2021 Dizilah Güzel Awards – VOTE NOW!

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With the 2020-2021 dizi season coming to an end, we're keeping our end-of-season tradition alive, officially announcing the 2021 Dizilah Güzel Awards

Since 2019, the annual Dizilah Güzel Awards have aimed to recognize and celebrate the stars and productions of the outgoing dizi season. The Awards, created by Dizilah.com, are named after the Turkish word for "beautiful" to highlight the remarkable beauty that radiates from productions that originate from Turkey.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of Turkish series on air hit a record number, signaling the ever-fortifying strength of the "dizi" industry as a whole. 

The 2021 Dizilah Güzel Awards, voted on by the international community of "dizi" lovers, is slated to take place Saturday, June. 19 at 12 p.m. ET.

This year, we are introducing many new categories, bringing the total category count to at least 16. The Award categories as it stands are: 

  1. Best Television Series, Drama or Romantic Comedy(*)
  2. Best Actor, Drama or Romantic Comedy(*)
  3. Best Actress, Drama or Romantic Comedy(*)
  4. Best Couple(*)
  5. Rising Star of the Year
  6. Best New Television Series(*)
  7. Best Villain (*)
  8. Best Overall Cast (*)
  9. Best Internet Series (*)
  10. Best Director
  11. Best Original Screenplay (*)
  12. Best Musical Score
  13. Best Scene of the Year
  14. Dizilah's Performer of the Year
  15. Fandom of the Year (*)
  16. 'Admincim' of the Year (Dizi Social Media Admin Award)

Finalists in the categories marked (*) will be determined by a fan vote.

As always, due the number of talents there are to recognize in each of the categories as mentioned above, the award show is split into two (2) waves of votes. During the first wave of voting, the categories open to fan vote may feature as many as 15 nominees. The fans will then vote to bring down that count to 5, kick-starting the second wave of voting on June 10, 2021. For phase one, categories with more than 8 nominees will be open for fan vote only on the official website. For phase two, voting will be open on the official website throughout and on social media (an announcement will be made prior to the social media vote opening). 

O zaman, you ready? Head over to guzelawards.dizilah.com to get voting as phase one is open NOW!

But first, before you go, be sure to read the Dizilah Güzel Awards voting rules & frequently asked questions to understand better how the award show works. 

We're stoked to begin tabulating the results. Good luck to all of your favorites, and remember, this award show is entirely for the FUN of it! Win or lose, all of our incredible faves will remain just that – our INCREDIBLE favorites! 

Team Dizilah 🤍

For Your Information: DIZILAH will be creating a custom award plaque that we would love to send to the winners in some of the categories. In the packaging of the custom award, we will also be including a custom congratulatory card. With that said, being based outside of Turkey, contacting the winners has proven extremely difficult in the past. While we will try our best to get the winners their awards in time, if there is no response / delayed response from their management, there is nothing that can be done on our end and as such, they would not be receiving the plaque. Thank you for your understanding.

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