Sandık Kokusu

Sandık Kokusu (S01E10)


Atilla is in a state of madness because he caused Ozan's death and doesn't know what to do. On the other hand, Karsu notices Ozan's sudden disappearance and starts searching for him. 

Irmak, seeing Atilla's closeness to Karsu, asks him for help. Although Atilla does not want to get involved, will the advice he gives to Irmak lead to consequences? 

Reha rents a house in Cennet Sitesi and, taking Hande with him, manages to drive Karsu, Filiz, and Türkan crazy. With this house business, Lale also starts coming to the site a lot, and this situation poses a threat to the exposure of Atilla's identity. 

The residents of Cennet Sitesi, who are preparing for Valentine's Day celebrations, are in for a surprise.

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