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Ariza: Season 1, Episode 19 Review

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The episode begins with a flashback of events that lead up to the assaults against Haşmet, Mithat, and Ali Riza that explain why they were prepared for the attacks.  Murat notices Fuat and Burak having an intense conversation without him he asks Ryfky who tells him they’re planning on attacking the consortium meeting taking place the following day.  He tells him they want him to find out where and when it’s taking place and report back to Fuat.  Murat remembers what Ali Riza told him earlier about following the agreement in order to keep his family safe so he calls Ali Riza in the middle of the night to ask him to meet with him.  When they meet, Murat proceeds to tell him Fuat intends to break the agreement and attack them during their consortium meeting.  When Ali Riza asks for details of the attack, Murat makes him promise he won’t do anything to Burak.  Ali Riza promises as long as Burak doesn’t continue to provoke him.  After getting the details of the attack, Ali Riza makes a plan of his own to counter-attack.  

Meanwhile, Burak and Fuat wait to hear from Ryfky to finalize their assault plan.  Ryfky informs them it’s too risky to attack at the consortium meeting due to the high security being used so he suggests they attack Haşmet, Mithat, and Ali Riza individually.  Fuat agrees and Ryfky provides details of where they can be located which have all been pre-planned.  When Burak asks about Ali Riza, Ryfky informs him he checked into a hotel with Halide, which of course infuriates him.  Burak tells Fuat he wants to take care of Ali Riza himself but Fuat tells him he can’t continue to make personal attacks and assigns him to Haşmet.  Burak, still furious about Ali Riza and Halide, secretly hires a sniper to kill Ali Riza.     

The episode forwards to the aftermath of the attacks and Ali Riza and Halide are leaving the hotel however the sniper continues to attack them.  Ali Riza is forced to pull over and take cover fearing for Halide’s safety.  Ali Riza locates the sniper on top of the building across from the hotel and although he’s wounded, pulls out his sniper gun.  Knowing he only has one chance, he takes it and successfully kills the sniper.  Halide helps him get back in the car and she drives quickly to her clinic as Ali Riza becomes weaker and weaker from blood loss.  Once they arrive at the clinic, Halide takes care of Ali Riza’s wounds who tells her they won because he captured Fuat and turned him into Haşmet who will kill him.      

Meanwhile, Burak and Fiko arrive at their temporary hiding place to find all the guards dead but no Fuat.  As they go through the house, they find Fuat’s wife tied up who tells them Haşmet took Fuat.  Burak calls Murat, who’s waiting for him at their house.  He yells at Murat demanding to know what he did but Murat refuses to speak with him over the phone and tells him to get home right away.  Once Burak arrives at their house, he accuses Ryfky of betrayal but Murat tells him it wasn’t him.  He tells Burak he’s only concerned about his safety so the Old Man intervened with his operation and allowed Fuat to be taken by Haşmet.

Burak demands to know who sold him out and accuses Murat, however Murat lies and denies it causing  Burak to vow to find out who did as well as find Fuat.  Murat tells him he can’t retaliate since the consortium will be meeting the following day to discuss the attacks.  Burak refuses to wait so he orders Ryfky to gather their guards to look for Fuat but Ryfky tells him they can’t do anything without Murat’s order.  When Murat hears Burak attempting to leave, he tells him he isn’t allowed to leave or do anything until the meeting for their safety.  Burak refuses to listen to him and leaves by himself.        

At the same time, Haşmet has Fuat prisoner at a remote farm in shackles.  He calls him a coward who kills women and children and not worthy of being his enemy.  Fuat, acting cocky, tells Haşmet his sons won’t allow him to hurt him and will rescue him.  Haşmet informs him Murat has betrayed him and demands he tell him who ordered him to kill his family since he would never have the courage to act on his own.  Fuat denies receiving orders but Haşmet knows he’s lying and continues to beat him. 

After Halide takes care of Ali Riza’s wounds, he tells his family they won the fight against Fuat.  Ms. Rukiya, being the wise woman that she is, has her doubts.  She warns Ali Riza that although Fuat is dead, another cruel person will show up who will continue to put his life in danger.  Ali Riza tells her their lives will never be the same after Nihan’s death.  At that moment, military-like officials show up with an arrest warrant for Ali Riza.  As they take him away, Halide assures him she’ll call their lawyers to help him.

Since Burak no longer has anyone to help him, he calls Derya who comes running to his side.  He tells her Fuat was taken and most likely killed and Murat isn’t doing anything because he’s too scared.  He tells her he doesn’t have anything or anyone to rely on but Derya assures him she will always be by his side.  At that moment, she gets a call from Mithat but Burak takes her phone and answers it.  He demands they return Fuat or risk losing Derya, Mithat tells him he doesn’t know where Haşmet is but he’ll try to get information as long as he doesn’t hurt her.  Burak gives him 24 hours.     

Instead of being taken to the police station, Ali Riza finds out he was taken by Muzaffer who’s mad he ignored his demand to give him Fuat and instead turned him over to Haşmet.  Muzaffer tells him his superiors are demanding Fuat immediately and will do anything to get him.  Ali Riza tries to explain Haşmet took Fuat and doesn’t know where he is but Muzaffer doesn’t believe him.  He threatens him with reporting him to the police with all the crimes he’s committed as well as reporting Halide for shooting Fuat.  Ali Riza becomes furious that he would use Halide but Muzaffer tells him he will do more if he doesn’t do what he says.     

After Ali Riza is released, he stops to see Halide.  She tells him she was worried after their lawyer couldn’t find any information of his arrest warrant at the police station.  Ali Riza lies and tells her everything has been taken care of but Haşmet knows he’s not telling the truth.  When Halide leaves the room, Ali Riza tells him Muzaffer wants Fuat and they’re willing to do whatever they can to get him, which includes arresting Halide for shooting Fuat.  Haşmet informs Ali Riza that Burak has taken Derya in exchange for Fuat and gave Mithat 24 hours to do so.  Haşmet is not willing to kill Fuat yet until he tells him who ordered him to kill his family, so Ali Riza tells him Fuat is aware of that so he isn’t going to say anything that won’t benefit him.  Haşmet asks Ali Riza to come up with a plan to get the information out of Fuat before they have to release him.  

The following day, Ali Riza asks Ms. Rukiya about the relationship between his father and Muzaffer.  She tells him they were very close but they never spoke to her about their business.  Afterward, Ali Riza calls Muzaffer to let him know where he can find Fuat but asks him to leave Halide and Haşmet alone however Muzaffer says she can’t promise anything.  He immediately orders his men to get Fuat.  At that moment, Seda arrives, who apparently also works for Muzaffer.  She asks if she has to continue to pretend to be a nurse at Halide’s clinic, so Muzaffer tells her yes so she can continue to keep tabs on Ali Riza and Halide.  

Derya takes Burak to her house to speak with Mithat.  He asks for Fuat even if he’s dead so he can give him a proper burial.  Mithat tells him he spoke with Haşmet who will bring him the body soon.  Burak, thinking Fuat is dead, asks Mithat if his offer to unite their families is still available.  Mithat tells him it is, but only if he becomes the head of his family.  Burak’s concern is being allowed to return to the consortium, which Mithat informs him he can as long as he starts acting like a boss.  Later, Haşmet and Murat arrive to discuss Fuat.  Haşmet tells him Fuat got what he deserved and he will need to contact Ali Riza who has his body.     

When Muzaffer’s men arrive at the farm to capture Fuat, they don’t find him.  Muzaffer calls Ali Riza who informs him he has Fuat and as soon as he’s done with him, he’ll turn him over to him as promised.  In retaliation, Muzaffer orders his men to arrest Halide.

Ali Riza takes Fuat to a cliff where he plans on killing him since he didn’t tell Haşmet what he wanted to know and afterward will toss his body into the ocean.  He also plans on killing Burak as soon as he arrives thinking he’s picking up his body.  However, Ali Riza tells Fuat he changed his mind and will kill Burak first in front of him so he can feel the pain he felt when they killed his sister.  Fuat pleads for Burak’s life by offering to tell him the secret Haşmet wants to know in exchange for Burak’s life.  Ali Riza agrees and after Fuat tells him, he also tells him he can find proof in the safe he keeps at home.  As Ali Riza prepares to kill him, the Old Man’s men arrive demanding that he put his weapon down so they can take Fuat.  Of course, Fuat is thrilled that he was saved and tells Ali Riza he lied about the secret.  The Old Man’s messenger warns Ali Riza again to step away from Fuat but at the last minute, Ali Riza shoots Fuat.  Then, shockingly, one of the Old Man’s guards also shoots Ali Riza, who turns out to be Muzaffer!  All of this is witnessed by a stunned Burak who sees his father killed as well as Ali Riza getting shot and dragged away by the Old Man. 



What I Loved:

I loved the scene where Halide is trying to keep Ali Riza awake as she drives to the clinic.  When she tells him to keep talking, he says he doesn’t normally say much anyway was too funny.  I love how he teases her.   I also loved seeing Murat put Burak in his place.  He’s starting to be more confident in his new position but more than likely Burak will bully him into taking over.  I really enjoyed Halide confronting Fusun when Ali Riza was arrested.  Fusun constantly attacks Ali Riza about being in the mafia, so when Halide basically called her a hypocrite for criticizing them when she’s dating a mafia patron was priceless. 


What I Disliked:

I’m not happy that Seda is a covert agent for Muzaffer.  What the heck.  I can’t wait to see how that turns out when Halide finds out.  That confrontation will be interesting to watch.  Why did we not hear the secret Fuat told Ali Riza!!  When will we find out who was responsible for the death of Haşmet's family??  And last, Muzaffer.  I started to dislike him two episodes ago, but using Halide as a pawn to get Ali Riza to do what he wants is unfair.  Also, what side is he on?  I thought he worked for the good guys however it appears he has ties with the Old Man which doesn’t make sense since before, he told Ali Riza he wanted to catch the Old Man.  The ending was very confusing when he arrives with the Old Man’s guards and shoots Ali Riza. 


What Needs To Happen Next:

There are a lot of new questions after this episode.  How does Muzaffer know the Old Man and does he work for him?  Why did he pretend with Ali Riza that he wanted to capture the Old Man?  What will happen with Halide who was taken into custody?  If she’s accused of Fuat’s death and Ali Riza was taken away, who will help her?  What will happen with Ali Riza?  What will the Old Man do with him?  Will we find out who wanted Haşmet's family dead?     


My Thoughts:

The ending was definitely a shocker.  I didn’t think Ali Riza was going to shoot Fuat but when he did, I was happy!  I just hope he stays dead this time.  However, when Ali Riza himself was shot and by Muzaffer, major shocker!  I did notice the anxious face he made when Ali Riza told him he was going to question Fuat first and then turn him over to him, so I think that made him do it.  My only complaint about this episode is the little screen time Ali Riza and Halide had.  Their scenes are very few and short especially when it involves both of them together.  Very frustrating and annoying.  The supporting couples seem to have more screen time than our principal couple and the majority of the fans watch the show for Tolga and Ayca.  I really hope this changes soon so their fans continue to watch the great chemistry they have.  

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Dee Lo ~ Guest Contributor
I love Turkish dizis. Huge fan of Tolga Sarıtaş and Ayça Ayşin Turan.