2021-2022 Production Dates


As the summer dwindles down, production has slowly begun for many of this Fall's shows. This season, we will have well over ten returning dramas, with every channel having its own set of brand new dramas also joining the dizi schedule. 

Here's a look at when production will begin for both the new and returning Turkish series of the season. We will make updates as more dates become available so be sure to bookmark this page!

Returning Series

Show/Season Status / Start Date
Bir Zamanlar Çukurova August 17 Photo  open_in_new
Bir Zamanlar Kibris N/A
Camdaki Kız August 16 – Photo  open_in_new
Emanet (Season 2) In Production | Premieres Sept 13
Gönül Dağı August 18 (In Istanbul) – Photo  open_in_new
Kardeşlerim (Season 2) August 14 – Video  open_in_new
Kırmızı Oda August 31 – Photo open_in_new
Kuruluş Osman (Season 3) August 30 – Photo open_in_new
Masumlar Apartmanı N/A
Sadakatsiz (Season 2) September 1
Son Yaz (Season 2) August 24 – Photo open_in_new
Teşkilat (Season 2) August 2 – Photo open_in_new
Yasak Elma (Season 5) August 30
Yemin In Production | Premieres Sept 17


New Series

Show Start Date
Barbaroslar (TRT1) May 17 – Photo open_in_new
Kanunsuz Topraklar (FOX) May 28 – Photo open_in_new
Uzak Şehrin Masalı (FOX) July 27 – Photo open_in_new
Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey (FOX) August 6 – Photo open_in_new
Elbet Bir Gün (FOX) August 11 – Photo open_in_new
Yalancı (Show TV) August 10 – Photo open_in_new
İçimizden Biri (Show TV) August 13 – Photo open_in_new
Yalancı ve Mumları (FOX) August 17
Elkızı (FOX) August 19 – Photo open_in_new
Yargi (Kanal D) August 24 – Photo open_in_new
Alp Arslan (TRT1) September 2  – Photo open_in_new
Aziz (Show TV) September 6

For more information on the new shows coming this Fall, check out our Coming Soon page.

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