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Sandık Kokusu

Sandık Kokusu (S01E21)


Karsu decides to take the children and move in with Reha. Reha is delighted by the arrival of Karsu and the children, but will things go the way he wants? Hasan's withdrawal from illegal business disturbs some of his partners. Süleyman, one of the partners, threatens Hasan to keep the business going. Karsu wants to apologize to Atilla and make him forgive her, so he prepares a surprise for him. What will Atilla's reaction be to Karsu's effort? Hasan talks to Filiz and tries to make her forgive him. However, Filiz is not at ease about Karsu. Hasan decides to apologize to Karsu in order to comfort Filiz.  What obstacle will Hasan face while trying to apologize to Karsu?