs into Halide and they leave together.  Halide asks Ariza how he obtained Burak’s address but he refuses to give her Muzaffer’s name.  Halide informs Ariza that Fuat is accusing Sabri of uploading the video of the fight and supposedly gave him Burak’s location.  Ariza denies it but promises Halide that he’ll help figure out why Fuat insists on blaming her father.   

As Burak is supervising the shipment of the weapons, he finds out Sabri is at the Taxi Café with Halide who is spending time with Ariza.  Acting on impulse, he orders his men to kidnap Sabri immediately.  He takes him to a warehouse where he proceeds to beat and electrocute him trying to get him to confess.  Sabri never shows any fear even after he’s tortured for days and beat to the point of unconsciousness.      

Ariza and Hasan take Halide home and offer Hasmet their help to find Sabri.  Hasan and Hasmet have a history together however Hasmet doesn’t accept Ariza since he’s made enemies with the Ersoylu’s.  Halide apologizes to Ariza for her father’s behavior but Ariza promises that he’ll find Sabri.   

Ariza asks Muzaffer to help him locate Sabri, but he doesn’t understand why he’s so worried about a criminal.  Ariza tells him that he knows he used Sabri as bait and doesn’t like involving innocent people in their plan including Halide.  Muzaffer notices Ariza’s attitude towards Halide and warns him not to get attached to her or she will become his weakness.  Ariza denies having feelings for her and suggests finding Sabri in order to get close to Hasmet. 

Hasmet pays a visit to Fuat.  He tells him Sabri’s kidnapping has ended their friendship and warns him after Sabri is returned then he will seek revenge.  Hasmet returns home to find Halide waiting for him.  She sees he’s worried about his friend and asks if she should meet with Burak to try to negotiate Sabri’s release.  Hasmet forbids her and admits that he feels himself turning into the angry and violent man he was before his family was murdered.  

The following day, Halide meets with Ariza to tell him she decided to meet with Burak to try to help Sabri.  She tells him she’s trying to prevent her father from returning to the crime world.  Ariza begs her to wait so she doesn’t fall into Burak’s plan.  He tells her that he’s very close to locating him.  

Muzaffer finally locates Sabri.  Ariza and Hasan execute an action-filled rescue complete with smoke bombs and fight scenes.  As Ariza calls Halide to let her know Sabri is safe, we return to the beginning of the episode with Halide waiting to meet Burak.  Ariza tells her to leave before he finds out that Sabri was rescued but it’s too late.  Ariza races to help Halide. 

At the same time, Hasmet follows Murat into Fusun’s office with the intent of kidnapping him. However, Hasmet is surprised when Fusun points a gun at them.

As Burak attempts to impress Halide, he receives word that Sabri was rescued by Ariza as soon as he left.  Burak accuses Halide of planning with Ariza calling him a coward for not having the guts to face him.  At that moment, Ariza shows up and the two men prepare for another encounter.    Until next week!

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