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Sandık Kokusu

Sandık Kokusu (S01E24)


Hasan keeps his promise to Atilla and tries to break the ice with Mert. Filiz can't stand Serdar's superior attitude anymore and resigns. She takes over the management of the café with Hasan's offer.  Hande, who suddenly becomes a mother of three children, has difficulty adapting to the new order. Even if Talisman is able to manage herself, the care of Deniz and Selin is very difficult for her. A friend of Lale's moves into Atilla's vacant house. Irmak sees that it is Kıvanç who moves in next door. Karsu gets a job at the children's new school with Hasan's help. Even though Tılsım is embarrassed, Deniz is very happy about this situation.