Sandık Kokusu

Sandık Kokusu (S01E09)


Irmak enters through the door left open by Filiz. Karsu tries to kick him out, but Filiz does not let her. Karsu and Reha divorce. How will Tılsım, Deniz, and Selin react when they learn about the divorce? 

Who will Adnan unexpectedly meet when he comes to the site to see Irmak? 

Deniz wants Ozan instead of Reha for the portfolio event at school. What will it cost for Talisman to tell his father about this?

Lale calls Atilla and asks why he canceled the job. When she learns that there is no problem, she offers him dinner. What will happen on the Lale and Atilla front?

In the evening, the whole site goes to the concert event. Meanwhile, Atilla is in operation. As Ozan arrives for the invitation, he is beaten by the men hired by Reha. Atilla, who sees this while driving by, recognizes Ozan and stops the car. He tries to help him. However, seeing Atilla with a different identity, Ozan gets scared and tries to run away, and a gun goes off. 

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